How to Develop a Payment Gateway like PayPal in India?

how to develop a payment gateway like paypal

The increasing demand for online payment apps justifies the experience that they offer to its customers. The booming market inspires many of the entrepreneurs to enter into this market. If you are also planning for a payment gateway app, then you ought to read this blog on how to develop a payment gateway app?

Today, there are many online payment gateways available in the market, and one of the significant examples is PayPal. Currently, it has covered over 200 markets globally, with active users of 277 million. The app offer funds in over 100 currencies to its merchants and customers. It is one of the biggest competitors in the online payment world.

Many entrepreneurs are looking to make a Payment Gateway like PayPalSo, let’s discuss what things are required to build an app like PayPal.

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Essential things considered to Build an Payment Gateway App Like PayPal

Determine the Project Scope-

To set up an online payment gateway, it is essential to decide and analyze the project scopes. It includes a selection of the following things-

  • Selection of App platforms- iOS and Android.
  • Choose the type of the app- mobile app or web app.
  • Core features of the app, including sign-up accounts for users and merchants, online payments, transaction or balance reporting, etc.
  • Other features like-ID verification for users and merchants;
  • CRM features to direct the relationship with merchants;
  • Push notifications

Select the right SDLC model 

For creating a custom payment gateway, choosing a proper software development life cycle is one of the significant decisions. It will offer you the real-time market feedback, and according to it, you can make improvements in your app.

Right Development Approach

For a payment gateway app, you must pick the right development approaches as if you want to build a web and mobile app then you should consider “Platform-as-a-service” and “Mobile Backend as a service” platforms. For implementing the essential features, you can use SDKs and APIs. And for the project promotion “Integrated Development Environments” and frameworks are the best choice.

Designing an App

The design of an app must be attractive and offers easy-to-use UI. It would be best if you focused on the designing icons, and selecting an appropriate mobile navigation menu pattern; and right colour schemes. It will all help in making your app appealing and demanding.

Coding, Testing and Deployment of App

For a useful app, you should use KOTLIN language as it is feature-rich and robust language, offers fast coding. Developers prefer to use it as it avoids common errors like null pointer exception.

If you are developing an Android app, then it also supports Android studio. For a better app-experience, integrate SDKs and APIs. For a short, attractive, and reliable Android UI tests, you can use Espresso testing. After testing an app, you can publish it on Google play stores and Apple stores.

For developing an app in iOS, Swift language is one of the best choices. It helps in creating fast and performant apps. In this language, the code is easy to read and maintain. For testing in iOS, you can use XCTest. Integration of Braintree Direct,, Twilio, and Zoho CRM SDKs/APIs with your code help your app to be more robust.

Hire a robust team

For creating a useful payment gateway app, you require an experienced team who have hands-on experience in developing such apps. Your team must include-

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With these steps, you can build your own payment gateway. Now let’s discuss what features are required to make your app successful-

Must-have features of an Online Payment Gateway App

Following are the essential features to develop a payment gateway app-

  • Interactive and easy UI
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Invoicing
  • One Touch™
  • Instant Transfer
  • QR Code
  • Cloud integration
  • Multiple emails by a single account

How to earn money with a payment gateway App?

Here we suggest some measures by which you can make money-

  • Sending money to friends and family
  • Transaction fees for selling goods
  • Additional billing services
  • Interests from money deposited.

Cost of developing a payment Gateway app like PayPal

Cost to develop a payment gateway depends upon multiple factors, including app platform, maintenance, app security, UI/UX design, features and functionalities. If your app features set is similar to the PayPal app, then it will cost around USD 80,000-USD 1,00,000, even though the cost is ranging higher depending upon the complexity of the app.

Building an payment gateway App like PayPal? – We are here to help you!

Making an online payment gateway app is a complex process; you require a highly experienced team to assist you. So, don’t waste time anymore. Let’s build wonders together. Reach out to us and discuss your app idea for free.