Want to Develop a Game App like Ludo King?

game app like ludo king

Games are the evergreen love of every individual, no matter what age you are in. And, who can forget the exciting board games of their childhood? We guess everyone has played games like Ludo and chess in their early years. And today, the technological revolution has brought back these games on digital board, i.e. on smartphones.

One of the popular games among them is Ludo; it has emerged as an active game in the gaming market with its combination of traditional and ancient game rules. Today, many companies are looking to develop a game app like Ludo. But, have you ever wondered how to develop a game app?

Wouldn’t you want to know how to make a Ludo game app?

Here in this blog, we help you with the essential details required before developing a game app like Ludo King.

About Ludo

Ludo is the most popular game from the decades, also considered as a family game. It is a square board game which supports all the smart devices including desktop, laptop, smartphones and others. The game is responsive on all the platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. It has a simple set of rules in which users need to roll out their Ludo dice and move their piece of the token at the central point of the Ludo board by protecting them from the three different colours of tokens.

Now Let’s discuss how to create a game app like Ludo?

If you have decided to design a game app like Ludo Kingyou must focus on the fact that when the users get an opportunity to play a single game in different ways, then such game holds the users for a long time over the same platform. It will increase the user loyalty towards your game app and also help you to bring your app is trending. To make an app like Ludo King, you first need to know about the modes of Ludo game.

So, there are three inbuilt modes comes with Ludo Game app:

Play with Computer/Offline Mode: In this mode, the user can play offline as well; they do not require any internet connectivity. Here the users can play with the computer as their opponent. With this mode, the users can quickly train themselves to play real-time tournaments.

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Play with Friend/Online Mode: Here the users can play with their friends and colleagues anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity. It is an online mode, in which users need to create a private room for playing with friends. The private room has a code, which a user needs to share it with their friends. In a room maximum, three players can play along with a person who created it. In this mode, users can also play with real money by adding a table amount before starting a game.

Play with Multiplayer Mode: In this mode, the user can play worldwide with multiplayer. They can participate in the tournaments with the players globally. There are multiple levels in this tournament in which the user can select their mode from a beginner to a pro player. It is the most exciting mode because you cannot choose your opponent’s manually, but you can earn a tremendous amount of cash prizes and gets a global rank.

After discussing the modes of a Ludo game app, advanced features are another essential factor need to be considered.

Features of a game app like Ludo King

Following are the exciting features of the game app like Ludo King, which makes your app a great success-

  • Log In/ Sign-up
  • Play Game Online and Offline
  • Practice Match
  • Create a Private Room
  • Invite friends and family to join a private room
  • Play with multiplayer
  • Live Text and Video Chat
  • Play with real money
  • In-App Wallet
  • Add and withdraw money in app-wallet
  • Refer and Earn
  • Auto Move

If you are looking to develop a game app like Ludo King with Real money, then with a professional team of game developers you also require following tech stack to work on-

  • Unity
  • js or socket.io
  • MongoDB or SQ Lite

How much does it cost to make a game app like Ludo King?

If we talk about the cost to develop a game app like Ludo, then it depends upon various factors including-

  • App platform
  • App design
  • Game app testing
  • App size
  • Basic and Advanced Features

Here is an average estimation for you to set your budget

  • Game App Like Ludo King with primary features will cost around USD 5,000
  • Game App Like Ludo King with high-level features will cost USD 10,000
  • Game App Like Ludo King with extra features and functionalities will cost around USD 15,000

Wrapping up

 Now, you know how to develop a game app? So, hurry up and design a game app like Ludo King, with the features mentioned above, we are here to help you in converting your dream to reality. Our team of expert game app developers is here to support you at any point in the game app development process. Get a Free Consultation Today!