How to Create a Successful Real Estate Mobile App

how to develop a real estate mobile app

Have you thought that a mobile application can bring so many advantages to the company or businesses? Yes, today, a Mobile application helps the businesses in their brand enhancement and their functional visibility. Now almost every sector, including healthcare, real estate, educational, finance is using these mobile apps.

Many industries considered these mobile applications as the best tool for marketing as it provides a platform for them to grow exponentially. In that, one is the real estate sector that also gears the use of mobile apps in its work paradigm. Real estate app development has emerged as one of the significant solutions for real estate companies.

We all know that buying a home is a dream of every person in their lifetime. But it is not an easy task as it takes lots and lots of market research to find the best properties, contacting various real estate brokers, comparing prices, etc. However, with the use of real estate mobile apps, these issues are now resolving with a rapid speed.

Significant issues that resolved with the help of the real estate mobile applications

  • No need of an intermediary.
  • No hiding charges.
  • Direct contact with the owner.
  • No need to visit the property until you prepare your mind. You can get a virtual tour.
  • The buyer has so many choices to choose a property from the list available on the app.
  • Budget-friendly – buyer can purchase the property according to its budget as early as possible.
  • It saves time and cost.

Let’s look what stat says: –

  • The US Real Estate Sector is expected to reach $70 Trillion by 2020.
  • The market size of real estate (Sales & Brokerage) in the US is $166 in 2020.
  • The market size of real estate (Commercial) in the US is $1.2 trillion in 2020.

Let’s take a glance at some popular Real Estate applications: –

  • Redfin
  • BiggerPockets
  • LogoNet
  • Trulia
  • Xome

Types of Real Estate Applications

Aggregator apps– It is a buy/sell/rent mobile application. In this platform, registered agents post their property advertisement, and the users can quickly get the Number of listed properties according to the location preferred by them. From a monetization viewpoint, the platform charges a commission on every transaction.

Dedicated apps– The real estate company itself develops the application is known as a dedicated application. These kinds of applications provide details like products, offers, loan schemes, EMI schemes, and future projects as well. If a buyer needs any support relevant to the loan or property or has a query, then the app offers customer support to them.

Navigational application- These kinds of applications help to provide a virtual tour to buyers and to keep away from wandering.

Trends in Real Estate Technology

Big Data – It allows to store and processes user’s data to give the best experience by offering them what they are looking for.

Blockchain – This trend is widely used in the real estate sector because of transparency and also helps to prevent fraud in real estate. It reduces the amount and avoids broker charge’s, which they charge against their services.

Artificial Intelligence – It is popularly known as AI uses for analyzing the user preferences to provide the best solutions. In the real estate sector, AI helps to manage the property by processing requests, tracks all the changes in listing and pricing.

Well, after discussing the trends, types, problems, and statistics. Now let’s talk about Real Estate App Development.

Real Estate App Development

In real estate app development, there are certain factors which require to be considered. If you are looking to develop a real estate mobile app, then you should focus on the following steps-

  • Choose the type of real estate app.
  • Determine the App platform
  • UI/UX design of an App
  • Decide the essential features of an app
  • Hire a robust team of developers
  • Data security and privacy concern

Must-have features in Real Estate Application

To create a real estate mobile app, the following are the essential features to consider-

Property Listing – In every real estate application, the listing feature is a must-have feature. It involves the list of properties. It allows the agents to list all the properties of the city with their required details. So, when the user opens the app and browses this feature, they will get their preferred property quickly.

Images – Again, it is an essential feature because 60% of the buyers decide from the images displayed whether they buy that property or not. Many applications support videos in which the seller can upload a short video of the property, which gives the best impression towards the user.

Search bar & filtering – Through search options, users can get the desired result. It includes – location, property name, etc. The filter feature helps the users to find the best property in less time. It includes – a type of property, age of the property, location, Number of rooms, parking facilities available or not, etc.

EMI calculator – The EMI feature is a more efficient and convenient feature for the users. With this, the buyer gets an estimation of EMI that would be payable by him monthly.

Map – It provides the location of the property that allows the buyer to locate the property easily and quickly. It is more helpful when the prospect is searching for property in another city.

Some Advance Features

  • Geo-location.
  • Heat Mapping.
  • Push notification.
  • Property analytics.
  • Royalty programs.
  • CRM
  • Agents listing.

Other Significant Features

  • Register/login.
  • Calendar.
  • Edit profile.
  • Currency converter
  • Property manager

Benefits of Real Estate Application

  • People can quickly search the properties.
  • Increase brand loyalty of the business
  • Good user experience
  • Increase traffic with the help of a real estate portal

The Workforce Required to Develop a Real Estate App

  • Project Manager
  • Back-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Tester
  • Quality Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • UI/UX Designer

Cost to Develop Real Estate Application

The cost to build a real estate mobile app depends on certain factors like: –

  • Features
  • App Complexities
  • Cost of developers that you hire.

Well, cost varies from countries to countries like: –

  • In the US developers charge $70 to $250 per hour.
  • In Europe, developers charge $80 to $160 per hour.
  • In India, developers charge $25 to $70 per hour.

And if we talk about an average cost than a proper feature-rich real estate application will cost around $20000 to $30000.


There is potential growth in real estate app development, and there is hypo competition as well. Today, there are a lot of real estate applications available in the market that already dominate it.

To disrupt the competitive market, your app has to be a high-quality application, make sure that the developers you hire are capable of thinking out of the box. If you are looking to create an app, then we are here to assist you. Contact us and get the best real estate app solutions for your business.