How to Create a Fantasy Sports App like MyTeam11?

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When it comes to sports, the fans are always doing the maddest things, and they never missed a single sports update. Now, with the arrival of technology, fantasy sports app brings the enthusiasm and entertainment steps on the next level. With every passing day, the popularity of fantasy sports app is increasing, and with the vast admiration, MyTeam11 have introduced the spark in fantasy sports business.

After seeing the increasing demand for fantasy sports apps, every company wants to create a fantasy sports app like MyTeam11 for sports like cricket, football, basketball and others.

What is MyTeam11 and how it works?

Ok so, if we talk about fantasy sports then which is the first name that instantly clicks in your mind- MyTeam11 it is. Isn’t it?

Why not? It has become one of the prevalent and trending fantasy sports apps in the fantasy sports category of mobile apps.

With more than 15 million+ active users, MyTeam11 fantasy clone app, as a result, endures leading the fantasy sports app industry. This app is widespread because it allows users to win exciting cash prizes. So, are you looking to create a fantasy sports app like MyTeam11?

But, before starting app development, some specific points will help you to create a fantasy sports app like MyTeam11.

If we talk about how the fantasy sports app functions, so here is the business model of MyTeam11-

In MyTeam11 fantasy app, users select their virtual team, which comprises of the same numbers of players similar to the real-time sports playing in the fields.

The selection of players is made based on their knowledge of sports and game skills that who is going to play in the upcoming matches which will be live, what kind of players they think are in form. The users with the highest points will win the leagues.

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How will you make money with MyTeam11 sports app?

  • Download the app from their website, or you can directly play at their site.
  • Signup with Email-id and verify with it.
  • Log in with registered email-id. If you have any referral code then you can use it to log in or register to get Rs 100 as a bonus which can further be used to play leagues)
  • Select the league in which you want to play. MyTeam11 offers a variety of leagues and changing numbers of participants.
  • Select the players according to sports. The number of players differs according to your selections.
  • Once you have selected all the things, you have to pay the entry fee, once the match is in progress.
  • Your chosen players’ performance will give you points.
  • If your scores are higher than other contestants than you win the league.
  • You are rewarded with the cash prizes which you further can transfer to your bank account.

Important features to be considered for creating a fantasy sports app like MyTeam11

For Users-

  • Login/Signup
  • View player statistics
  • Profile setting
  • My Winnings/ My offers
  • Create/join leagues and tournament
  • Select forthcoming tournaments/leagues
  • Make a team page as per skills/ positions/ formats/points

Additional features for registered users

  • Live group chat
  • Social media sharing
  • Live commentary feed
  • Photo gallery of live games
  • Live video streaming of games
  • Payment mode for subscription

For Admin-

  • Admin login
  • Manage results and points
  • management of payments
  • Notifications management
  • fantasy points management
  • Leagues management
  • players management
  • management of transaction history, users lists and others.

Additional features for Admin-

  • Dashboard analytics
  • Leader board
  • Coupons offer management.

Fantasy Sports Market Overview

  • Today there are 200+ operators with 60 million users all over the world, 21% is from the US.
  • 65% of fantasy sports fans are males.
  • Fantasy sports users’ number will reach by 100 million in 2020, 30% of online sports fans are from India.
  • In India, the fantasy sports industry has witnessed a massive jump in its users’ numbers, in 2016 there were 2 million users which increases to 20 million in 2018.
  • On average, a user will spend a maximum of 45 minutes a day on a fantasy sports app.
  • 50% of players mainly use their mobile device for playing fantasy sports.

How to create a fantasy sports app like MyTeam11?

If you are looking to create a sports app like MyTeam11, you need to hire an excellent mobile app development company, who can create a website and app, that appropriately matches your requirements.

The team of developers will help you to develop a ground-breaking and exclusive app for your Fantasy Sports business. Selecting the right development partner is vital to satisfying your fantasy of making a superior-quality fantasy sports app.

Wrapping up:

Fantasy Sports Industry is the future of the sports industry and probably grows at a quick pace as many countries are legalizing it. Meanwhile, many sports events are about to take place shortly, including the FIFA, World T-20, and IPL, it’s the right time to take your business to new heights. Create a Fantasy App now and give the sports fans another reason to engage with sports.

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