How to Create an AI-Based Companion App Like Replika?

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In the digital culture, virtual assistants and chatbots are increasingly getting popular for providing support on behalf of many industries and businesses.

As people are increasingly moving towards more critical roles in businesses, the support and assistance are losing their functioning density, Thus, it was the right time to introduce AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants into the world.

Though robots, chatbots, and any other vessel using artificial intelligence can replace emotional relationships with virtual emotional support for humans, it has always been debatable.

Hence, an AI-based companion app like Replika was introduced, not as just a chatbot but as a companion, a friend, or someone you can talk to for getting emotional support.

What is Replika?

There are many virtual assistant apps in the market but keeping up with Replika is not easy. It uses chatbots as a friend or companion with the ability to perceive and evaluating human emotions.

It was created to fill the void left by creator’s best friend and became an awe-inspiring story, providing support to people in all circumstances.

An app like Replika utilizes AI to keep the conversation going while analyzing your emotions to give the best-fitted replies. It can also sense the environment of your mood and reply back accordingly.

You can customize it to replicate the behaviour of any person, dead or alive. And you can do that by submitting all their personal details and texts.

How do Replika works?

Replika utilizes GPT-3, an autoregression model for language, creates human-like texts using deep learning.

This means that it takes all the previous conversations into consideration to learn more about the host; it is about to take over.

It uses a neural network architecture with almost the same layout as our brain to take inputs similar to logic and conditional statements. And nodes with each end working as a signalling channel for the network.

In simple words, it increasingly gets better at performing as you keep using it.

Now, let’s move forward and learn more about the process of creating it.

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Step-by-step guide to creating  An AI-Based Companion App Like Replika

Creating an AI-based companion app like Replika is not easy, but it’s not a hard task either. If you’re sure of the services, features, and technology to use in the app, the whole process is a piece of cake only if you have substantial support from a companion mobile app development company.

Now let’s take all the steps into account and learn more about the process of creating an app like Replika.

Step 1: Make a business model

When embarking on creating an AI-based companion app like Replika, you need to consider how it will perform in the relevant market? Who will use this app? What purpose will it fill?

All these have to be taken into consideration for the early success of the app.

Step 2: Pick a platform 

After identifying your app like Replika, now comes the time to choose a platform that provides stability and better functionality.

Many non-coding platforms help non-programmers to create various apps in no time.

Here are some of the best platforms:

  • Chatfuel
  • The Bot Platform
  • Botsify
  • Flow XO
  • Beep Boop

Step 3: Choose the essential features

When it comes to the functionality and performance of the app, the features play a pivotal role. You need to know what features are used and how they make the app more engaging and interactive.

Here is the list of essential features required for an app like Replika:


The personal information of the users is stored in the app. That is why the security and maintenance of the app are crucial for your business.

Digital Goods

It is the  easiest way of making money through apps by selling digital goods, and you can also do that by offering free and paid subscription for your app.

Multi-Language Support

If you want your app to be available in the global market, it is necessary to add multi-language support to the app, making it accessible to everyone.

Recommendation System

Recommending users based on their history and preference can appeal to users who plan to go long-term with this app. And this is how AI-based software works; it checks upon the user history and provides a personalized experience.

Augmented Reality

AR programming can help you bring the companion to real life. With this feature, you will be able to create a virtual avatar of your companion.

Several options for Companions

This will allow you to choose a host from a wide range of companions available in the app. And it lets you customize them for a better experience.

Customer support

This helps you provide help in case of any difficulties faced by the user. It is a small feature but can make a big difference.

Step 4: Hire a companion mobile app development company

After finalizing your needs and services from the app, now comes the time to choose a companion mobile app development company. They will help develop the app with the right technology stack needed for the app, and with them, the development will become faster and better.

Step 5: Testing the Companion app

In the end, after the development comes the part to test the app. The testing helps in finding the errors and issues that are causing the app to stop functioning abruptly.

Do you want to build a companion app like Replika?

As far, we have understood why we need an app like Replika and how we can build one. As AI-based apps are booming in the market, there are greater chances of the app’s success.

If you’re looking for someone to develop an AI-based companion app like Replika, you can get in touch with us, and as a companion mobile app development company, we will help your vision get ground.

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