How to Build an Online Grocery App?

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Today, everything is just one click away from us; whatever we require, we only need to click on our smartphones. Yes, from the cab facilities to groceries, all the services are available at our doorstep. Currently, every user wants to avoid the crowd and need essential services at their homes.

In such a state, making an online grocery app for your users is one of the best decisions for your business. With the app, you can now heighten the buying experience of your potential consumers and attract new customers.

Are you looking to make an online grocery app? 

7 Easy Steps that will help you to develop the latest grocery app for your users

Select the Type of Grocery App

For developing an app, first, you need to focus on the type of business model you require. There are four different types of the app-

  • Marketplace-These apps have their menus and drivers that take orders and deliver the item at your doorstep. One of its significant examples is BigBasket.
  • Aggregators- These apps incudes the list of nearby stores and their menus. Users will get an advantage to select their groceries from their preferable stores. Instacart app based out of US is the best example of it.
  • Grocery Chains- The grocery stores who have their own app for their buyers come into this category. Walmart is one of the examples by which customers can easily order their required groceries.
  • Single Stores- Several individual stores have developed a particular app for their regular customers. The app offers an ordering and delivering features. The main aim of these apps is to improve the business of the stores.

Segments of Grocery App

Once you have decided the business model, the second step is to determine the sections of the app. If you are planning to develop an on-demand grocery app, then you must know that it contains three divisions including-

  • Customer’s App- This app is for the end-users which is available on play stores. Users are looking for such apps which offer outstanding features, engaging UI/UX designs and smooth user-interface. While developing a customer app, you must consider all the essential features. It will help you in engaging more consumers towards your platform.
  • Admin App- The app is designed for the administrator of the delivery app. It would be best if you focused on all the vital factors of the app, as it plays a significant role in your business. It is used to manage the customer orders, keeping track of the deliveries, managing the inventory and most importantly, accepting or rejecting any order request.
  • Delivery Person App- The app is for the person who delivers the product to the end-users. With this app, the delivery personnel can view the order summaries and transaction details. They get the push notifications whenever a new delivery request report.

Determine the Essential Factors and Design of your App

Before developing an app, you must consider all the required elements that help you to plan your app and market it to your users, you need to analyze the following things-

  • Addressing the demand of the customers
  • Analyze the strength and weakness of your competitors
  • Attractive UI/UX designs of your app
  • Offer personalized experience to your users.

Decide the features of your App

After determining the basic layouts and designs of an app, you need to focus on the features of your app. It would be best if you always remembered that a successful app is the one who offers unique features to its users. Following are the must-have features to build a grocery app

  • Creating a Shopping List
  • Quick and Easy Search
  • Add to cart
  • Popular and Favorite Items
  • Exclusive Deals, Offers and Bonus rewards
  • Push Notifications
  • Order tracking and delivery status
  • Secure and verified payment options
  • Scheduled Delivery time
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Emergency delivery of products

Determine the Monetization of an App

It is essential to review the monetary model of an app. It is vital to offer exclusive services to your users, but every app business requires a significant ROI. The monetization paradigm varies according to the selection of your business model. But have you wondered how the app like BigBasket and Instacart are earning money? They are implementing the following strategies-

  • Charging commission on orders
  • Premium Advertising services
  • Delivery Charges
  • Up charging the grocery items

Decide the tech stack for your Grocery App

One of the significant steps is to decide the tech stack you want to apply for your app development. You need to select the programming languages, the navigational support, payment gateways, delivery panel, the app platforms and the codes that run your app. For that, you can hire a team of developers who have hands-on experience in developing a grocery app.

The Development Cost of an App

The cost of an app depends upon multiple factors including its designs, platforms, features, functionalities, country and many others. If we talk about the development cost of an app in India, then for a single platform, it will cost around $15000-$25,000, and for both platforms, it costs around $30,000.

Wrapping up

So, these are the essential steps by which you can build your dream grocery app. Offer your users a great experience to do online grocery shopping. For an expert help visit our website or contact us. We will serve you the best grocery app development solutions.