How to Build an Alcohol Delivery App Like Boxed in 2020?

alcohal delivery app development

Today we live in a digital era, where every essential amenity is available on our smartphone right from healthcare to taxi booking, we quickly access any services at any time from our device. Like other solutions, what if you will get a solution of ordering alcohol online with an Alcohol Delivery App right at your doorsteps by only a few clicks. Yes, you heard right, an app for ordering liquor emerges as a brilliant concept and with increasing demand, it becomes one of the profitable businesses of the present time.

According to market reports, in the previous year, the alcohol market profits reached $1528,745 million, and it is expected to rise by 3.6% in 2023. Therefore, many companies start investing in online alcohol delivery apps.

In this blog, we will discuss how to make an alcohol delivery app like Boxed? Before moving forward, let’s talk about-

What is Boxed Alcohol Delivery App?

Boxed is an online wholesaler that connects local liquor shops and offers alcohol online. The users can quickly order their favourite drinks from the app. The application provides a wide range of categories for its customers. It is highly convenient that the users can buy the items with an easy tapping button.

Have you wondered- What kind of benefits businesses will get from an alcohol app?

  • Online alcohol delivery app helps your business to earn lucrative profits.
  • The excellent features of an app will help the companies to attract more potential customers and ultimately maximize the revenues.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Stock management with app
  • Better ROI
  • Promote Cashless transactions

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So, here are a few benefits an alcohol delivery app offers. Now let’s move forward for- How to build an online alcohol app?

Factors require to make an alcohol delivery app

Business Model

A beneficial business model is one of the vital factors that play a critical role in the success of an app. It should include all the necessary details right from the stock inventory to the prices. The model should be well competent with all the parameters.

Technical documentation

You need to create technical documentation which includes product functionality, the app architecture, and tech stack to be used.

App platform

app platform

Another significant aspect is the selection of the app platform. iOS and Android are the most prominent platforms preferred by every developer for creating an app. Select the platform which perfectly fits with your app requirements.

Designing an App

Intuitive design is like a star of the application. To make a successful app, try to implement appealing designs which attract the users in bulk because a customer is always looking for an app which offers smooth user-interface and beautiful designs.

App features

An app with excellent features is undoubtedly going to rule over the market. You need to consider such features which makes your app worthy. Always keep in mind that users are always demanding for reliable, convenience and advanced features.

Payment Integration Model

payment integration model

Introduction of in-app payment models will help you to gain more customers. Because it saves users from the concerns of minute bills, change availability and unexpected charges. Also consider factors like dynamic pricing, Peak-hour rates/discounts and reasonable delivery fare.

App Store Submission

Getting approval from the app store is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of effort, if an app is fulfilling all the guidelines of the stores, it will get quick approval, but if there is an omission in permission parameters then it will be rejected. For this, hire an expert app development company which helps you in building the best alcohol delivery app with a complete and verified process.

Apart from this, it would help if you also considered some factors like-

  • Scalability of Your App and Business,
  • A Custom Front-End for The App,
  • User-Friendly Interface and App Navigation,
  • An Advanced Dashboard for Admin and Alcohol Stores, And
  • An Analytics Panel for The Super Admin.

Now let’s discuss- how much does it cost to make an alcohol delivery app?

Several things decide the budget of an app including, number of platforms, features, functionalities, type of app and region. The region factor is the most critical one that sets a huge difference in the pricing of app development.

The difference occurs because of the economic conditions of the various countries like in the USA, the developers get the lucrative amount for the app development, whereas, in India, it is highly cheaper than others. To make an alcohol delivery app in India, it will cost around USD 35000- USD 45000.

alocohal delivery app

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