How to Build an AI- Powered Voice Assistant App like Siri

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Voice assistant apps are becoming more and more common these days. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of writing long paragraphs, it also assists you in making call, sending text messages, setting-up alarms, taking notes, open apps, and many more. The rise in popularity of AI-Powered voice assistance app like siri have made it successful venture for a small and large business. The voice app development services have become the focus for supply to satisfy this demand.

This is why today, we’ll help you in learn all the essential factors that will help you in building an AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri.

But first we need learn how Siri works.

How Does Siri work?

Siri is a AI-powered voice assistant app that records your request and breaks them in codes and then the codes go through the AI-powered algorithm which identifies the pattern and learns the meaning of it. Upon understanding the meaning. It finds the best suitable answer for your query.

Let’s dig deeper and find out how all the technology and features work in voice assistant like Siri and we’ll also get to know the process to build an AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri.

Step-by-step guide to create a An AI-powered voice assistant like Siri

An AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri requires enhanced performance and improved response speed. And to equip such functionality, you need to follow an effective strategic approach with all the basic and advanced features, and enriched with new technologies and trends.

And to do that you need to follow a step-by-step guide for a voice assistant app development.

Step 1: Make a business model

The first thing you need a goal with a strategic approach considering your business needs like what kind of app you want? Which people will be the primary target for attracting a massive user base? How it will work? And many more.

The business model will also require you create an adequate plan for testing, monetization, promotions, and all the required components to build a voice assistant app like Siri.

Step 2: Pick a platform 

In this step, you are required to choose a platform that will decide how the app will interact with the deceives and operating systems. Choosing a suitable platform is crucial for your business.

There are type of mobile app development platforms; Native, Hybrid, and cross app development platform.

Most of the mobile apps are built on Native app platform as it let’s apps access all the features and operability of devices. If you want to develop a mobile app for many operating systems, then you can go for Hybrid mobile app development.

Step 3: Choose the essential features

The user experience of the app improves with the correct set of features. They are responsible for providing ease of access and high-functionality to the AI-powered voice app assistant like Siri.

Let’s talk about some of the features of AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri:

  • The AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri must be able to make a call, send messages and email
  • It should also possess the ability to write and read text messages
  • Offer quick glimpse to all the regional weather and currency updates.
  • Schedule reminders and alarms
  • Search for required information
  • Navigate through different localities
  • Provide latest sports and movies updates

Step 4: Choose the correct technology

The fast response speed and performance of the AI-powered voice assistant app like siri comes for the equipped latest technology stack and trends.

Let’s briefly understand the technology required for AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri:

Voice/ Speech to Text (STT) : To convert your voice commends in text it uses STT technology, Sphinx (speech recognition library) and CMU.

Text to Speech (TTS): It provides reading and converting to speech functionality to the voice assistant app.

Intelligent Tagging: It is the algorithm that matches the pattern of your request from app’s massive library and then response with correct information.

Image Recognition: This helps you finding information about specific things, places, people, and objects with AI and Machine learning algorithms.

Noise Control: It helps offer personalized experience to users by reducing background noises.

Voice Biometrics: This technology helps your app identify your voice, enhancing the security of your device and mobile app.

Speech Compression: It is a machine learning technique which records all the history of interactions and improves the communication between the app and user. It sends all the data to a server for further use.

Step 5: Hire a companion mobile app development company

You can build the app by yourself from the scratch but that requires a lot of time and work. And to help you with all the mobile app development hassle, you can hire a mobile app development company. They can also help you to costs significantly and promote the app efficiently.

There are many mobile app development companies to help you build a AI-powered Voice assistant app like Siri, but you need to choose one with industry leading experience and expertise.

Step 6: The cost of AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri

The cost of development cannot be determined before choosing all the features, technologies, complexity and size of the app, and the development platforms chosen for mobile app development.

If you want reduce the cost of mobile app development, then you can outsource your app development project to low-earning countries. The cost is significantly lower than high-earning countries or developed countries.

The cost of the app development increases as more and more features and technologies are added in the voice assistant app.

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Need a hand with AI-powered voice assistant app like Siri?

The process of building an AI-powered voice assistant app like siri is very complex. The high level of performance and response rate can only be achieved with the help of right mobile app development company.

So, if you need any assistance in building an AI-powered mobile app development, you can contact us, we are SVAP, having productive experience of several years. We will make sure your get what you came for.

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