The concept of fantasy sports needs no introduction now as it is already a rage in the entire world. The idea of fantasy sports is growing by leaps and bounds, thereby giving an opportunity for other sports as well to grow and become popular just like cricket.

Growth of Fantasy Sport Platforms
Growth of Fantasy Sport Platforms

Games like kabaddi, hockey, and basketball have gained a lot of adulation from the audience as these sports are now associated with fantasy league platforms. With the new trends and advanced features pouring in, fantasy sports apps have evolved as well with compelling team engagement platforms, giving players seamless gaming experience.

There are many fantasy sports app development companies in India that are coming up with something unique and exciting for their users every time. This is the only platform wherein sports enthusiasts get an opportunity to play with their own virtual teams by selecting real players from major tournaments and competing with other virtual players online. In these mobile-based games, the players assemble a virtual team based on real-life athletes’ live performances and statistical data. The performance of the selected athletes’ live performance during a match is extremely important because on the basis of it each virtual team owner is awarded points. These points are displayed on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament, and the virtual team owner with maximum points is declared a winner and becomes eligible to win gifts and cash prizes.

According to a survey and research concerning the growth in the fantasy sports industry, it is already worth 43.8 billion and soon will rise up to INR 118.8 billion by the year 2023. Some inspiring details have been shared by the KPMG 2019 report which says that 74 percent of the users play their favorite fantasy sport for one to three times a week. Undoubtedly cricket is one such sport which is the most preferred of all other games and captures approximately 71 percent of the fantasy sports market. It has won by a whisker by football which captures 54 percent of the market. These facts are enough to convey the popularity of fantasy sports which knows no bounds. After BCCI, other sports federations and privately-owned organizations have contributed to the growth of league-based tournaments. Following the footsteps of IPL model, now we have several other league-based sports tournaments which include: Premier Badminton League (PBL), Pro Kabbadi League (PKL), Hockey India League (HIL) International Tennis Premier League (ITPL), and so on.

For sports lovers, fantasy sports has become one of the most sought-after activities. The league-based sports can be enjoyed and played from the comfort of homes with the rise in the use of smartphones. Nothing could have been more simpler than downloading the fantasy sports app in just a few clicks and become the owner of the players meticulously chosen by you. It is no exaggeration to call it the sport’s evolution as this industry has witnessed an accelerated growth with the perfect amalgamation of online and offline sports. With such a remarkable transformation and growth, that day is not far away when it will become a billion-dollar industry in the near future.

People have deepened their interest in playing fantasy sports as it helps them earn real cash and rewards along with giving fuel to their adrenaline rush. Being a game of skill, players are being benefitted as well by winning incredible prizes. If you are planning to create a fantasy sports app, then hire a fantasy sports app development company that can truly work wonders. Svap Infotech is one such name that is one of the leading fantasy sports app development companies in India which has won the trust of several clients over time with its exceptional services. Our astute team of developers will create an application for you that will revolutionalize the whole concept of online gaming.

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