How Much does it Cost to Make a Taxi Booking App-like Uber in India?


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We bet that you also experienced the frustrating situation of not getting a cab or taxi on time. Usually, urban people are facing heavy traffic and a limited number of parking lots around the city, so they prefer to choose the other options including rental cars, or calling a taxi, or using public transport, as their transportation means.

But, today, Taxi booking app development has resolved all our difficulties. It emerges as the best solution, which is now enjoyed by people as never before. Have you wondered how much does it cost to make an app like Uber?

Why are companies looking to create a taxi booking app like Uber?

With comfort in travelling, taxi booking apps like Uber will also offer safety to its users; these services lessen the number of unprofessional drivers, help in saving your money, provides the prospects to make some extra earning as a driver. These apps do not only offer travel services; there are a lot more services which are interconnected with such applications.

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Like, if you want a quick delivery of your medicines or a food delivery, want to send flowers or chocolates to someone special, or a carpool for your employees? These taxi booking apps is the best choice for profitable collaboration. With such applications, you can manage your co-workers travelling routs efficiently and keep a record of it on bills. Today, even a few clothing stores use these services to avoid the traffic rush in their delivery functions.

Taxi apps come up with different exciting features like they offer their users to select a car from any segment like cars for a group of people (8-seater), 4-seater, business class cars, according to their specific requirements.

While going for business trips or a family vacation, with these app services, users do not have any need to get the numbers of regional taxi companies or get estimates what their charges are. They can download an app, book a cab and tap on “Call” button, and they will get the nearby available cabs and the affordable price for a trip. But do you know how much does it cost to make an app like Uber?

Cost of Taxi App Development

The cost to make an app like uber depends on several factors. Building an app of such level needs mobile or web interfaces. Now the price also depends on the platforms on which you are going to launch your app in the market, if you are developing the app on both the platforms (Android and iOS) then the development cost will be more as likened to the single platform development. The taxi booking app development cost will also differ according to the number of features and functionalities you are going to introduce in your app.

Driver’s app will cost around 20,000-25,000 USD.

Users app will cost around 45,000-55,000 USD.

The taxi app development cost in India is around USD 6,000-USD 8,000. While, developing a taxi app, the main objective of any business will be captivating attention and trustworthiness of potential customers, the companies will need to have a hook which can fascinate people and make their business stand out among the crowd.

Revenue Model of the Taxi Booking Apps

The profits model of taxi booking app works in two ways.

  • Taxi Prices charged from customers.
  • Through advertisements and partnership, including a third party.

By connecting with drivers and owners, taxi workers fix a minimum cost at which they work. On each booking, they will earn a commission, that commission can range between 20-25% of the total amount charged for the ride.

Does answering of feedbacks on Apps work?

Yes, we all that every taxi booking apps have a feature to drop feedback about the driver and rate the trip. But the question is, do the companies react on those feedbacks though? Here, it would be best for the companies when they remember that- by giving answers on users’ comments, resolving their issues, or by welcoming their innovative ideas and suggestions, will help them to achieve their customer’s loyalty and positive growth for the business.

You can attract your users by offering them special offers, bonus trips, coupons for outstation trips, happy hours, special weekend trips and another occasional gift to most loyal customers.

In a nutshell

Now you have understood all the factors which are required to create an on-demand taxi booking app, the working of the app and the amount needed to develop a useful taxi app. For more information, you can contact SVAP InfoTech, a leading taxi booking app development company. 

We will offer you the best taxi app for android and iOS, with the help of our professional team, we deliver multipurpose and active mobile app development solutions for your business.

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