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Similar to every other industry, the education industry is also going digital with technological advancements. Mobile applications have become a significant part of our lives without us even realizing it. Educational App Development can improve communication in a big way, and these E-Learning Mobile Apps will even help the schools reach more students.

By applying school management system software ERP, schools and other educational institutes can easily manage their all-operations, including school activities, class attendance, timetable, fees management, etc.

What is School Management System Software?

An administrative software application for K-12 educational institutions is a school management software, or a school administration system. The system is designed to assist the latter in managing their extensive database, engaging parents and families, streamlining campus activities, creating reports for business decision-making, managing & tracking inventory for multiple branches and franchises in one location, and simplifying communication with Chatbot.

What is School ERP Software?

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) can organize, streamline, manage and track the entire set of activities associated with a school, including new entrants (students, teachers, staff, etc.), furniture, books, money, and so on. All of these end-to-end processes are automated by the ERP software.

There are several freemium and open-source School ERP Softwares and School Information Systems, like Moodle (LMS), OpenSIS, Koha, Blackboard, FET, Powerschool, Google Education, Microsoft Onenote and others with different pricing models and levels of customization. A good ERP tool for any school or educational body must be easy to use, should be accessible 24×7, and able be managed by any Government body, International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, Boarding Schools and International academies.

Cost of Developing School Management Software or School ERP Software

It is essential for entrepreneurs who are willing to have school management software development services to know its cost. Here we will describe the overall cost of school management software and some factors that can affect it.

Factors affecting school management system software cost-

You can consider some factors for cost variation of school management software development. Few of them are-

  • Software platform
  • Type
  • Complexity
  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Team structure
  • Tech stack
  • Location

Therefore, we can have a nearby estimation of the cost to develop a school management system software that would be around $12,000 to $35,000. This estimated cost can differ based upon above mentioned different factors. Some companies also charge for development and maintenance based on the number of students enrolled in the institution. In this model, the cost could range anywhere between $1.2 per student to $25 per student.

Apart from the above-stated list, there are some other factors as well that can affect the complete cost of school management software-

  • Great US/UX- Software must have impressive and responsive UI/UX to attract users, but the team of designers takes much effort. Software design should be less complex and eye-catching.
  • Location-Based Pricing- Hourly rates differ in the different countries and can highly impact your Software’s general cost. The e-learning app development company and developers you are hiring or outsourcing first discuss their per hour charges and then decide.
  • Features- The number of features you add to the Software can also be the reason for cost variation. And, if you need any third-party integration within the Software, it will cost you additionally.
  • Maintenance- After the eLearning portals development, some companies charge an additional cost for software maintenance. Hence, it might be best if you looked after it.

These were some things to consider, along with the factors that can vary the overall cost of the school management software. Thus, decide after looking at all these points.

Benefits of Using School Management System Software

School management software and e-learning portals are of great importance to schools. They provide them with the opportunity to save substantial costs and expand their operations to worthy activities. This Software also help reduce time wastage of parents, thereby promoting a healthy school environment where both parties to the transaction are taken care of.

Here are a few expected benefits of using a school management system- 

1. Reduce Paper Costs

Paper is the lifeblood of schools. Paper is an expense that most schools struggle with, from student files to application forms to report cards. Everything is organized and managed online using school administration software. In this way, schools can save thousands simply on paper alone while also becoming more eco-friendly!

2. Reduce Employee Hours 

Work hours are reduced through automation. You can use school management software to automate tasks that hourly employees once handled. By switching to an automated system soon, you can save money on overtime, benefits, and salary.

3. Reduce Meeting Time

Without regular meetings, a school cannot function, or can it? School management software offers streamlined communication capabilities that allow parents, teachers, and administrators to work together—without wasting time in person. With school administration software, communication throughout the school year is less of a time sink thanks to its efficiency.

4. Improve Overall Efficiency

By implementing an ERP system, administrative staff at an institution can focus their time and energy on more productive tasks. This results in a significant surge in overall efficiency for a school or college. This efficiency helps the institute frame a better functioning framework for survival and growth in the long run.

Wrapping up

There are a variety of features that need to be incorporated into a school management enterprise planning software. When it comes to the costing, there are many determining factors. So, you should choose an e-learning app development company that delivers impeccable services to clients.

ERP software developed exclusively for school management should offer end-to-end services and let management run schools more efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you have a growing or shrinking student body; school systems can usually scale with it. For these reasons, school administration software often proves to be more of a benefit than an expense.

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