How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi Fare Comparison App?

develop a taxi fare comparison app

Undeniably, smartphones have transformed the way of our living. With all other essential services now, we get ease in our travelling; also, we can quickly book our cabs or taxis anywhere at any time. Technology has come so far that today there are several online taxi booking apps are available in the market. But then again, we stuck between the selection of the best taxi booking app services. For solving such issues, taxi fare comparison apps are introduced in the market which compares different taxis and the services offered by them.

Yes! Taxi fare comparison apps are such exclusive apps which helps us to book a taxi with reasonable prices and affordable taxi services. Now we can easily compare the prices of several taxis and can book them with the best reasonable price.

Isn’t this concept being interesting for business too?

If you also have a similar idea to build a taxi fare comparison app, then let’s find out how much does it cost to develop a taxi fare comparison app?

First, let’s discuss- what features are required to develop a taxi fare comparison app?

Basic Features

  • Access to Taxi Aggregators Via APIs
  • Fare Estimation
  • Surge Pricing Information in Real-Time
  • Option to Choose the Type of Car
  • Location
  • Instant Booking
  • Coupons
  • Riding Experience Reviews
  • Push Notifications

Advanced Features

  • Automatic Location Enable
  • Safety & Security
  • Integrated Payment Options
  • Location Tracking

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Advantages of Taxi Fare Comparison App

  • Saves money- Taxi fare comparison apps allow the users to compare prices of multiple taxi services and selects the best and affordable price.
  • Choose the best services- Not all the time users are looking for the inexpensive services; sometimes they are looking for such services which save their time too, taxi fare comparison app offers them such services.
  • Users can select their car types-The app offers the car in every pattern, whether it is 4-seater or 8-seater. If a user wants to go with their friends, family or colleagues on tour, then they can also select a big model of the taxi.
  • Security- These apps are associated with the registered taxi booking services; hence users can use these apps without keeping any doubts in their mind. The app offers all the essential information about the driver and the taxi company which the user has booked.

Factors affecting the cost to develop a taxi fare comparison app

If you are all set to build such an app, then you need to consider the essential factors which affect the development cost of an app. You can develop your app with basic and advanced features too, it all depends on you. Adding features will lead to an increase in the development cost, but if it increases the user engagement, then it will be beneficial for your business.

And yes, do not forget that you need to develop two separate apps, one is the User App, and the other is Driver App. Before creating an app, you need to go through the following factors-

  • Selection of app development platforms (iOS, Android or Windows).
  • UI/UX design
  • Backend development
  • Project Management
  • Web development
  • Security features
  • Hybrid or Native Apps
  • Advanced Features to be added
  • Geolocation for app development
  • App complexity and number of hours invested

How much does it cost to develop a Taxi fare comparison app?

Well, it is tough to evaluate an exact pricing detail on the cost of developing a taxi fare comparison app. It depends on several features. The development process of taxi fare apps is complicated as it requires a secure database and API’s that will get the rates of several taxis from multiple databases. Today, companies prefer to pay on an hourly basis because hourly rates differ from region to region. For Instance-

  • In India is $30 to $40, which includes UI/UX, testing, and backend.
  • North American countries $40 – $250/hour.

The charges for creating a taxi fare comparison go high as it assembles all the progressive technologies. Developing an app with practical features can cost around $10,000-$30,000 for single platforms. However, the price may rise to $45,000 if you want to build an app for both the platforms.

Moreover, the app development company which you hire also play a notable role in the development cost of an app.


Today, people have numerous taxi booking apps to make their travel comfortable. But parallelly they find it tough to compare the best services and estimated prices offered.

Taxi fare comparison app development helps to get the best solutions to such problems. And, if we talk about the development cost of such app then, the more the features in the app, the more will be the development cost and best will be the user experience.

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