How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Car Rental App like Turo

Car Rental App Development

A car rental app like turo is the perfect choice for those who want get into the business of renting cars for a short period of time. After the inceptions of car-pooling apps like Uber and Lyft, a car rental app is the newest venture in this industry.

Apps like turo allows you to rent a car without visiting any car dealership site. You just find the preferred car and schedule a booking with just few taps on your smartphone. You can choose the date and time as per your preference.

But when it comes to car rental app development, predicting the cost of mobile app development can be a little tricky. There are no preset values that can help you determine the cost to develop a car rental app like turo. Many factors play an intrinsic role in pinpointing an exact amount for mobile app development.

The factors include type of development platform, the app size and complexity, features, technology, and most importantly the location of mobile app development company.

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The Development Cost for Car Rental App like Turo

Getting an estimation of development cost is one of the primary goals of an entrepreneur. It helps them in balancing their resources according to the various other tasks requires to run a successful business for apps like turo car rental.

Although it is not possible to come with an estimated cost for mobile app development without considering all the factors that play a crucial role in car rental app development.

Let’s briefly talk about them.

App Development Platforms 

The new technologies have introduced many different ways of developing apps like turo for many different platforms with Native, Hybrid, and Cross app development. Native apps are faster and more functional than other mobile app development platforms. It is also the costliest platform to develop apps as the time taken in development is far greater that other two platforms.

But when it comes to get faster and cheaper mobile app development, Hybrid is the best choice. And if you want double platform accessibility, then it would be recommended to go for cross app development platform.

Mobile Complexity and App Size

As more functionality, features, and technology is adapted in the car rental app development, the app development becomes more and more complex, resulting in increasing the size of the app which leads to mobile app development to cost more than expected.

It is recommended to first analyze all the features and technology to be used in the app, it helps in managing your expanses which ultimately helps in getting more services for your apps like turo car rental.

Type of Features

The features of the car rental apps like turo are very important to analyze the cost of car rental app development. There are basic features that help you get a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) costing less compared to a high-performing app that feature enriched for advanced functionality. The feature-enriched high-performing apps are costlier for their intuitive user-interface and interacting user-experience.

Following are the features required for turo like apps:

Vehicle user

  • Sign-in/Sign-up
  • Renter’s profile
  • Advanced search options
  • Location for pick-up and drop
  • Payment gateways
  • Customizable car list

Vehicle owner

  • Registration / Login
  • Tenant Profile
  • Cancellation and acceptance Status
  • Travel price
  • Payment options
  • Push notification
  • GPS integration

Admin panel

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Payment Management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Fee and commission
  • Interactive statistics
  • Full control over all profiles

Technology Stack

This hyper-competitive market place requires mobile app development services providers to enhance and improve the performance of the mobile app. The right technology stack keeps the apps like turo car rental performing over the top. It is essential for mobile apps to equip best-in-class technologies to stand out from the rest.

The right technology stack keeps the app stable and efficient while conducting high traffic circumstances.

Let’s get to know the required technology stack for mobile app:

  • Location Tracking: Apple Maps, Google Maps
  • Phone Verification: Google Sign in or Facebook SDK
  • Database Management: MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL
  • Cloud Technology: Amazon Data servers
  • Real-time Analytic: Flurry, Google Analytic

Region-based App Development company

After choosing the right technology stack and adequate features, it is now time to choose a mobile app development company that can help you build turo like apps. The mobile development company you choose must have a year of experience and a robust, trained team member. They must have high resolution rate for problem solving. They help you create a strong and sturdy app like turo car rental.

The cost of car rental app development company also varies from region to region. If you decide to get assistance with app development company from US or UK, the cost respectively will be higher. But if you want fast-performing apps with as less cost as possible, then it is recommended to hire a mobile app development company from India.

Get your hands-on car rental app like turo!

The car rental app industry is recovering from the pandemic. Which is the best time to get into the business of renting cars for longer distances for longer times. It can help you earn significant profits from the venture.

So, if you want to get your hands-on car rental app like turo, you can get in touch with us. We at SVAP Infotech, are an industry leading mobile app development company with several years of professional experience. When it comes to get you a high performing and highly functional app, you can keep your faith in us.

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