How Fantasy Sports Apps will Fare in IPL 2020?

Fantasy Sports App

A sporting tournament such as Indian Premier League (IPL) is inflaming the hunger for fantasy sports between the new generation of smartphone tech-savvy users in India. After witnessing the craze for such games, mobile gaming businesses are coming out with pioneering fantasy sports solutions that are achieving fame day by day.

Market of Fantasy Sports Application Development

Over 6 billion sports fanatics are present round 190 countries, and cricket is the second-most prevalent game across the globe after football. The add-on of billions of sports fans, corporates, several leagues and tournaments, celebs and big brands has made cricket a giant opportunity for business. Cricket is not just a game for Indian people; it is a religion for them. Cricket fans globally, are not only crazy but are also extremely obsessed about the game.

The year 2020-2021 carries massive prospects for fantasy sports businesses, with it. In a strike of cricketing events aligned for the upcoming months and enormous success of Fantasy Cricket platform like Dream 11 and MyTeam11, companies have understood that the future years will be the best time to capitalize in a Fantasy Cricket App. The inspiration behind these sports applications is that each cricket fan is not only a fan but also a cricket professional, and there can be no progressive platform to display their capability than on Fantasy Cricket applications.

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In this blog, we discuss why 2020–2021 is the best period for the companies to introduce a fantasy cricket app solution. Three major cricketing tournaments are lined up to set fire among cricket fans and along with that fantasy sports applications will relish the highest number of app downloads and in-app purchases throughout the national and international sports tournaments.

1 Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League (IPL), the popular T20 cricket league of BCCI, is the most viewed and craziest sports tournament across the globe. It is not only the prevalent cricket tournament but also the most significant leagues in the whole sports world. IPL has seen a 7% market growth, according to the Duff & Phelps, the brand value of IPL in 2019 was $6.7 billion. The two prominent teams of IPL-Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings witnessed an extensive growth of 8.5% and the brand value of Mumbai Indians in 2019 was $117, ranked as the most valued team. According to the reports, the last season of the IPL fascinated over 1.5 billion sports enthusiasts, a fantastic growth of around 15% from its earlier season. The 13th season of the IPL is about to come, and according to internet anticipation, the number will be going to increase to watch the cricket craziness reveal this year than ever before. The franchise spends around 1.4 billion to buy 62 players in the auction, and this year player auction will also be more cut-throat than ever.

2 Big Bash Cricket League

Big Bash League is the leading cricket league of Australia that is similar to IPL of India. The 8th season of BBL will begin in Australia from December 2019 at Gabba and will finish in February 2020. The Australian cricket board has refurbished the pattern of BBL, attaining many variations to it. In this year BBL will organise around 59 matches which are 16 additional than the previous seasons. The other substantial alteration in the BBL is concerning the coin toss. The traditional coin toss has swapped with a bat flip. The variations are applied to showcase the passion of cricket admirers and rises fanbase.

3 T20 World Cup

The most awaiting T20 world cup is going to start in Australia, the event is generally being held after every two years. It will begin from October 2020 and will end in November 2020. 16 nation including Australia, will be participating in this thrilling season of this tournament. Cricket enthusiasts are super eager to watch and enjoy the excitement of T20 world cup. The previous edition of T20 witnessed the growth of around 114% and the in-house Television viewership in India reach 730 million across. The 2020 season is expected to go immense between the sports admirers, which means fantasy cricket app is also going to relish a considerable number of app downloads throughout the season. T20 world cup brings a seamless opportunity for fantasy app developers and businesspersons to go vast and make lucrative profits in a short span.

Fantasy sports fascinate a massive number of fans each year. The fantasy sports leagues offer extraordinary challenges, the chance to create and organise their teams, interact with other sports enthusiasts, the eagerness to become a winner and a pastime that needs little investment yet offers remarkable prizes. There is excitement, that has low risk, hunger, and rewards that fantasy sports provide to the players, which keeps the fans enthusiastic. However, the idea of a fantasy sports app is innovative in India, and there is less competition in the market. It creates an extraordinary opportunity for fantasy sports fans to knock into the market and win a trustworthy user base. 

  • It increases the fanbase

Fantasy sports applications attract users by offering them real-time gaming experience and cash rewards. According to the reports, there are around 7 million active fantasy sports app users. The craze of fantasy sports is immense, which motivates businesses to create such exclusive sports applications.

  • Less competition

The idea of fantasy sports is still new and unique in the Indian market, and there are not many companies in the field. If you are planning to start the development of fantasy sports application at this time of the year, it will be effortless to acquire the users and mark your existence in the market.

  • It is Legal

Fantasy sports were considered as a gambling game, and people found it illegal. But, the Supreme Court of India recognised the fantasy sports as a game of skills. After the legalisation, it is considered to be legal to play and results in a massive increase of the users.

In a nutshell

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