How are Mobile Apps Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry?

IT Real Estate Industry

Gone are the days when people were dependent upon the agents and brokers for buying and selling their properties. Technology has evolved the real-estate sector as well. The use of different mobile apps has made our life simple. Who else think before, that finding houses, offices and other estates would become very convenient? Yes, real estate IT solutions have made our lives very trouble-free.

And why not, hunting for a dream house or office requires a lot of time and efforts. Today our lives become very hectic, and we do not have enough time to take care of every little thing that we need in our new home. In such a situation, real estate app development has given us great help. With the app, now we can quickly check out the house, the surrounding, the facilities and many other factors at our fingertips.

Now people prefer to use an app instead of visiting the place physically. And after witnessing such demand, it has driven business persons to develop a real estate app.

Real Estate Market Overview

  • According to the stats. – In the USA, the revenue of real-estate property management is expected to reach out by $70.028 by 2020.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors- 50% of buyers prefer an app to find their homes.

Seeking for houses on mobile have grown by 120%. That is why every real estate agent needs to have an app and have multiple listing on it. The app should have specialities that will make the user’s search convenient and straightforward.

Benefits of Real Estate App

  • The app will help in increasing User-engagement and conversions.
  • 24*7 availability of Clients and Realtors.
  • Buyers and brokers have hassle-free communication.
  • It enhances real-estate and property insights.
  • Clients will get a crystal-clear view of their desired property.
  • With the geo-location feature, it will be easy for the buyers to find the exact location of the property.

How can Realtors get benefit with Real Estate App?

Following are the significant benefits, realtors get from a real estate app development-

  • The app heightens loyalty to your brand
  • Gain traffic to your business website
  • Better user experience for your customers
  • The business become more innovative and competitive
  • Use push notifications to reach consumers.
  • You can impress your clients by showing off your mobile apps
  • It increases property sales and retains leads
  • Agents will get a chance to earning more commissions
  • Increase potential buyers
  • Target customers more accurately

Top Real Estate platforms in India

If we talk about the Indian real estate market then following are the key players-

  • Reality Fact

Must-Have Features of Real Estate App

Real Estate App Features

  • Three-dimensional Tours– Let your users relishing the virtual tours of their desired property. Though, in the property business, it is hard to offer such features. But with the help of VR technology, you can offer this exciting feature to your customers. It will make your app more appealing and attracting potential buyers towards your platform.
  • Favorites list: Your app must have a favourite list feature, in which the users can put their preferred locations at one place.
  • Search and filters:With the search tool, users can easily find their chosen property, by putting keywords such as type of estate and location. And with the filter feature buyers are free to select the size, value, rent or buy, terrace, number of rooms, balcony, the age of the property, parking facilities, etc. The user can search and find the best appropriate property in no time.
  • Images: With images, users will more engage with the property. 80% of the users decide to purchase the property from the uploaded images. If the pictures are attractive, they immediately ask for more details of the particular estate.
  • Map:This feature will help the people to reach out at the exact location quickly. People moving to new cities or regions find this feature very useful as it navigates them the entire route of their destination.
  • Real-time chat:Buyers can directly interact with the property dealers and owners without disclosing any personal details over the app.
  • Full Information: The details must include all the vital information like the property location, number of rooms, bathrooms, balcony, amenities, parking, and other facilities like gym, clubhouse etc.
  • Calendar: Users will get precise information about when the estate was posted. It helps the users to evaluate the increasing and decreasing prices of the property.
  • Loan calculator– This feature helps the users to calculate their monthly instalments and EMI loans.

Cost Involved in Real Estate App Development

The development cost of an app depends upon the features and functionalities added to the interface. There are a lot of requires in designing and developing an app. If you want to build a real-estate app with basic features, then it will cost you around $10,000, the app with advanced features, costs around $30,000 and the app with extra functionality, costs around $50,000.

So, the average cost of a real estate app development varies between $10,000-$50,000. The process of development is highly overwhelming and requires a lot of engagement.

Over to you now

Now, you cannot think a thriving business without mobiles and technology. On-demand real estate apps have probably excelled the market today. If you are eager to reform your property business, you must take some essential decisions. Discuss with the right app development company and take your business to new heights.