How are Fantasy Sports Revolutionize the Engagement of Sports Fans?

fantasy sports revolutionize

Fantasy sports has brought a revolution in the sports industry and changed the way business look, but this change results as a good one for sports. Today, billions of sports fans across the country or outside are now engaged with these fantasy sports apps and websites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Dream11 and MyTeam11, and the number is increasing by twofold: the market of fantasy sports apps were 197 billion in 2017, which is expected to grow by 352.9 billion by 2021.

After witnessing the craze of Fantasy Sports platform, companies are now looking to hire fantasy sports app developers, to increase their business reach in the market.

Most popular real-time sports in the world

In sports, we all know that Football tops the leader board in terms of fame and fanbase, in the world with 4.0 billion fans followed by cricket with 2.5 billion admirers and field hockey with 2 billion fans, Tennis too has its fair part with 900 million fans globally. Here are the most popular sports, globally-

  • Football/Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Field Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • American football

The inevitable evolution of fantasy sports

It is not a miracle that all the sports have become marvels over the night while the internet became a usual tool. Both these aspects came together, to outline the way of millions of sports admirer’s thinks about sports over-all.

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The development of fantasy sports was certain because these platforms offered fanbase with the figures and data. Fantasy sports increased the development of several leagues, sports clubs and sports category in general because –

Inactive to active fans

The Internet has emerged as a critical factor in the development of fantasy sports because it offers a platform to sports fans to play the sports of their choice.

These fantasy sports platforms offer real-time analytics, live match updates, sports news, information about players, leagues, salary caps and a lot of exciting cash prizes. It attracts the users and converts them into from inactive to active sports players.

Prompt indulgence

Another aspect that these fantasy sports platform offers to its users was the prompt indulging networks. It is not enough to watch a game and feel sad or excites if any team wins or loose. Fantasy sports users could not change or transform the real game in their fantasy leagues.

These leagues are comprised of cash prizes, users can play various contests against their colleagues or friends or with the people across the globe. It will also help them to interact with them and enhance their sense of enjoyment.

Develop an Intense bond with sports

With the fantasy sports platforms, the fans are not only limited to watch or follow the real-time matches in the stadiums, but they can also play these real sports virtually and chat with their friends online.

It ultimately leads to an increase in the engagement of the fans to the sports more.

Fantasy sports are increasing the engagement of fans with sports by following ways

Multiple screen experiences

Fantasy sports platforms have offered such exclusive features to its users which increases its popularity among them. There are many fantasy sports matches and real-time fantasy games in which users can use multiple screens in the form of mobile phones, tablets or laptops, to play, communicate and challenge their peers.

Along with watching the real games on televisions or through other means, the users can easily use one fantasy sports app at a time. The live fantasy sports app provides an excellent opportunity to the broadcasters, sports teams and league organisers to track their user behaviour and preference by following their valuable insights and reactions. These Live fantasy apps also generate an additional income stream of the whole sports industry.

Brand incorporation

According to the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, 88% of users play fantasy sports at least once a month. On an average basis, a user spends about 40-50 minutes daily on these fantasy sports platforms. This is a great sign for the fantasy sports industry as it will increase the engagement of users.

Sports teams and sports leagues will find the brand incorporation through or on fantasy sports platforms and would pay off, and then that brand would relish the loyalty for a more extended period.

Statistics and AI add to the value

Fantasy sports platforms are all about statistics. There is a lot of analysis done by the experts including about the players, the team analytics, the data gathered in real-time and the user’s data. Sports companies and fantasy leagues will get a golden opportunity to not only identify the user behaviour but now they can easily predict their buying choices of the future.

Fantasy sports apps and websites are incorporating artificial intelligence technology into their chats and discussions, which is additionally helping sports brands to gratify their fans forever.

In a nutshell

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