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Today, fantasy sports are driven mind of every sports fan and is trending all over the world. Before the introduction of this new term, we only know the sports, which are playing on-field but now the craze of these sports has set the outstanding benchmark in the fantasy sports industry.

It has gained immense fame from the last decades. The sports associations have witnessed a ground-breaking change with the boosting of sports businesses.

As per the market research, USA is the first country in the development of Fantasy Sports with a market share in profits amounting to 58%, and Europe is the second-largest market share following the USA with a 14 % share in previous years.

Do you want to know how profitable is the Fantasy Sports business, let’s take a look first, “What is a Fantasy Sports App?”

What is Fantasy Sports Apps?

Fantasy Sports is a virtual game in which users are experiencing a different world of sports they can create their team of real sports players and lead their team virtually. Every fantasy sport has its different virtual teams which are selected by the players and attract the users towards the fantasy sports platforms.

Users will earn the reward points according to the performance of the real players on the ground. Their scores on the ground are converting into points for users in-app. The users will get a chance to earn real cash prizes if their players are performing well in real matches.

Why are companies planning for a Fantasy Sports App?

The fantasy sports industry has witnessed tremendous popularity, which makes the app not only a lucrative source of making money, but it also helps the businesses to promote their product and services.

It will help in brand integration of the organizations and increases the user-base, which is essential for the development of any business.

Let’s move forward to know- “How to prepare a plan for a Fantasy Sports App?”.

How to create strategies for developing a Fantasy Sports App? 

If you are looking to develop a fantasy sports app for your business, then you have to go through certain factors which helps you in developing your fantasy app with uniqueness. Here are aspects of planning a sports app:

Market competition among top Fantasy Sports apps

Features required for a Fantasy Sports app

Developing cost of the app

Top Fantasy Sports Apps across the globe-

Fantasy Sports apps have appeared as a thriving industry across the globe. The sports fans relish such applications. There are many sports leagues which offer their statistics to build such fantasy sports apps, while many leagues have their apps.

National Football League (NFL) is the one significant example of it. If we talk about the Indian sports sector, then the Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest platform that has created its fantasy leagues and enjoying great success.

In the USA, DraftKings and FanDuel are the most significant market players in Fantasy sports industry, whereas in India the market is ruled by Dream11 and MyTeam11.

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Essential Features in Fantasy Sports App

Here are some of the essential features which are required in a fantasy sports app:


The first and the basic step is the sign-up process in which users have to sign up with their registered mobile numbers or by their email ids. After the completion of the sign-up process, users will redirect to the home screen.

Home Screen 

The users will get detailed information about the team and the individual players. The users will access the home screen only after the login process. The users will choose the team players of their choice from the home screen.

Contest Screen 

The screen shows the various contests and leagues of different matches. There are details mentioned of every contest, the entry fee of that particular contests and the exciting prizes.


On the dashboard, the users will easily access and edit their details. The panel is comprising the information about the account, the reward points and rankings.

Push Notifications

Push notification messages keep the users updated and informed about the contests for any upcoming match. It also sends notifications about the free contest and prevents a user updated always.

The development cost of Fantasy Sports Apps

The development cost of fantasy sports apps relies on the number of hours spent on development and the features and functionalities integrated into the app. Prices may vary according to the elements and functionalities and the category of fantasy games you are looking for. Though the average cost of creating a fantasy app is reach around 15000 USD to 20000 USD.


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