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Betting is an old conventional activity which made its first arrival about two decades ago in the year 1997. After that, the industry has gained tremendous popularity, and it never looked back. In the 21st century, the betting industry has witnessed technological advancements, and it took an enormous jump as the mobile sports betting app solutions.

The prominent betting apps like Bet 365 or William Hill have reformed the betting industry. So, if you are also looking to develop sports betting app, then don’t miss this blog-

Market Overview

Earlier, Betting was considered as a riskier concern, and there are many countries, including Japan, the Middle East and India, where gambling is considered as an illegal activity. But today, if we look at the market of the betting industry, then the facts are surprising. According to the reports, the global market of sports betting industry is anticipated to have a market funding of around 250 billion USD.

The worldwide lotteries market has a worth of 217 billion USD and overgrowing, with a 0.6% rate globally. The industry has witnessed an immense rise in the market volume of online betting, which is estimated to figure around 51.96 billion USD by the end of 2020. Relatively, this sum is just the twofold of the amount of what it was a span ago in 2009.

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Popular Sports where Sports Betting Industry is growing

Football, Baseball, Cricket, Basketball, Formula One Racing, Rugby, Tennis, etc. are the popular sports where Sports betting applications industry is developing.

How much does it cost to build a Sports Betting Mobile App?

The development cost of a sports betting app can be evaluated upon the following factors –

  • Geolocation- the country or region where the application is being developed
  • Selection of Platform- Android or iOS, or both
  • Number of sports- which are comprised of the app for betting
  • Features & Functionalities of app
  • UI/UX design of the app

Based on the above factors, many countries have different cost structures. For instance-

  • Indian developers- $15 -$80 / Hour
  • Eastern Europe developers- $20 -$150 / Hour
  • Western Europe developers- $30 -$175 / Hour
  • North American developers- $50 -$250 / Hour
  • Australian Developers- $50 -$150 / Hour

Features of Sports Betting App

Well, if you want to talk about the elementary structure of the betting app, then generally it remains alienated into two categories viz. – admin panel and user panel.

User Panel Features

  • Sign up/Log In
  • Select the Sport or Player
  • Live Game
  • How to Bet – A Guide for Betting Tips
  • Push Notifications with results
  • Information about each player
  • Calendars, Match Schedules
  • Selecting the Pattern of Betting
  • Categories of Betting
  • Socialising with Others
  • Final Rank and Position
  • Making Instant Payment and Start Betting
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Complete Summary of Match
  • Offline Services 

Admin Panel Features

  • Sign-up 
  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Receiving Inputs from Bookies
  • Content Management
  • Managing the Payment and Prize 
  • Game Management

Advantages offered by Sports Betting App

After going through the features of a sports betting app, you should also get familiarized with some of the other advantages that these applications offer.

  • The app offers updated information about the current statistics, so the chances of losing money are very less.
  • It offers the promotional features through which the app user can promote any sports bet or bet.
  • The app provides the sports news, popular betting trends and updates about the ground activity.
  • It provides updated information about every prominent player whether they are playing or not, through notifications.
  • The app allows the users to socialise with a large community of people and share their reviews, through photos and videos, all can be done by using a single platform.


Gone are the days when people depend upon the websites, gambling clubs and agents to bet on different sporting events. Now, with the sports betting app solutions, they can easily place their bet from anywhere and anytime through their smartphones which helps to save their lot of time and energy. The sport betting apps are offering exclusive opportunities for both the app owner as well as the user to win exciting prizes, money and make a lucrative profit for the business. 

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