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Clone App Solutions for Online Dating

Nowadays, digital trends have taken over the world, and everything is moving online. It has also brought some eminent mobility solutions to the app development industry; one of them is Uber-like Clone App Development.

Clone App development is the concept of creating a similar app which is already present in the market. The related app is known as the “clone” of that original app. Clone app development service has its advantage; it is viable to add additional features to make it more valuable and beneficial than the existing app.
These apps are the exact copies of the original apps with all its features; developers can store the cloned apps at different locations as per their requirements.

Clone Apps can be developed by two methods- either from scratch or with the help of an app cloner software. Reconstructing an app from scratch can spend a lot of time and money; big enterprises usually choose the app cloner software’s to develop a clone app.
The software can easily clone apps from mobile devices. Usually, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two apps that are generally cloned by this software.

The essential features offered by every Clone App Solution

  • Easy user interface
  • Trouble-free login and registration
  • Several currencies and languages
  • Customer care support
  • Reviews and feedback options
  • Navigation feature
  • Real-time tracking

Uber-like App Development

We all heard about the Uber, the most popular and most significant start-up in the world, which brings ease in transportation. Today the estimated market of Uber is reached by $60 billion+; it has started a modern On-demand economy that affects the multiple industries worldwide. The economy of On-demand solutions is still rising, and the companies who want to be part of this victory story and have an idea equal to Uber has adopted the Clone App Development concept as their ideal solution.

What is Uber for X?

We all are familiar with the Uber, a taxi service app that links drivers with the customers. With just one tap on our smartphones, we can book a taxi, and it arrives at our doorsteps, and with another tap, we can easily make payments, it eases our transportation activities.

There is a trending concept known as “Uber for X”, that can be defined as creating demands on the smartphone devices which is then accomplished by the service providers, offline. It can modify the way of interaction between the customers and the service providers. Currently, the concept is ruling the taxi industry, but there is an opportunity that many other demands can be created soon as these services become convenient for the customers.

Start-ups and big enterprises also following the same trend for achieving great success in their respective industries, the companies which run their businesses on the Uber’s business model are known as ‘’Uber for X” models.

The current facts will give an accurate picture of the demand services for Uber for X. People working in the start-ups have stated that their investments have improved a lot as compared to the previous years. US has a population of around 90 million from which 40% of people have used on-demand services like Uber for X.

Are you having a dating app concept in your mind?

In the previous time, people were met with their perfect matches through their families, friends, colleagues or friend of friends and tried to interact with the people in their widened circle. But technology makes it easy, with the advancements of technology and arrival of apps like tinder, online dating has refurbished the matchmaking pictures. At present, many dating and matchmaking businesses emphasise on more limelight online.

Apart from the Tinder, the online dating genre has many other options like Happn, OK Cupid, Bumble, Grindr, Raya etc. According to the reports, 24 million users were using online dating sites in 2018 and estimated to reach 38 million in 2022. The profits of the dating industry are overgrowing.

The market of Online Dating Industry

The dating app users are rapidly increasing. According to recent reports, online dating profits in the US has amounted to $560 million and is expected to reach $650 million US dollars in 2023 up from 34 million in 2018.
Before you agree on a substitute of Tinder, you should take a look at your market players. Here are the most popular dating apps based on its online users and downloads are as follows.

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • Tantan
  • Kepo
  • Happn
  • Meet Me
  • Bumble
  • Grindr
  • POF

Factors to be considered while developing an app like Tinder-

  • Competence to search for the nearby match
  • In-app chatting with a prospective match
  • Incorporate a rematch and local match functionality
  • Multipurpose platform to date, meet, and network

We at SVAP Infotech, have app experts who are always enhancing their skill-set according to the online dating trends. We have developed many dating apps and are determined to provide more to the dating industry.

Our developed apps have unified features such as super-like, connect via photos. People can set different filters such as age range, location, and gender to confirm that they find the right match with the right people they are looking.

We being the leading clone app development company will create your app with advanced and unique features. You can share your idea of app development with us, and our developers will assist you with the latest solutions that will make your app a great success.


So, after analysing the essential factors for an active dating app development, you must have got the idea of the required solutions that will help you to create an app like Tinder. Therefore, if you are also thinking to create a dating app, then no need to worry. Apps like OK Cupid and Happn are also getting benefits from their share of profits. Your app can also be with one of them.

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