If we look back, the past few years have raised the bar and expectations for customers in the travel industry.

Traditional ways of traveling demanded some transition, and here we are with the various options of flight booking app development companies, ready with their assistance.

We just need to be a little informed and prepared for a specific industry that we are willing to invest in.

So here is a complete guide for questions that might arise in your mind when you are eager to look for a flight development company for your dream to turn into reality.

Defining Flight Booking App?

Traveling is made easier with a flight booking app that includes the complete process from booking to boarding and traveling to the destination.

The flight booking app development is a huge relief and provides a smooth traveling experience within a few clicks.

The apps comprise of advanced or general features defining your requirement and executing according to the demand in the market.

List of top flight booking applications

These applications are a favorite and finds space in every users device.

Check out the list and compare what have you been using of what are your favorite features of several apps and can be integrated when you get your flight booking app development in process.

  • MakeMyTrip
  • Cleartrip
  • Goibibo
  • Yatra
  • IndiGo
  • EaseMyTrip
  • Ixigo
  • Expedia

Want to invest in a flight booking app? Here are the market stats

With the increasing demand, everybody wants to have a detailed look at the growth of the sector.

Also, if you are willing to invest in creating one such app, these stats might clear your confusion if you have any.

According to research, a number upto 25% to 27% choose mobile booking apps for their travel bookings.

39% to 42% of users find it more convenient and quicker to process with the flight booking app.

79% to 80% of users enjoy and appreciate the notifications and alerts informing about the price drop or availability of bookings.

We all enjoy the perks of planning and executing it within a few clicks and get a hold of our details along with old records in our devices.

Advantages of Flight Booking Mobile App

There is a huge list of benefits that a user experience while using such easy-to-go applications.

It is the greatest way to keep your details organized as well as your trip.

Mentioned below are a few favorite advantages from a user’s perspective.

Easy Bookings

Applications are easy to use as we use them quite a lot in our daily routine.

Browsing and booking take no time, and we are almost through the process.


People who often travel will know the time consumed during check-ins.

The best part about the application is early check-ins will save a lot of time and smoothly process the complete mandatory formalities.

24/7 availability

Availability of bookings irrespective of time and availability of customer support throughout the day is another relief—no worries regarding booking or any related queries.


Easy cancellations or any other altercations for your traveling plans or postpone dates with just a few easy clicks.

List of must-have features in the Flight Booking App development

A list of generally included features is mentioned below; after general comes advanced form that makes your app distinct from others.

User Panel

user panel


The easy login allows the users to access the app faster by asking for mandatory information like contact information and email id.

Flight Bookings

Easy flight bookings will allow users to have easy access to flight bookings within a few clicks.

Booking Status

In this feature, you can check the booking status and keep yourself updated with the confirmation or bookings of your journey.


Users will be informed via notifications about their check-ins and other information.


Your queries will be resolved with the 24/7 availability of staff regarding your booking, cancellation, or refund-related issues.

Advanced Features

advanced features

Mass booking discount

Discounts are applicable for users making bookings for more than two users. This feature will make groups look forward to heavy discounts and prefer you to enjoy heavy discounts and suggestions.

Price drop notification

Users can be updated regarding their search when there is a drop in the price of any relevant offers to keep them updated via email or in-app notification.

Price comparison

The users are privileged and can compare prices by entering the date and destination using this feature to enable an easy booking experience.

Holiday packages

Customized holiday packages for those who love traveling. This feature can be integrated to attract more users.

app development company

Flight Booking App Development Process

Let’s have a closer look at the Flight Booking app Process.

The users should be capable of Registration and continue with booking tickets.

Offer the required details, while making the Registration Process.

The guest user should be allowed to only check the availability of certain flights and their timings.

Users should update their profile on their own whenever required.

Users should be allowed to search for the available flights conditional on their current place, Destination Pace, Departure Date, and Return Date.

Users should be notified about their availability or non-availability of their flights.

Next, the regulars can choose the ticket for cancellation from their previous booking History.

Users should be provided with the options to book, round-way, one-way, and multi-city station flights.

Besides, the users can choose the class (Business or Economy), the number of passengers, their Departure Date, Time, & Return Date.

Moreover, users can apply Offer and Promo Code to get discounts.

Save the Previous Searches for easy bookings.

Live Ticketing Booking and Cancellation status update.

Cost of a flight booking app development?

When we plan to develop a certain application, we get the accurate cost based on the feature lists, the platform we choose, the region of the team of developers, and a few more.

The estimated cost can fall from $15000 to $25000. The price will vary according to the demand and requirement of the client and the market.

You have to get hold of a team with an affordable per hour developer’s rate and provide quality work.

Factors affecting the costing of the flight booking app development

Application Platform

The cost of flight apps depends on the type of platform you choose for your availability.

Based on your audience research and target audience, you can easily choose between Android and IOS or go for both of them.

Dynamic Functionality

The cost of online flight booking apps depends on the features you would like to add to your application.

General features are an essential requirement for an application, and advanced feature makes the user experience more customized and smoother.


The team of developers affects the pricing drastically.

You need to look for an experienced team who has worked in the same sector as it is easier for them to understand your vision well.

App Design

The design of an application is an equally important part. Y

our application’s usability and user experience will make you have a larger and stronger user base for maximum revenue.

Technology Stack used for Flight mobile app development


You can be aware of the technologies implemented and integrated during your flight booking app development.

Mentioned below are a few names the developers work on for app development; you can further read in detail about its use and functionality.

Front-end technologies:, CSS3, HTML5 Android & iOS, Flutter, AngularJS, ReactJS

Back-end Technologies: My SQL, MongoDB, New Core, PHP, NodeJS, Postgre

Database: Postgre, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB

Real-time analytics and Server: AWS, Google, Cloud, Hadoop, Big Data, IBM

Payment Integration: PayPal, Stripe

Wrapping Up

With the evolving market trends, mobile app development services offer a good opportunity for business growth—the best deal to have a maximum hold of your customers and making life easier for them.

Flight booking app development is one such case that makes traveling easier for users, and they enjoy avoiding the disruption and have a smooth journey.

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