Features & Technologies Used to Build Uber Clone App Development- A Complete Guide

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Gone are the days when calling a taxi was difficult as many ordinary people couldn’t afford these services. But Uber has changed the whole scenario and made it a requirement by offering its ride-hailing services at a reasonable price.

Today, the demand for Uber clone apps is on the mount. These Uber clone apps are highly customizable and readily available in the app market.

Uber has introduced many significant solutions, which benefits all the divisions of the society and also help the new owners to find this concept demanding and succeeding. Usually, Taxi booking app development companies focus on building an app like Uber.

How to make an Uber clone app? It is the most general question which every company is looking for. Let’s discuss in detail how one can develop the Uber Clone App.

For Uber clone app development, it is essential to analyze and understand all the critical factors which include in the development process. Taxi booking apps generally depends on the development of two separate apps with different features and functionalities that are interlinked with each other through the main admin panel.

Significant features to be considered for Uber Clone App development

App Features for Customers-

There are the following essential features requires to build an app like Uber for the customer app:

  • Registration –Users can sign up or register themselves via mobile number with OTP, email or Facebook.
  • Cab Booking information-The feature will help the users to select the types of car, add their address and set their drop point.
  • Fare Calculator– Users can check the accurate prices before a ride end. This feature is quite complicated as fare may increase or decrease according to destination.
  • Driver Tracking– With this feature users can easily track the movement of their driver before the arrival of the taxi or during the journey.
  • Payment –An app has multiple payment options users can pay via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallet apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or only in cash.
  • Push Notifications –Through this feature users can get all the essential information related to their ride including arrival time, taxi details and others.
  • Messaging –Users can contact the driver from the app.
  • Driver Rating & Review –Users can give ratings and feedback about their ride experience and driver behaviour.
  • Travel History –This feature shows the details from earlier rides and transactions.
  • Customer Support- Customer support will help the customers to resolve any query related to their whether to cancel the trip or change the ride destination.

Advanced Features that can be included in the following versions of apps like Uber are as follows:

  • Pickup Location
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Split Payment
  • Interactive Map
  • Later Ride
  • Book for Other
  • Gamification & Discounts
  • Voice Recognition
  • Waiting List
  • Panic Button

App Features for Drivers-

So, let’s discuss how to make an app like Uber for a driver? The whole feature-list in a driver’s taxi app development contains:

  • Driver Profile & Status –The feature will include the authentication process of a driver which caters for licensing, taxi insurance etc. The app will inform the availability of a driver.
  • Trip Alert –the ability to receive trip orders to accept or deny, including information regarding passenger’s location, route, travel history.
  • Push Notifications –This feature uses to give alerts, taxi app booking information, including location, map, payment, etc., trip deviations, and accomplishment.
  • Navigation & Route Optimization –offer the best trip route using Google Maps.
  • Driver Delivery Reports –gives statistical data about trips and wages on a daily/ monthly basis.
  • Messaging –texting or calling to a passenger from the app.

Admin-Panel Features-

An admin panel is required to manage and control the driver’s activities as well as it keeps tracking customer satisfaction. The admin panel controls and manages the taxi bookings, drivers, customers, locations, payments, business pay-outs and other significant activities.

Thus, the panel requires a robust set of features and functions within an admin platform for offering Uber-like services:

  • Locations & Fares Management
  • Driver & User Management
  • Booking Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Review Driver’s Orders & Payoffs
  • Check Ratings & Reviews
  • Notifications Management
  • System Content Management & FAQ
  • Promotions & Discounts Management
  • Driver & User Support
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Technologies Used for Uber Clone App development-

Want to know which technologies are used for Uber clone app development? Here are the significant techniques that are used for the development of the taxi booking app-

  • Python
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Backbone.js
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Trip execution engine works on Node.js
  • NGINX for frontend
  • Authentication Security- Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • For long-term data storage- Schemaless
  • For speed and Performance- Riak and Cassandra.
  • For distributed storage and analytics for complex data- Hadoop warehouse
  • For caching and queuing- Redis
  • To locate an iOS device- CoreLocation framework

The development cost of an Uber clone app-

The development cost of a taxi booking app like Uber will not be the same, and it varies with the development company as well as the location. Many business people are not ready to invest high capital at the primary stage of the business and will positively look for a cost-effective solution. Usually, the cost to create and launch an app like Uber on both Android and iOS platform is around 30,000 USD-35,000 USD.

Wrapping up-

Today, due to evolving technology, clone scripts are easily accessible. You can hire a developer who is competent in Uber clone script. With uber clone scripts, one can customize and alter the app based on requirements. Find the right app developing partner in the industry to get the best result.

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