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We are part of a world where digitization has played a significant role in its presence, be it bad or good. Using the technology in the right way with fruitful results makes a growing sector a huge success, just like fantasy sports websites worldwide.

Fantasy sports website development is one rapidly multiplying sector that has attracted many entrepreneurs and boosted the energy for the people working for such companies to build an improvised and excellent version of what they have as a solution.

We are already aware of the hype and buzz of the fantasy sports website development company building incredible websites and many others. So let’s have a look at the functioning and the development process of such websites.

What is a fantasy sports website?

Fantasy sports websites are platforms provided to play your desirable sports that can comprise of games like Football, Kabbadi, Basketball, Cricket, Baseball, and many others, depending on the kind of website development. These websites allow users to form their customized virtual teams helping them to be their leaders. These websites enhance your skills in several games with a lot of practice.

How does a fantasy sports website work?

The process of fantasy sports websites works by connecting sports enthusiasts. The users can have basic knowledge or can be pro at the game and enjoy the game of skills by applying it virtually.

Let’s have a look at how these websites are managed and used as a platform by their users.

  • Pick your Game– User can choose their preferred sports and begin playing once they have successfully registered with the website. The website provides various leagues inviting players to play.
  • Team development– At this point, the users must create their own teams with the players of their choice based on their past performances. The users need to choose the captain and the vice-captain for their team.
  • Multiple teams– A user can create multiple teams with variations and combinations of players, captains, or vice-captains.
  • Team management– Until the game ends, a user can make changes and modify their players or the team. Also, users are provided with the privilege of tracking the performance of the players.
  • Rewards– Once the game gets completed, the collected points are further distributed to the players based on their performance. Virtual users with the maximum performance points are acknowledged as the winner of the league or the sport.

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Benefits of fantasy sports website development

We can list up the important aspect that is considered by fantasy sports website company and integrated during the development process.

SEO Optimized

The SEO experts optimize much-needed SEO factors for the fantasy sports web development, improvising the search engine’s relevance.

No revenue division

No revenue sharing can make you distinct from your other competitors in the industry. Also, your clients and revenue generated will be limited and available exclusively for your website.

Faster market entry

A fantasy sports website enables entry into the market at a faster pace. It is possible with the completely available ready-to-launch white label solutions.

Device compatibility

The fantasy sports websites are compatible with multiple devices making them available for various types of users.

Scalable architecture

Fantasy sports websites always have scope for further improvements without disrupting the present users. These further expansions keep the sports website highly scalable.

Must-Have Features of Fantasy Sports websites

Let’s have a clear virtual picture of what functions and features will be integrated with the fantasy sports website and how your Fantasy sports website development company makes it distinct from others.

Features define the entire product in the most explicit manner and the best way to decide on their customization process and the costing.

Users or Participants

user features

  • Sign up or registration
  • Profile settings
  • Home screen
  • Contests
  • Live score
  • Join contest


  • Admin login or sign in
  • Manage results and points
  • Manage payment and transactions
  • Team management
  • Manage games, contests, leagues, and players
  • Manage notifications and requests

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

  • Push notification
  • Location tracking via GPS
  • Scores from live matches
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social media sharing
  • User mail reminder
  • Payment system

Technology stack used for better sports website development

Technologies play a vital role in a website’s performance that you have to decide while your website is under development. Several preferences of developers and combinations are selected to be integrated during the development process.

Framework and programming language

React Native, Java, PHP, Flutter, Swift, C, or Kotlin

Database Management

MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HBase, Cassandra

Front End development

CSS, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS


Azure, Google Cloud

Payment Integration

Stripe, PayUMoney, e-Wallets, PayPal, Net Banking, e-Banking

Push Notifications

Apple push notifications, Twilio

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Challenges in Fantasy Sports website development

The actual challenge begins with fantasy sports website completion and the process that follows for the success of the product. The traffic that should be attracted to your fantasy sports website has to be diverted towards your product. How will you strategize the complete process along with your marketing and SEO team to help your website rank for maximum user engagement?

Not just the engagement of users but to retain them and make them loyal to your product is the most crucial part. Your team needs to be focused on delivering engaging content on the website like a prediction of matches, small video or clips or sports person, match report, and many more. Mentioned below are few options you can consider while opting for online marketing.


You can have small influencers work for you as they charge a small fee if your budget with the marketing is too tight. You can choose the kind of online presence you want to get represented by.

Paid marketing

You can have paid marketing campaigns that can be run for your website, and it is charged according to several factors.

Email marketing

You can send promotional emails to people looking for such websites either willing to invest or want to be a part of it.

Social media promotions

You can have social media presence on different platforms and gather an audience who can be redirected to your website.

How to generate revenue with a Fantasy sports website?

The question every investor has is how do they earn revenue? Well, we have the complete process explained.

Below are the ways that are adopted by these fantasy sports website development company to maximize their reach with the audience and earn good revenue.

Advertisement and promotions

The best way to earn is the advertisements as it makes people aware of your existence. You can display commercials inside the website as the ad network will pay you for it. The amount will definitely depend on the genre of the website and the kind of ad unit.


In this, the users can enjoy the app for free with the free download but are restricted to advanced features and functionalities. If the users are willing to unlock the premium features, they have to pay a certain amount to enjoy the functionalities. You can have ad-free gaming as one of the major perks of having a premium subscription to your fantasy sports website.

Entry Fee

Participation fee for cash prize contest is another great deal that can make you earn good revenue. It can be minimal for maximum users to join the website.

Costing for Fantasy sports website development

One can always set their budget and goals for their investment regarding the overall development. The costing for any website development will depend on the factors mentioned below-

  • The platform you choose for your mobile app development
  • Features and functionalities you are willing to integrate during the development process of your fantasy sports website
  • Back-end and front-end development for your fantasy sports website that will be selected by the developers deployed by your fantasy sports website development company
  • UI/UX development- The attractive and useful UI/UX will make your application have maximum users and engage a lot of traffic.
  • Development team- The size of your development team will define your costing as the number of resources deployed for the same will be affecting the costing
  • Geographical location of your team- The team location also affects the costing fantasy sports website and makes the development cost much affordable with some specific countries as their development rate hourly is cheaper than the other highly developed countries.

These are the main factors that lead to your overall costing for a fantasy sports website, and you have to keep in mind when you are planning to hire a fantasy sports website development company for your product development. The costing can roughly be calculated with $5,000 to $10,000, which can vary depending on these factors. The costing can completely fluctuate based on your requirements.


This is the summary of the complete guide for fantasy sports website development that you will experience during its building process. We hope the information was helpful enough for you to begin with your big venture. Also, you can read through our other blogs and go through the website portfolio, and have a clear understanding of how exactly our team has worked and works for clients.

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