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What can be better than investing in fantasy soccer app development, a game that is already one of the most popular sports in the world?

Its not difficult to imagine the results when fantasy sports are combined with the most popular sport; we can easily assume the flourishing results and a large user base.

We have many great examples of fantasy sports app development company, entrepreneurs, and firms investing in creating a product in the fantasy sports industry.

Lets have a look at how Soccer App like Draftkings is being built in the industry?

Insight on Draftkings and its functionality

Draftkings is the best space for soccer lovers to apply soccer knowledge and make the most out of it. The app has reserved a spot for itself with its enormous engaging features that lure the users into spending maximum time on the app. In addition, drafting permits the users to participate in contests and wins exciting real cash prizes.

Users from Canada and the USA show immense interest in the game, as in the end, it gives you an unmatched experience that overall enhances your skill for the game. The scale of 10 million active users is due to its immense knowledge of excellent advanced features, loyalty, and the overall playing experience for users.

Revenue model of developing an app like Draftkings

Sports lovers want to have a platform that provides an opportunity to millions of others with their skills. Also, what is the harm in being a successful entrepreneur and reach out to the masses with their favorite sport providing them a platform to showcase their skill?

Certain ways will make your product do wonders in the fantasy sports industry and lead you to a profitable business.

Joining fee

Users have to pay a minimum amount to become reliable users of the app. Joining a league with the amount and increasing the chances to win with the prediction makes the game more authentic.

In-app purchases

The best way to generate that extra revenue is by providing exceptional items for sale for the users. These features or items can only be unlocked by paying a certain amount. This makes the game a bit exclusive for the users.


It is one of the best ways to spread the word and make the most out of it. Advertisements help grab the attention of many at once and try their best to sustain it for the longest.

Guidance on how to initiate fantasy soccer app like Draftkings

Some factors mentioned below will help you in having a clear picture of where, to begin with.


One has to be assertive about the research of the market. You have to be updated entirely regarding the trends followed by the other competitors and the latest features that make a platform gain maximum popularity.

Fantasy sports app development company

You have to find one of the most suitable fantasy sports  app development company for your project for excellent results. Look for a company that can understand your vision and makes you an affordable solution and a bug-free app. A team can provide solutions of either a clone app development or a customized application that will ultimately benefit you. A reliable team will make your project a success. Also, the distinct feature list will be advised and proposed by the team itself that you can choose according to your preference.


Once you discuss your vision with your team, they will provide you with the platform to choose according to the market you are targeting. Finally, your team will guide you after their research completion.

Deployment phase

This is another phase that is handled by the sports app development company you have hired. After completing the project, you can begin preparing with the marketing; how are you willing to promote the application with the help of a marketing agency.

The budget for the fantasy sports app development

We are aware of how the cost of a fantasy sports app development works in this business; if not aware, let us guide you through.

We have to consider some factors that will affect the overall costing of developing a fantasy soccer app like Draftkings.

The team of developers or the fantasy sports app company you will choose will affect the costing heavily. Countries like India provide affordable developer rates per hour.

It is a great deal to seal when you get your hands on an inexpensive yet creative team, as you can shift your budget from paying for developers to adding on to some additional functionality for your product.

Creating a feature list with the team will give you an insight into how much you will invest in the process; for obvious reasons, the more features, the bigger the budget gets.

The target audience will define the platform you are willing to choose. You can opt for a single platform or Android and IOS depending on the audience and the region you want to serve with the preference of platforms with a group of people or a specific area.

The complexity of your product will further decide the pricing; if you are willing to go with a clone app with minimal additional changes, you can save up to a lot.

Also, if you are planning to begin fresh, you should be aware of the time of investment it will require and the number of team members deployed for the period for your project.

After these factors are finalized, you can list down the exact costing for the fantasy sports app development. But a rough figure would be, as suggested as $12k to $15k. Of course, these figures will be affected by the kind of services you are willing to go with.

Features comprised for an app like Draftkings

Fantasy sports application development consists of these mandatory features of the user as well as the admin panel.


A user has to register to begin with the process of playing on the application by creating an account with minimal information asked for.

Home Screen

It has all the buttons on the home screen that can give a user have access to the features.


Users can join the contests or leagues in this category and further play.

Payment wallets

Payment wallets are linked, making it easier to deposit the amount and also withdraw it in your bank account once verified.

My Contest

Make your personal contests and play with your family and friends.

Refer and earn

Users can get coupons and discount in contests by referring the sending invites to their friends.

Features for the admin panel of the application

Admin Login

Admin login is required to access the user on the app.

User manager

Admin is responsible for managing the user profile and activities.

Manage Matches

Admin has to manage the opening and closing of the matches.

Payment management

The admin manages the payment of the users.

Manage Reward Points

The admin manages reward points collected by the users.

Manage Withdraw Request

When the user is willing to withdraw their winning amount, the admin manages the transactions.

Additional features

Additional features like Live Match Score, Live Score API Integration, CRM Integration, Push Notification, Real-time Analytics, GPS Location Tracking, Custom Mail Reminder System, Payment System makes a fantasy sports application more engaging for other users.

Fantasy sports development companies offer a lot of additional features to keep your app distinct from others. The feature list is what makes your product a success; one has to conclude the team after a lot of research.


Fantasy sports applications are hitting the market like never before. Many fantasy sports app development companies are way ahead and established a name by delivering the best product doing wonders in the market. You can visit our website and have a look at the portfolio for a clear understanding of how we deliver fantasy sports applications around the world.

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