10 Essential Mobile Banking App Features – You Should Know

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The mobile banking apps have seen a massive surge in the last few years.

The most prominent banks in the world realized the true potential of digitality and used it to improve and enhance their banking services as per their customer’s needs.

Nowadays, every bank in the world has their own mobile banking app, providing services from transferring money to manage investments with just few clicks on your smartphone.

But when it comes to get the best of banking services, it all depends upon the features and functionality of the mobile banking app. The mobile app development service providers have introduced many innovative mobile banking app features that not only improves the quality of the service but offers ease like never before.

So today, we’ll be talking about such best mobile banking app features that are essential for mobile banking app success.

The top 10 mobile banking app features

Mobile banking app features are crucial for the advanced functionality of banking apps. They assist users in getting best of the banking services whether it be sending money or investing.

So let’s move ahead and discuss the best mobile banking app features that are essential for every mobile banking app.


You can now add and remove several various quick links on your homepage to help you locate preferred services easily. This features saves you from the hassle of clicking through many pages to get your work done.


Now you can manage your Mutual Fund investments, Stock investments, Term Deposits, and your Demat holdings, all in one place within the mobile banking app. Many numerous functionality also come with this feature like SIP calculator, EMI calculator, and many more.

Bill payment

The mobile banking apps also allows you to pay your bills directly from your bank account. Now you don’t need to go anywhere, you can pay your bills involving mobile, TV, Internet, Water, Electricity, etc, with just few clicks.

Effective budgeting

The banking apps have been through continuous innovations that have given them the ability to manage all your budget related issues. This feature allows you to manage your budget effectively and clearly. You can choose the services you want to pay in advance each month and the app will make sure the payment goes through.


It is a very essential feature for a mobile banking app. You can get all your transaction related bank alerts through push notifications. It also helps you identify frauds if someone is using your details to access your bank account.

Account history

It is a crucial features to equip in a mobile banking app. You can see your transaction history from as long before as when it was installed. It also helps you keep track of your finances. You can search for a particular transactions using many available filters to sort out the desired results.

Online shopping

Everything nowadays is available online from clothes to electronics. This features assists you in making your shopping experience as quick and secure as possible. You can purchase any item online and pay easily with just few steps.

Convenient payment

This feature allows you to send money to numerous payment portals including Paytm, Phone Pay, Google Pay, and many more. You can also add any of your credit/debit cards for convenience. It is faster and secure with utmost priority on providing customer satisfaction with your financial activities.

Feedback and redressal

It is one of the most important feature for a mobile banking app. If customers are facing any difficulties or issues in making payment, accessing various services, and receiving payment, then they can provide feedback and according to the feedback a resolution is prepared to meet customer satisfaction.

Advanced Security

The last but not the even close to least, it is the most important feature of mobile banking apps. All your money is saved in a bank account, you or the bank would never want anything happening to your life saving. This where the security comes in to provide assurance of safety for your saved money. There are now many security features available to provide a convenient access for you without compromising the safety of your bank account. And one of the distinctive features is peer-to-peer security.

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Let’s get you the best mobile banking app!

A great mobile banking app requires best mobile banking app features that allow advanced and effective functionality in processing bank related activities on your device. As we have understood from above features it necessary to keep evolving with the new technologies and trends to better the mobile banking app.

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