Education App Development: Cost, Features & Market Growth

education app development cost

Have you ever thought that smart devices could play a significant role in education? Well, we guess nobody has imagined it. But today, it has brought a tremendous change. In fact, several memes are relating it on social media platforms, saying- In the earlier time, where parents used to keep their children away from mobile for their studies.

Now, they are the one who is giving their smart devices to them for education. Today, where every sector is transforming with digital solutions, the education industry has also become smarter with no more tedious and duller blackboard and chalk method. A big thanks to Education App Development solutions.

With these mobile educational apps, learning is not confined to a four walls room. Knowledge has got new wings that have broken the boundaries of traditional approaches. The present educational sector has seen a massive increase in the resources in the form of e-learning mobile apps.

Experts say-Mobile and Education are one of the best combos ever”.

If we think about its market, then let’s see what it’s stats say-

Market Growth of Online Education

Latest market reports states- The global e-Learning market size was $200 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.23% from 2019 to 2026. The total market size of online education will reach $375 billion in 2026. The reason behind this remarkable market growth is the rising penetration of the internet in many countries around the globe. Hence, these stats are enough to justify the prominence of online educational apps in the present time.

However, since their arrival, these are welcome wholeheartedly by students, parents and teachers. But today, the pandemic crisis has made these solutions the demand of the time.

According to UNESCO, around 60% of the world’s student population are out of classrooms as schools and colleges are shut due to COVID-19 pandemic. And the World Economic Forum has evaluated that the virtual classroom technology is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% during 2020-2026.

After reviewing the potential market, it is high time for the companies to go for eLearning mobile app development solutions. But a significant question that might hit in your head is-

Who can opt these mobile e-learning apps?

The concept of mobile educational apps is beneficial for schools, colleges and other institutions. Undoubtedly, these platforms are already doing great but integrating digital solutions to make learning more accessible and entertaining; education mobile app development would be the best choice for them. And these solutions are not limited to schools and tuitions only; corporate sectors also adopt it to enhance the skills and knowledge of their workforce.

One of the significant examples of it is the eDx platform where not only students but teachers and corporate people can learn and discover new things.

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Well, let’s move further and discuss-

What features make an e-learning app robust and demanding?

An app comes with a pool of features that can be basic or advanced; if you are new to the market, then an app with basic features would be profitable for you. The reason behind it, it will cost you less plus give you an exact idea about the demand of your prospective user.

So, let’s start with basic features-

In an e-learning mobile app, there are three basic panels-

  • Student panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • Admin Panel

Student panel includes the following features

Signup- This standard feature allows students to access the application. They can log in or signup with their mobile number, email ids or social media account.

Dashboard- After successful signup, users will find a dashboard which includes a wide variety of top courses from different sectors. He/she can pick a course according to their preference and interest.

Categories- It will include a pool of subjects like a business, IT, marketing, design, technology etc. Users can select one domain and start streaming the available courses in that category.

Video courses- Apart from audio and podcasts, users can get an option to learn via videos. It helps them to learn more closely and innovatively.

Language option- Under this feature, the user can choose its preferable language. It will allow them to explore the courses in their own language. Moreover, it helps you to expand your business reach.

Buy now- With this feature users can purchase their favourite courses from the application.

Add to cart- This feature allows your users to add their favourite courses in a cart. Just like a shopping website, they can add or remove courses from their cart whenever required.

Tutors/mentors- Users can get online classes from their selective tutors; it will help them to understand a particular concept or subject more thoroughly.

Ask a question- Under this section, students can post their queries related to any subjects, and mentors from the respective field helps them with accurate solutions.

Teacher Panel

Teacher’s account- Just like the student account, teachers also require to register themselves with the requested information.

Notifications- With this feature, the teacher’s will get push notifications on their devices whenever any query from the student or new updates arrives.

Video and Chat messaging- Teachers or mentors can connect with their students over a video call. And also, they can communicate via chat messages. It helps them to stay updated with their student’s performance.

Admin Panel

User Management- It allows admin to manage all the essential information and activities of users. Admin can access detailed information about the user if required.

Sessions Management- With this feature, admin manages and controls the schedules of live sessions and manages content accordingly.

Payment Management- Admin manages the purchase and sale out transactions history. It also manages the subscription packages, deals, and offers.

Subject management- Under this section, admin manages the list of topics available in the categories. He can add or remove the subjects according to the demand.

Now, let’s take a look at-

Advance features

advanced features

Advanced features help your apps to be more competitive, compelling and demanding. You can add the following features-

  • Quizzes, Mock tests and assignments
  • Discussion forums
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real-time analytics
  • Audio & Video streaming
  • Push notifications
  • Social media sharing
  • Referral points

Tech-stack used for Education App Development

Tech Stack

Educational app development requires the following tech-stacks-

Front-end development includes

  • Swift
  • Java
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Back-end development

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • AngularJS
  • Python

And, Databases includes

  • MongoDB
  • HBase
  • MySQL
  • Cassandra
  • Postgres

Mobile SDK

  • iOS
  • Android

Real-time Analytics

  • Hadoop
  • Cisco IBM
  • Spark

Push Notification

  • Twilio

Moving forward to the most significant factor-

The cost required for Education App Development

The costing of a mobile e-learning app depends on multiple factors; therefore, it is not easy to evaluate the exact cost. The features, functionalities, tech stack, region, the team of educational app developers are the number of reasons which affect your budget to a great extent.

Hence, if you have chosen an Education App Development Company in India, then it would cost around USD 8000- USD 30000, prices may vary depending upon your requirements.

How can you make lucrative profits from these e-learning apps?

In education app development, monetization is a must factor, you should know from where you can generate lucrative sources of money. With the following models, you can make profitable revenues for your business-

  • Subscription model
  • Freemium
  • Free-trial
  • Ads
  • In-app purchases
  • Certifications
  • Paid apps

Over to you now

Education has always remained a trending matter because it is the sole root of innovation. The arrival of e-learning solutions is like a cherry on the cake; they make it more productive and exciting. Students who used to run away from the studies are now enjoying practical learning. Thus, it is the best time for you to take this opportunity and invest in mobile e-learning app development solutions. Hire an education app development company and start your project before the field is crowded.