Differences Between Blazor Vs Angular Vs React

blazor vs angular vs react

When it comes to web development services, all the web enthusiasts have heard a common name – JavaScript, used by 68% of web developers, making it most popular among several web programming languages. It constitutes most of the web as we know it.

It has become an essential tool to build interactive and engaging websites. But as there are many new methods are emerging in the web development services. The wide community of web developers have also started using various frameworks and libraries such as Angular, React, and many other.

But a new web framework is making its mark on the web development service; Blazor, is now making its mark in web development services, based on CSS and HTML technologies, allowing you access to utilize C++ and Razor Syntax as an alternative to JavaScript. It is reusable and can utilize the previous libraries and codes.

But is it better than JavaScript? If it is then what makes it so?

This why we have come with the differences between JavaScript frameworks and Blazor that every web programmer must be aware of which helps in making the web development process as accessible as possible.

So, lets move forward to understand the difference between the commonly used JavaScript frameworks (Angular and React) and Blazor.

And see how they compete for developer’s preference in building spectacular and best in-class websites.

What is Blazor?

It is a recently developed Single Page Application creator framework. Microsoft introduced Blazor, an open-source with open web standards, combining the functionality and operability of old Razor with the newest version. It enables web developers in creating web and server-side applications.

And considering razor, which is a widely used markup syntax, is mixed with Browser to allow web developers in building reusable and attractive web user-interface  for client-side application. All the codes written using Blazor are implemented in the development process under WebAssembly.

The accessibility to write serve-side codes in C#, enables the distribution of various codes and libraries, bringing a platform to life for building vibrant, contemporary, and fluid single-page applications end-to-end utilizing .NET.

There are many amazing features and functionalities of Blazor, but most importantly, it encompasses latest web standards without using any additional add-on and plugins, all thanks to WebAssembly.

Though it is extremely useful innovation for web development but it is still a highly experimental invention to get ASP. NET functionality in WebAssembly. But unit testing becomes more easier with all the available past and current tools, e.g. Retract; a logging tool.

Features of Blazor

  • It utilizes C# to create Web UIs, not JavaScript or TypeScript
  • Pr0gressive web app development becomes easier
  • It offers re-usability for codes written in C#
  • The server-side gets full support in debugging, while client-side has to deal with some limitations.
  • HTML DOM allows data binding
  • It allows web developers to share C# codes between server and client.
  • Building client and server-side models
  • It offers higher performance with server-side pre-rendering
  • Connections available for WebSocket connection
  • It offers offline work mode for the client-side web-assembly only
  • It is also available for latest web browsers and mobile browsers
  • Blazor and JavaScript shares the same security sandbox
  • It also allows web developers to call JavaScript frameworks and libraries using JavaScript interop

What is the difference between Blazor and Angular?

Angular is a commonly used JavaScript framework that enables web developers to build single-page applications. It is also production-ready instead of Blazor which is still in development process.

Progressive web applications support Angular. But Blazor only support client-side web development and needs active connection for each client. Scoped style elements, similar to the style encapsulation, are also not supported by Blazor.

It had only recently received VSCode’s language server support, but at the same time, Angular has achieved a more mature connection with it.

What is the difference between Blazor and React?

Both Blazor and React share same properties of open-source frameworks and libraries. But when to comes to wide popularity of React in web development, Blazor doesn’t even come close.

These frameworks are also used as Web App Builders where React has wide variety of JavaScript Libraries to create interactive user interfaces. And Blazor is a modern web UI framework running in WebAssembly.

React has been on the front of many famous applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

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What is the difference between Angular and React?

Basically, both of these are JavaScipt frameworks but Angular comes in data-binding bundles and React is made possible by Redux. They both intercepted from a same source but their comparability is limited to their features.

React is the perfect choice if you’re looking to create powerful and interactive interfaces. And when it comes to Angular, you create remarkable and high-performing mobile apps and websites, that are SEO friendly and enable faster page loading. The maintenance and productivity in writing codes is enhanced with the use of React.

The rigidness of Angular also limits the construction of customized apps, but at the same time, React can offers an Eco-system that supports flexibility in building customized apps and web pages.

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Though it clear that JavaScript frameworks are better than Blazor. But it is hard to say that it will always remain the same. Blazor has a massive potential to become one of the leading web and app development framework with the help of new and modern techniques and technologies.

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