Instagram Clone App: Develop Instagram like App with Advanced Features

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Instagram is a popular name with excellent features attracting a huge list of app development companies as well as entrepreneurs. The app has its own definition of being the reason for having a wide range of audiences. When you are certain of what you require then why indulge yourself in the long process when you can opt for an Instagram clone app.

You can go for the exact product you are willing to develop Instagram like app and begin with the process as soon as possible and step into the business really soon. Also, nothing can stop you from integrating your customized solutions to the final product.

Benefits of choosing Instagram Clone App

  • You can save an ample amount of time and energy along with a long 6-month process of product development.
  • You can skip the process of designing, wireframing, prototyping, testing, optimizing, bug fixing, coding and improving performance, etc.
  • Save your dollars as a long process consumes more money in the building process.
  • No stress of hiring the best team of designers, testers, and developers.
  • The finest quality is delivered for the designing and coding by the experts.
  • You need to build your business so there is no need, to begin with, the scratch to make it unique and attractive from others.

Advanced Features for Instagram Clone App

We all know the importance of the features. Advanced features lead to maximum user engagement is a major reason we emphasize on having a great feature list. Let’s have a look at what makes the app so different and attractive for millions of its users across the globe.


There are various ways to register yourself on social network sites for example through email, contact number, Facebook. Users have a wide choice to create accounts and login according to their preferences.


This feature allows the user to keep access to all the activities happening related to their profile. Users mentioning you in the comments, like your pictures, follow requests, etc.


Users can easily find the search button and click on it to find their close friends, relatives, and favourite celebrities.

Your profile

User can maintain their profile by providing the information they want to display. A detailed bio about you, email, contact information, and profile picture.

Use trending filters

Users can freely choose filters or tools to enhance their picture quality. Popular editing tools like crop, colour combination, rotate, edit, and apply your favourite filters on your pictures.

Upload your content

You can upload your desired type of content on your profile. It can be a video or pictures. You can either click pictures directly or upload them from your photos library.

Notification Alerts

Users will be notified if they enable the notification option. Friends or relatives sending messages, like your pictures or mentioned you in a comment can be seen in real-time.

Direct Messaging

The in-built messaging feature helps the users to chat, call, or video call directly with their friends and followers.

Other social media integration

To make sharing easier you are allowed to share content with other social media accounts and have access to it. These options give you the liberty to share photos and videos with friends and relatives.

Create events

You can create events, share your calendar details for spreading the information, and inviting your friends.

The common process followed to develop Instagram like app

A common protocol is followed by the majority of the companies while beginning with the development process.

In the steps mentioned below, you will acquire an idea about how it works.

Client Requirement

Understanding your client’s requirements, analyzing it, and further forwarding it to your team is a task. The team, communicator and the client need to settle down on one conclusion as a lot of people should have the same image of their goals.


Wireframing is a visual that is created for better understanding and alter or review changes before the development takes place. It displays the entire functionality, features, and designing part to the client, to begin with, the main process of building the app.

UI UX Designing

The UI UX designers take the complete responsibility of how your app will look in terms of icons, colour schemes, graphics, and the overall appearance.

Creation of the app

With your specific requirement and guidelines, the development team takes over and begin with the process for building your additional demands and features.

Test your app

It is very important to have thorough testing to ensure your Instagram clone app is bug-free and ready for the users to use it. The final approval involves the stakeholders as well.

Ready to be shipped

The final stage includes the final deployment of the product to the server. We will finally release it to the app store or play store as per your preferred platforms.

Instagram clone app is the best deal one could crack for the quick and easy launch of an app without wasting a lot of time. The enhancement can always be pulled off really nicely with the additional features and requirements.

This is a short guide for people interested to develop Instagram like app.

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The services provided and described above might vary from company to company but SVAP infotech has had a promising journey as a clone app development company for the past few years. The experienced experts are skilled in building clone apps and carry forward the process of seamless development.