How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Healthcare App like Practo?

healthcare app like practo

Today, rising health issues have become a crucial concern for everyone. And hence, healthcare app development comes into the picture. The popularity of the health apps is increasing with every passing day as with it the patients can quickly connect with their respective doctors and get essential health tips. There are several health apps available in the marketplace like Practo, NetMeds, Portea and others, who already serves in the healthcare sector.

So, if you are looking to develop a healthcare app like Practo and want to know the cost to build an app like it, then read further-

About Practo

Practo is the first mobile healthcare app of India that offers online booking appointment with doctors at any time from anywhere. It allows the users to connect with their right doctors according to their health requirements. Currently, there are more than 20000+ consultants, 20+ specialists and online doctors are available on this platform to serve the people.

It offers instant consultation to the patients; they will get quick replies within a minute. It not only provides doctor’s advice, but it also allows the people to take the appointment of diagnostic labs, fitness centres, spas or salons. Apart from India, this app is accessible in several countries, including the USA, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. Today, Practo is one of the most promising and prominent healthcare companies in India.

To build a healthcare app like Practo, you must have a precise estimation of the cost of healthcare app development. The development cost of an app depends upon various factors including, the tech stack, business model, team of developers, vital features, app design and functionalities, types etc.

So, let’s discuss- what features will be required to develop a healthcare app?

A healthcare app mainly includes three types of panels, including-

  • User Panel
  • Doctor Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel

It is designed for the patients, also known as patient-panel. It offers significant features that help them to contact with their concern doctors. Features include-

  • Sign-up/Login
  • User profile
  • Dashboard
  • Documents upload
  • List of doctors
  • Booking options
  • Calendar
  • Prescription lists
  • Payment transaction history
  • Push notifications

Doctor Panel

It is created for the doctors to know about their patients and diagnose them effectively. Following are the features-

  • Doctor’s Profile
  • Video calls
  • List of appointments made by patients
  • Medical history
  • Patient’s record
  • Report Analysis
  • Payment received
  • Notifications

Admin Panel

It is developed to manage the activities over the app. Following features are included in the app-

  • Doctor profile Management
  • Patient profile Management
  • Notification Management
  • Analytics
  • Payment check
  • Integration with EHR systems
  • Scheduling Management

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Factors Affect the Healthcare App Development Cost?

The Platform of an App

Android and iOS are the two prominent platforms that are the most preferred choice of every app developer. You need to select a platform according to the requirements of your app. Always keep in mind, the app development cost of these platforms varies. Like if you are choosing the Android Platform, then the price would be higher than iOS.

Size of The App

An app size affects the budget of an app. If you are developing an app with the basic features having a lite size, then it will cost you less as a comparison to the app that contains all the advance features and functionalities. Bigger the size of the app more would be its prices.

Design of an App

App design is another factor that determines the costing of an app. Make sure that your app comprises excellent UI/UX designs, smooth user-interface, and offers outstanding user-experience. It should be attractive that can engage more potential users towards your platform.

Development Team of an App

A robust app development team comprises various members including Business Analyst, Project Manager, Front-end developer, Back-end developer, Tester, Quality Analyst, Designer and other. The healthcare app development cost varies as per their location, expertise, and experience.

Marketing of an App

It is one of the significant factors that emerge after the development of an app. To make your app available in the market, it is necessary to market it well. An app marketing cost also affected by its time deadline like how much time it takes to build an app?

Project deadline is directly related to the price because time is money! Always try to avoid the project delays; it directly saves you from investing more.

So, the development cost of a healthcare app may go high or low according to your app requirements. However, to make a healthcare app similar to Practo will cost around $15K-$50K, depending on its features and functionalities.

Over to you know

If you are looking to develop healthcare like Practo, then feel free to reach out to us. SVAP INFOTECH is one of the leading healthcare app development company that offers successful mobile healthcare app with emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AR/VR, and IoT solutions. So, contact us and get a free estimation of your app idea with the exact cost.