Cricket Betting Software Development: Everything You Need to Know

Cricket betting software development

Finally, cricket has turned back on track after a long wait. The pandemic has not only affected the other industries but sports as well. After the official announcements of Indian Premier League (IPL) by BCCI, India, a new spark has filled up in the eyes of players, fans and sports businesses. And why not, who else does not love watching cricket?

It is one of the most influential and loved games across the globe. And news of IPL has given it new energy and grabbed the attention of millions. On one end where the players and cricket fans are extremely excited, the other side the demand for cricket betting software has again risen with renewed power. The cricket betting companies have started preparing to take their businesses to new heights with constant technological innovations.

So here in this blog, we’ve discussed all the essential aspects included or required for a cricket betting software.

First, let’s begin with its concept-

What is Cricket betting software?

Cricket betting in the gambling industry is one of the most traditional and pop activities from decades. And the emergence of Cricket betting software has changed the entire experience of betting from manually to digitally. It allows bookies to place a bet on their favourite cricket team or tournament.

The software consists of powerful features, attractive designs, and competent technologies. Many people across the globe are using this software to gain some money. They considered it as the most straightforward way to earn exciting money. And it leads to a rise in demand for cricket betting software development.

Now let’s take a quick overview of-

Online Cricket Betting Market


According to a Doha-based International Centre for Sports Security, the illegal betting market in India is worth $150 billion (Rs 9.9 lakh crore) a year. That includes around USD 200 million bets on every ODI played by the Indian cricket team. The legal sports betting market to be worth more than $400 billion, globally. But during a conference of the United Nations held at Doha in April 2015, an expert said it could be worth USD 4 trillion.

Some surprising facts-

  • INR 26.4 Lakhs- INR 264 Lakh Cr. is the estimated size of the legal sports betting market in the world
  • INR 6 lakh Cr. estimated size of the sports betting market in India per annum.
  • INR 132 Cr. is the total size of bets placed on each ODI played by Indian teams.
  • INR 12,000- INR 19,000 Cr. income is generated if a 20% tax is imposed on betting revenues.

According to – The total market size of gambling is jaw-dropping and is worth $150 billion. This amount is enormous for attracting anyone towards betting in India. While the revenue earned by the bettors during the year 2008-2018 was $130.340 million, it justifies the craze and demand for cricket betting software.

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What Features Make a Cricket Betting Software Demanding?

cricket betting development features

Features included in a cricket betting software are:

Live Feed- With this feature; bookies can get real-time updates about the ground, market, and tournaments held all around the globe.

Session modules- Under this section, the cricket matches are divided into a list of sessions. In cricket, it can be classified based on the number of balls or overs. Users can place and win the amount by participating in the preferred sessions.

Robust Analytics- It offers detailed and comprehensive information about every aspect that is essential in a game- like a player. Bookies or other users can place their bets after reviewing this report carefully. It will help them to put a straight bet and increase their chances of winning.

Scoreboard updates– Users will get live updates about the score of a match. It offers detailed ball-to ball information, based on that bookies and users can participate in the game.

Multiple languages- Cricket betting software powered various languages. It offers a list of languages from which users can quickly select their preferred languages.

Multiple currencies- This feature allows users to choose their preferred currency shown in the lists. The user can place quick bets based on the currency it has picked.

Live selections- It helps users to select a live match in which they can place a bet. It shows a list of live cricket games running across the globe. Based on it, a user can opt any tournament and place a bet by putting the amount.

Extremely Secure- Security and privacy are a significant concern in the sports betting industry. With cricket game software, users can place secure and reliable bets. It keeps the user’s information and data safe and prevents it from unauthorized access.

Real-time settlements- Under this feature, the admin can make instant settlements with bookies in a few seconds. This feature is helpful to build a credible and honest image of your business in the market.

Bookie Account- Bookies can create their account efficiently by putting the required information. It will also help you as you get the data of all bookies on a single platform.

Advanced Features to be Considered while Developing a Cricket Betting Software

  • Betting Tips
  • User-friendly
  • Betting management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Anti-fraud security system
  • Betting Patterns
  • Game Selection
  • Personalized customer support
  • List of Top Bookies

How is Cricket Betting Software Suitable for Bookies?

Cricket betting software for bookies is one of the critical and profitable means to earn more money professionally and securely. It enables bookies to get all the essential data and tools that are required to win the bets. The software offers a complete set of betting information that helps bookies to place more accurate bets.

Bookies can easily manage their accounts and clients at one platform. Moreover, they can help them by offering useful betting tips and cricket odds. With the software, it is easy for them to coordinate with the players, monitor the matches and track the scores firmly. People who are already using this kind of software discovered this safer and more competent in building a potential customer base and smooth betting experience.

What do we offer?

We at SVAP INFOTECH provide cricket betting software development services that are white-label, innovative, and customizable. Our cricket betting software offers you immense advantages that can make your entry robust in the betting market.

Cricket betting softwares

You will find the following benefits from our services-

  • 100% customized software
  • Mobile responsive
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Feature Rich Betting Software
  • Efficient Risk Management Module
  • Protected System
  • Interactive UI/UX designs

We offer a variety of cricket betting software includes- Cricket betting software for bookies, cricket bhav software, solutions etc.

Over to you now

Cricket has always been a “gentleman game.” Its popularity is only increasing with every passing day. And after this huge break, it comes with double excitement. Hence, it is a high time to invest in cricket betting software and revolutionize your betting experience with modern solutions. Reach out to us and get the best cricket betting software development services and mark your presence globally.