How Much Does it Cost to Create a Food Delivery App like UberEATS and Swiggy?

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Food delivery apps have become an excellent way to get your favourite food right from the chosen restaurant and other outlets to your doorsteps. It ultimately makes a customer’s life hassle-free as they can quickly order their desired food anywhere anytime.

Apps like UberEATS, Swiggy, Zomato, and Food Panda are some of the prominent food delivery solutions that already set a striking trend in this industry and recognized as the fastest-growing food delivery apps in India.

If you are planning to develop a successful food delivery app like UberEATS, then there are many factors you need to consider that affect your app. One of the significant factors is the development cost of an app affects the whole app development process. Here we discuss what factors are deciding the price of an app and how much does it cost to create an app like UberEATS and Swiggy?

If we talk about UberEATS specifically, then it is a San-Francisco based app launched as UBERFRESH in 2014, and later it renamed as UBEREATS in 2015. The app is assisting its users in finding restaurants, ordering their best dishes, and having them delivered at their doorstep. It has been able to meet user expectations in every way due to its top-quality features.

Let see what stats say: –

  • In 2019 the total revenue from food delivery applications was $7730 million.
  • By the year 2023, the revenue is expected to reach $12,500 million with a CAGR of 12%.

A Food Delivery App helps in quieting the Starving Beast By

By giving restaurant information like menu cards, photos of dishes served, location, contact, reviews, and ratings.

  • Easy Access to restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, etc.
  • Option to search by dish name
  • Fast and Secure Delivery services
  • No minimum order required
  • Multiple payment options
  • Access to favoured food and order history.

Cost to Build a Food Delivery Application like UberEATS and Swiggy

Cost of developing an app like UberEATS or Swiggy ranges from $3500 to $20,000. Hence these are the database apps so the development cost would be a bit more expensive than simple food delivery apps. The cost of these depends on the following key factors.

Size of the application –It is one of the considering aspects of an app development process. Always keep in mind, the more features your app has, the more would be its costing. So, it is better to use MVP features at first to minimize the cost, later on, you can add more advanced features according to the business of your app.

App Platform-Most of the apps built on the two prominent platforms, i.e. iOS and Android. Choosing the right platform can help you in cutting down your expenses. But you should consider these platforms as a top priority. The apps build on Android devices are more affordable than iOS devices.

App Design-The design of a food delivery app should always be appealing as it helps you to grab more food lovers towards your platform. The designing cost of an app varies according to the requirements, the more fascinating the app, the more will be its costs.

App Functionality-Every business tries to offer unique features and functionalities in apps. Again, the price varies according to the features you want to insert in your app. The app with the advanced features would cost you higher as compared to the app with the basic one.

App developers-Hiring the right team of developers is an essential step for successful app development. The cost of developers depends upon their experience and region as well. If we talk about the developer’s price according to their countries, then a US-based mobile app developer costs you around $107,000 per year while in India, it is only $4,400 per year.

App features-An app with outstanding features has a high chance of getting potential customers towards its platform. It plays a vital role in the complete costing of app development.

Must-have Features of Food Delivery Mobile App

A food delivery app includes three panels-

  • User panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Delivery Panel

User Panel App

This panel is for the customers through which they can quickly make their orders. Below are essential features in a food delivery app-

  • User profile
  • Homepage
  • Restaurant list
  • Menus
  • Add to cart
  • Geo-location
  • Order History
  • Repeat Orders
  • Filters Search
  • Multiple payment options
  • Tracking order
  • Ratings and Feedback

Admin Panel App

With this panel, the restaurant owners can manage the complete method right from receiving the orders to scheduling the deliveries. Here are the essential features of a food delivery app development.

  • Order Acceptance
  • Declining orders
  • Reviews responding
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • Tracking delivery personnel
  • Content Management

Delivery Panel App

The delivery panel app is helpful for the drivers to deliver the orders on time and at the exact place. It assists them in tracking the customers and restaurant locations. Below are the features included in the delivery panel of a food delivery app-

  • Push notifications
  • Payment request
  • GPS location
  • Ratings and Feedback
  • Signup/Login
  • Order Accepting
  • Order History

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