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This modern age has bought us a lot of comfort with its easy use of services through computers, mobile connecting it with the vast internet network. Uber trucking app is one such example of an on-demand service provider, making goods smooth and seamless.

Online services have turned the tables and established their importance and their benefit in users’ daily lives.

Uber already provided its phenomenal food delivery services; now, with uber trucking, it has become convenient for shippers and drivers with on-demand trucking.

If you are planning to get in touch with a mobile app development company, then let’s see the essentials you should be aware of comprising the overall development cost.

How does Uber Trucking App work?

The app collaborates with the shippers and drivers who will be carrying them for the delivery. So they have two separate applications working for the driver and the shipper.


The shipper creates orders via a Shipper app. They add the cargo details, including the size, height, weight, location, and date of delivery.


The driver can see the list of orders on the driver app. On the current location and availability, they either accept or reject the order to deliver. If the order is accepted and picked up by the driver, the platform charges the delivery fee to the shipper. Thus, the driver collects money once the cargo is delivered.

How Can Uber Trucking App Generate Revenue?

Popular ways to earn revenue from Uber trucking app.

Advertisement & marketing

We know how important advertisement is for the service providers. Advertising and marketing of a product are essential to make the consumers aware of your presence. Paid advertisement is the best way to have a larger impact on your product.

Paid Features

You can always have exclusive features locked and slowly and gradually unlock by paying a certain amount and enjoy these features.


It is one more profitable way of earning some extra income. You can link your ways and have a clear idea for commission on money transfers and stay ahead with the revenue.

Cost Defined for Uber Trucking App Development

Cost is something that is directly or indirectly dependent on the development and complexity of a project. The more complex the features’ functionality, the overall Uber Trucking app’s costing may increase the number of figures in the budget.

If you plan to hire freelancers or are willing to go for an established company is totally your choice. Both these options have a different impact on the project. Freelancers can make your project budget-friendly, but keeping a hold of the developer for any further issues can be a problem in the future. Whereas an established company can be a little expensive than the freelancers, your codes and any other additional services can be worked upon for the future.

Hiring developers from countries like India can be a great deal. The developer for hire per hour is cheaper. Also, you can add that additional amount in some inbuilt features rather than spending on some fancy big names.

Application development doesn’t have a defined amount that can be conveyed. Still, the estimation falls under $18000 to $22000 depending on the development process, region of development, platforms, and developers you hire at an hourly rate.

Features for Uber Trucking App Development

We are well aware of the two versions of the app required for the Uber Trucking App. One is for the shippers to function and use it, and the other is for the drivers.

Mentioned below is the list of features that will define your application and give you an insight into the basic must-have features of an app like Uber Trucking.

For Shippers


You have to register to have complete access to your orders and maintain authenticity.

Manage Bookings

Bookings include shippers having a preference for their vehicles according to the need. It is a great help as it makes it easier for drivers and shippers to move the package in a single trip. Also, the feature allows advanced booking by scheduling the pickup according to date and time.


The tracking gets easier with eth notification as it keeps the user on alert with their package movement, offers, and more.

Geo Location

Location is a great help for users to track the exact location and also allow their location for pickup for more accuracy.


Online payments and linking of wallets can easily generate invoices and make payments without hassle.

Price listing

Estimated cost for the delivery gives an idea to consumers and if they are ready for it or willing to make changes.

Drivers App

Here are the features for the driver’s app that functions parallel.


Creating the profile will make it easier to keep a record of your orders and track deliveries.

Receive bookings

It makes it easier for drivers to manage and schedule their deliveries. Also, they can know their upcoming and pending deliveries and update the status for it accordingly.

Shipper Details

All the must-have information will be stored for the driver.


For drivers with packages, it gets more convenient to follow a route. Admin and users can also keep track of the delivery.

Notification & alerts

The drivers can be informed about their upcoming bookings, payments, cancellations, and any further detail that has to be updated.


This is important as people need to have faith in their packages if they are in the right hands. In addition, reviews and ratings make other users have faith if they are using the app for the first time and positively impact other users.

Tech Stack needed to develop an Uber Trucking App

Choosing the most suitable tech stack is essential to make the right choice for a successful launch of your product. Listed below is a clear list of tools and frameworks that goes hand in hand with the development.

  • Mobile Platform:Android, IOS
  • Map & Navigation:Google Maps,GPS
  • Web back-end: Node.js, JavaScript, .Net, and more
  • Real-time app analytics: Spark, Apache, BigData, Flink
  • Database: Cassandra, MongoDB
  • Cloud environment: AWS
  • Voice, SMS, phone verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Notifications: Push.io, Twilio
  • Payment gateway: Stripe, e-Wallets, PayPal

How Uber Trucking App benefits the users?

  • On-demand delivery services are a huge relief to the users.
  • On-time delivery of cargo or shipments
  • Linked secure payments and generated invoices
  • The details and record for shipments
  • Recruitment and assigning the drivers
  • Easy tracking and flexible services
  • Scheduled deliveries

Best Uber Trucking Apps around the globe

Here is a list of Uber Trucking apps that are popular with users.

  • GoShare
  • Dolly
  • Transfix
  • Uber Freight
  • Convoy
  • Bugii
  • CargoX
  • Cargomatic
  • Dolly

Wrapping Up

The on-demand has established itself with the growing popularity and the ease it has been to the people living across different cities or nations. Uber Trucking is a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones and make the most of it.

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