Cost & Key Features of Puzzle Game Development

puzzle game development features

Brain Teaser games like Puzzle, crosswords have always been a classic and the excellent choice of every person. As a result, it has successfully upgraded into the world of online gaming. According to the reports, these games are always considered as exciting and engaging ones.

Hence, it inspires many game app development companies to take the initiative in Puzzle Game Development. Building a successful mobile game is no cakewalk. It only requires an in-depth knowledge of target markets, thrilling gameplay and a sound monetization plan.

Are you planning for a Puzzle Game Development? 

Yes, why not, but the first consideration that must hit your mind is the key features and development cost of the application. The success of a game entirely depends upon its features. The more engaging features will be its users. Also, it is not easy to estimate the exact price of a mobile game app. For that, it is necessary to understand the complete requirements and critical factors so that you will determine a precise costing.

So, here in this blog, we talk about what features will make your Puzzle game successful and how much it will cost.

Let’s starts with features required for Puzzle game development

A Puzzle game app must have-

Secure Login/Signup


A puzzle game app facilitates secure logins where users can quickly sign up with their email ids or social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter. Users do not require to create any new account; they can simply access it by connecting their existing social media accounts.

Interactive graphics

interactive graphics

A game with outstanding graphics is successful in attracting users. To get the best graphics for your mobile game app, hire the right team of designers.

Quick loading time

quick loading time

Users always demand such games which have fast loading speed. A game with slow loading only loses users. If you want your game app to be popular, then keep this point onto priority.



Your game app must be compatible with the operating systems and the various platforms. It should be able to provide excellent user-experience with its outstanding performance.

Sound effects

sound effects

It is one of the significant features that encourage users to play more games. A game with no sound is exceptionally dull, and having a high chance of losing potential players. Hence, it is necessary for you to develop a game with fantastic sound effects.

Social Media sharing

social media sharing

This feature enables users to share their game activity over multiple social media platforms.

Invite friends and referrals

Inviting friends and colleagues for playing a game online is way exciting. Users can invite their friends and peers by sending them an invitation code. The acceptance of sending requests will raise the referrals points of the users.

Game Challenges

game challanges

Integrating exciting game challenges is one of the vital aspects of every game app. It will help in increasing the number of potential users towards the platform. With this feature, users can create challenges and send them to their friends to compete.

Now here we tell you some of the leading factors that affect Puzzle game development costing

  • App platform- iOS and Android
  • UI/UX development
  • App size
  • App Complexity
  • Tech stack
  • Developer’s team

If we calculate the average cost of Puzzle game development, then it would cost around

  • Basic App version- USD 1000- USD 4000
  • The standard version of the app- USD 10000- USD 25000
  • Premium app- USD 7500- USD 50000

Hence, the costing of a Puzzle game app development depends upon its features and functionalities, the more features you add; the more will be its costing.

Over to you now

To create a fantastic puzzle game app, all you need is a perfect vision and the right team of developers. If you are looking for a game development company, then feel free to reach out to us. We at SVAP InfoTech helps you to develop an app at affordable prices using the latest trends and technologies.