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Today the market is wholly packed with several dating apps. Tinder is the best dating app that brought a great revolution in the online dating industry; following it, Bumble, Happn, and Hinge have become the next prominent platform. Like uber clone app development, many companies are now looking to create a Tinder Clone AppAnd why not clone app development is the best investment for the businesses as they do not require to start their project from scratch.

So, if you are curious to know more about tinder clone app development, this blog is perfect.

Are dating apps like Tinder profitable for the business?

It is the most common question that hits every business person’s mind while investing in a Tinder clone app project. The query is genuine as an online dating app requires a significant investment. Well, this business is like a gold-fish for entrepreneurs that offer lucrative revenues in multiple ways. The best way to cross-check this statement is by looking out at the Tinder clone app’s market size.

Market Growth of Tinder

  • By 2013, there were 350 million swipes per day.
  • In 2014, the app had 1 billion swipes.
  • On a per-day basis, 26 million people find their matches.
  • Today the platform has 57 million+ active users.
  • 5.9 million users use Tinder’s premium services
  • In the first quarter of 2020, Tinder has reported 6.03 million paid subscribers across the globe.
  • Tinder is used in over 190 countries in 40 different languages globally.
  • Since its inception, the platform has made 20 billion matches.
  • In the third quarter of 2018, the company had reported an outstanding revenue of US$444 million.
  • In 2019, the platform earned US$1.15 billion; its revenue grew at a CAGR of 123% between 2015 and 2019.
  • At present, Tinder is estimated to be worth US$10 billion.

After reviewing the jaw-dropping statistics of Tinder, let’s discuss its features.

Must-have Features in a Tinder clone app

Usually, every dating app looks similar in terms of designs, functionalities, and processes. But the one thing that makes it unique from each other is its features. Every application comes with two versions of features; one is fundamental, and the other is advanced. The latest and engaging features you implement in your app, the more your application will attract potential users.

Here we have curated the list of essential features that can make your Tinder clone app demanding among the users.

Sign-up-It is one of the very basic features that are required to access the application. Allow your users to login with their social media id (Facebook), email id, or via their phone number.

Dashboard- A dashboard helps assist your users in how the app works? Create a simple, intuitive, and impressive dashboard that allows your user to explore the application easily.

Profile details- Creating a profile with all essential information is necessary for the users. It will help them in finding a suitable match. These features cover the following details: name, age, distance, religious beliefs, and other users’ vitals. Through this feature, users can like the profile of others as well.

Video Profile-Allow your users to create and upload their videos within the profile. It will enhance their user-experience, plus it gives a better glimpse of their personality.

Filtered matches-Random dates are not welcome by everyone; people find it annoying and force them to quit your platform. Hence, this feature allows users to filter their matches based on their choices, such as gender, city, age, occupation, salaries, etc.

Review date-With the Tinder clone script, let your users rate their dating experience. It will enhance their loyalty towards your platform, and you can also improve your services based on their feedback if required.

Chat and Video calls- When it comes to online dating, people prefer to communicate over chat or calls before meeting in person. This feature can help them as they can quickly connect via video calls or texts.

Premium membership- This feature helps users to enjoy the extra perks and benefits offered by the platform. Users can swipe, review, undo, or rewind unlimited profiles in a single day with a premium membership. Hence, this feature helps you to earn lucrative revenue.

Moving forward, another critical aspect after features is the development cost. The costing factor affects the Tinder clone app development process to a great extent.

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Cost required to build Tinder clone app

The cost of creating tinder clone app always depends upon the various factors, including-

  • Features and functionalities
  • App design complexity
  • Development process
  • Marketing strategies
  • App size
  • Number of platforms (iOS/ Android or Website)
  • Locations of the clone app development company
  • Frontend and Backend development

After evaluating these factors’ rates, the average cost to build a Tinder clone app ranges between US$40,000-US$50,000.

Wrapping up

Now you have a complete understanding of the Tinder clone app, including its market size, cost, and essential features. Now it is high time to use this information and implement it in your Tinder clone app development project. Contact us and get your dream app like Tinder.

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