Cost, Features & Market Growth of Gojek Clone App

Gojeck Clone App Development

On-demand mobile applications have emerged as one of the most excellent concepts for start-up supporters who have a zeal for entering the business world. With an on-demand approach, a Gojek clone app appears as the ultimate solution that fulfils every customer’s requirements.

Getting multiple services from a single platform has always been a customer’s top demand, but it results in more beneficial for the business domains as they will get a chance of earning maximum revenues from the solitary platform. The Gojek Clone App concept had received global attention when Google invested USD1,200,000,000 in it during the last quarter of 2018. Since that announcement, a plethora of companies is planning Gojek clone app development for their business.

So, let’s take an insightful look at Gojek Clone App-

The Idea behind Gojek Clone

Uberization has brought a whole new wave in the service industry, and undeniably, it has transformed the entire sector into a whole new paradigm. From on-demand taxi service to on-demand delivery services like food, grocery, there are plenty of clone app development varieties available in the market today with the same idea.

But everything comes with a disadvantage as well; the major problem with these services is one cannot download all the apps in their smartphones due to phone storage and data limitations issues. Here Gojek comes into the picture. It is an app where customers can quickly find multiple services under an umbrella.

Why invest in Gojek Clone App 2020?

It is entirely justifiable to say that the Gojek Clone app script is a successful concept. The big giant Google has too invested billions in it. It is a super-flexible solution that is popular for its high reliability, helping businesses outshine their competition. The following reasons make Gojek and Gojek clone excellent arena of investment.

One Application- Multiple Services

An application that offers multiple services is always successful in attracting huge customers. Users will always prefer installing a single app over multiple ones as it saves their storage and data as well. With one single app, you can start numerous online businesses, including taxi, delivery & home services.

Multiple Opportunities for merchants

If merchants want to register for an on-demand product or service delivery app, they only have a single choice to go. But with the Gojek clone app, they get multiple opportunities at a single platform. They have plenty of options for expanding their business. It will ultimately attract more business people that will increase the revenue for all.

Multiply Profits

Multiple services are available under one mobile app; therefore, it will have multiple streams of revenue. In any case, if one service is unable to generate adequate income, another one will make it up for it.

Market Scope of Gojek Clone App

  • In November 2019, there were 29 million Gojek active users in Indonesia.
  • Since its arrival, Gojek has raised a massive amount of USD 1 billion in funds, the company’s total net worth has amounted to USD 10 billion.
  • In 2018, Gojek invested around USD 500 million in its international expansion strategy.
  • In the beginning, Gojek’s metric score was 4.4, which has taken a sudden boom of 16.4 in the next month.
  • Gojek is presently operating in 247 countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia.
  • At present, more than 2 million service providers are working for the Gojek app.
  • The company handles over 100 million+ transactions.

Gojek offers multiple services including

  • Go-Ride-On Demand Taxi Booking Apps or On-Demand Cab Hailing Apps.
  • Go-Pay-e-wallet offered by Gojek.
  • Go-Food- On-Demand Food Delivery Apps
  • Go-Mart for On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps.
  • Go-Shop offers all the other retail stores services which are not available at Go-Mart.
  • Go-Send is for On-Demand Courier Service
  • Go-Tix for booking tickets for movies and local events
  • Go-Pulsa for all your mobile recharges
  • Go-Play and Go-Studio offer OTT content on the mobile phone

Features of Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App Features

  • Social Login-Instead of filling up regular details and using email ids, users can log in directly via social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, or Instagram.
  • Schedule Bookings-With this feature, users can schedule their bookings according to their preferred time and date.
  • Category Listing- Under this section, the user will find the list of all on-demand services offered by the Gojek clone app. The list includes the complete categories and subcategories that help users to navigate the application quickly.
  • Multiple Languages- This feature supports multiple languages that help in covering wider demographic regions of users who can switch the language according to their local language.
  • Live-tracking- This feature helps users to track where exactly the services are delivered and within what time.
  • Order Confirmation- With this feature, the users will get the confirmation about their service request, whether it is accepted or denied. Moreover, they will get the complete details of their service providers and drivers as well.
  • Ratings and Review- Under this section, users can rate their services’ experience and give valuable feedback. Also, service providers can rate users in terms of their behaviour.
  • Payment Gateway- This feature supports various payment gateways by which users can make easy payments. It allows them to make payments via debit cards, credit cards, or Net banking.
  • Pricing Options- Admin is allowed to set the prices of the services according to the business requirement. They can surge the pricing scale based on demand.
  • Push Notifications- This feature sends important notifications to the users relating to their booking order, acceptance or cancellation of services, payment, service providers details, arrival time, etc.
  • Offers & Promo Codes-Under this section, the user will promo codes and exclusive offers to use later while making any bookings.
  • Service History-With this feature, the users can quickly check its entire service history, either on-going or completed, with full details. They can also remove records if required.
  • Live Chat- This feature allows both the user and the service provider to chat using the application so that they will not find any inconvenience during the services.

Cost to build Gojek Clone App

AGojek clone app is a winning approach to every business. If you have decided to go for a Gojek clone app development, you will generate a massive revenue amount.

But how much it costs is still a big question. Creating a Gojek clone app depends on various factors, including App platform, App Size, App Design, Add-on technologies, and, most importantly, the mobile app development company you plan to hire for your project. These factors will eventually decide the budget of your app project. If we evaluate an average value, then a Gojek Clone App development may range from USD 15,000-USD 80,000.

Gojeck Clone App - Call to Action

Over to you now

Clone app development has always remained a winning approach for businesses. Today, the market is full of clone apps; whether it is an Instagram clone app or an uber clone app, the development companies are relishing its benefits.

With the Gojek clone app, you open the doors of new opportunities for both your users and service providers. On one end, where your users won’t require to install multiple mobile apps., the other side, the service providers will be happy by earning more than ever. So, hurry up! Allow us to become your Gojek clone app development partner and sustain the market with an outstanding Gojek clone app.