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With the sudden paradigm shift due to the circumstances in 2020, many organizations have to shift their schooling and college degree programs to the online portal. But what best has been seen during the tough time was the tutors who were not able to give personal attention to the children in need and benefited from the on-demand tutor app. A few young entrepreneurs develop an idea to bring a revolutionary change in the tutoring industry by having a tutor app development.

What is Online On-demand Tutoring App?

The on-demand tutoring app is for children to meet the day-to-day tasks under the supervision of a tutor. The only thing they need is a device where the parents or kids themselves can install the application. Once installed, you need to get registered yourself. Here comes a question, are you registering as a tutor or a student. Well, there are different formalities you need to go through for the two.

But once you are done with the signup, you get into the trial version of the application. There are two types of tutoring apps, one with no subscription and another one is with a subscription – depending on the platform you’ve registered. But most of the times, such apps have the subscription on the monthly or yearly basis.

Once you’re subscribed, you can use the premium services such as direct interaction with the tutor, free calling, the tutor’s location, past experiences, and many others.

This was a brief outline of what are online on-demand tutor apps.

With on-demand tutor app development, there are many enterprises listed in the Fortune 100. Well, other aspects make such enterprises have a standstill in the market. There are many organizations hires

mobile app development company to complete the project. There will be uncountable small and medium-sized and big enterprises you know that have done the same. Now, it’s time to look at the features that all tutoring has in common. We are going to look for both the features that are available for Students and Teachers.

On-demand Tutor App Features

On-demand tutor apps are generally deployed to bridge the gap between teachers and students. For now, let’s look at the features that are available for students.

Features for Students


As discussed earlier, the registration process is standard. The students get the single-click signup option to which they need to tap. Once tapped, the students need to fill in the details attentively, leaving no asked field blank. Else you receive a pop-up saying that you may not complete the registration. Kindly reconsider the form.

Search Tutors

Based on the requirements submitted by you, you need to search for the tutor available. It is always recommended to choose a tutor near to your locality as it makes things much hassle-free for both ends.

Check Tutor’s Detail

Once signed up, you get the right to look into the tutor’s profile, as discussed earlier. It gives you a brief idea about how the tutor deals with the students based on the reviews provided by their guardian or parent.

Eligibility to Enroll in Class or Course

As said, you need to fill the form with utmost attention, as it allows you to enter the class or course you wish to join. If you don’t meet the requirements of the course or class requirements, your request to join the class or course gets denied.

Push Notification

It is often seen and complained by the parents and students that they’ve missed the class or the important notification. It is always advised to turn on your app’s notification to receive every update relevant to your profile.

Well, it was all about students. What on-demand tutoring app development has for teachers is worth more enticing — interested in reading what you tutors have in your pockets. Let’s go.

Features for Tutors

Creating Profile

At the starting of the article, we’ve discussed that tutors need to create their profile where the parents can look for whether the tutor they are looking for is you or not.

Accepts and Denials of Requests

There are times when the tutor’s schedule is tight. So, accepting more leads can create a bad influence over their profile. We give the teacher the power to choose whether can attain the student or not.

Alter Bookings and Class Timings

Often there are circumstances when the tutor may not be available at the given time. In that case, the app provides tutors the power to release a notification that notifies all the students of that particular batch that, for today, the class timing is changed. Kindly be available at the given time.

There are many features the tutor gets in the app – listing each of them is impossible as the demand of the organization differs.

How Much Does On-demand Tutor App Development Cost?

If you’re looking for the final quote for on-demand tutor app development, then that is impossible. Well, the quote price changes with the change in need of the client. There are a few mobile app development companies that quote the price in such a way. But possible changes are, you’re being trapped. The genuine organization will always call you up for the discussions once you fill the form. If you’re are looking for such a tutor app development company – well, you’ve landed on the right page.

In conclusion, we believe in delivering our premium services to our clients as a mobile app development company. With being biased with them, we try to show them the advantages and disadvantages of their project and of the needs they are looking for. Once they share their final concern, then only the process moves ahead. Thereby, some of the topics left behind, we continue to add them in the middle after the discussions. If you’re looking for an on-demand tutor app development, it will a moment of honor assisting you.

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