Cost and Key Features of On-Demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App Development 

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Several industries have started using mobile apps to enhance and improve their businesses. And witnessing them dominate their respective markets, the fuel industry has also initiated developing on-demand apps that cater to consumer needs anytime and anyplace.

There are many fuel delivery app development services helping this industry reach new heights. They not only put the functionality of the app first but also make it operational in time.

So, let’s move ahead and talk about the features of the fuel delivery app.

Essential App Features for Fuel Delivery App

All the features that your fuel mobile app development company incorporates in the app have to be well-curated for better performance and functionality.

Mainly, there are three panels requiring features for fuel delivery app:

  • Customer Panel
  • Driver Panel
  • Admin Panel

Customer Panel

On-time Delivery

Consumers can set up the time and date for the delivery as per their convenience.

Tracking of the order

Consumers can also track the fuel delivery in real-time and the exact location where the delivery has reached.

Flexible Payment Structure

Multiple options for payment such as Credit/ Debit card, Paypal and many more can take this app a long way.

Cost Estimation

This helps in figuring out the cost of the purchased fuel from the app. The Estimation is given after placing the order.


Reviews and ratings of the consumers help other users in opting for the fuel app.

History Management

It also provides you with all the fuel order and payment history through the app.

Driver Panel

Availability Status

This gives the driver freedom to change their availability status depending on their needs.


The dashboard offers a quick view to drivers about their deliveries, earnings, and book on a single screen.

In-app maps

While delivering the fuel to the order destination, it provides precise navigation to all drivers.

Receipt Generation

This helps drivers provide an authenticated receipt for the fuel payment. Consumers can also see the amount on their display too.

Customers Ratings

The customer ratings provide consumers with a way to communicate the performance of their delivery driver.

Admin Panel

Booking Management

The admin handles the booking panel and manages all the booking form here.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and reports help admin make data-driven advice that results in higher app performance and better functionality without any fuss.

Price Management

Admin also handles all the pricing of the fuel tankers that are in his possession.

Content Management

This allows admin to post content such texts, infographics, images, and videos on the platform to make it appear as interactive and engaging as possible.

Payment Management

This is one of the important features for fuel delivery apps. The admin handles all the payments received and sent to distributors. And pays the delivery vendors.

app development company

What is the cost of On-Demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App Development?

The fuel delivery app development cost revolves around three crucial factors that are:

1. Number of Platforms 

If you’re looking to create the On-Demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App for both android and iOS, it will be comparably costlier than single-platform development.

2. Mobile app size and complexity 

The length of the On-Demand Fuel and Gas Delivery App project, size, and complexity also contribute to the increasing development cost as more time means extensive use of resources and funds.

3. Region-based App Development  

It is a well-known fact that the hourly rates of the fuel delivery app development process also depend on the region the developer is based in.

Hence, The cost for creating an on-demand fuel delivery app for a single platform in India will start around $15,000.

And at the same time, the cost for developing a feature enriched on-demand fuel-delivery app will start around $20,000.

Looking to own an on-demand fuel-delivery app

The rising need for on-demand apps is increasing day by day. With the new features coming in constantly, it is crucial to develop customizable apps for the future.

So, if you’re looking to initiate gas delivery app development for your fuel and gas delivery app, you can get in touch with us; we are a fuel mobile app development company and will help you get the best of on-demand fuel delivery app.

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