Cost and Key Features of E-Learning App Development

eLearning app development

Well, the new digital era has taken a lot of opportunities for almost all industries. And the educational sector has also become a part of it. The traditional educational paradigm has changed into digital and e-learning education system. Classroom learnings have become more advanced; students and teachers become more tech-savvy.

Now, education is not limited to schools and institutions only. With the progression of technology; anyone can learn things from anyplace, anytime in the world, by their smart devices. All this happen due to the best functionalities and features of E-learning app development system. E-learning apps demand has improved with the launch of e-learning app development solutions.

Top E-Learning Apps in the Market

Several companies already dominate the market with the e-Learning App. Here are some of the best e-Learning apps contending in the market.

Amazon Kindleamazon kindle

It is one of the significant products of Amazon, which allows its users to buy, browse, download or read exclusive e-books.


Periodic Table periodic table

A periodic table is a unique app for chemistry solutions. It offers videos and podcasts, which make this app very engaging.


Coursera coursera

It is an American based online learning platform which offers all the top specialized courses and degrees affiliated with best universities and organizations.


Byju byju

Byju is one of the popular learning apps in India which offers online courses related to all professions.


Market Overview of E-learning Apps


  • According to the market experts, the e-learning app market will reach by $243 billion till 2022. Besides that, the market penetration rate is going to reach around 7.5%
  • 64% of the learner’s user their smartphone devices for accessing the training content.
  • The competence and efficiency level of mobile device learners is around 43% in contrast with non-mobile users.
  • Today, mobile apps are broadly used and installed. Thus 90% of the apps are downloaded by the smart device users.
  • Around 70% of people stated that their concepts are getting stronger through e-learning apps in comparison with the conventional learning system.

Why is E-Learning App So Popular?

Gone are the days when learners visit libraries for seeking any significant book. With the e-learning apps, the world of knowledge is at their fingertips; students are getting advantage to learn their desired things from anyplace and at any time, they only require a good internet connection in their smart devices.

With the passing time, these e-Learning apps are evolving, and now students are choosing these apps for education and learning. Here are some of the benefits of selecting these e-Learning apps.

  • Improved Learning Environment
  • Time Utilization
  • Tech-Savvy
  • Live Tutorials
  • Interactive Content
  • Video-Based Content
  • Offline
  • Social Media Platform
  • Push Notifications
  • Personalized Experience

Monetization Paradigms For E-Learning Apps

If we talk about the monetization models, then there are several opportunities available in the market which a company can select while creating their e-learning apps. Below are some of the popular models that can be used for e-learning app development

Subscription-Based Model

The subscription-based model consists of two types-

1. Free subscription- It contains fundamental features which offer limited online content.

2. Premium subscription- It is an advanced version which includes standard features. The users can access full videos and materials. Students are also free to ask anything from their mentor at any time.

In-app Adds Model

Running ads of third-party vendors to promote their services or products will help you to earn extra income from your app.


Integrating e-commerce facility in your app will help the users to buy study material from your app platform. These additional features will help you to earn more profits.

Key Features of an E-learning App


Features for Student or Learners in E-learning App

  • Registration and login process.
  • View and selection of the preferred study material
  • Smart Search of several courses with filters
  • Push Notifications about the new curriculum.
  • Access to Quiz test and mock test services
  • Users can post questions and answer
  • Direct chat with a tutor or mentor.
  • Users can easily track their progress by reports which is created in-app.

Features list for a tutor Panel

  • Easy registration and management of the account.
  • A tutor can quickly revise and change an existing or new course.
  • Push notifications
  • Rating and Reviews

Feature list for an Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Course management
  • Manage the premium and subscription packages.
  • Payment management
  • Manage the chats and discussion forum.
  • Content management system
  • Statistics and reports management

The team require to create an E-learning App


To create an active E-learning mobile app, a team of highly expert professionals is vital. Therefore, the mandatory team members would be:

Cost of E-Learning App Development

If we discuss the cost of e-learning app development, then there are a lot of significant factors which affects the development cost. It includes region, the platform on which an app runs, the size of an app, complexity of an app, app design and the idea of an app. These factors put a significant impact on the development cost of an app.

develop an elearning app

If you are planning to create an app with basic features, it may cost you less, but if you require an advanced app with standard features and functionalities, then it may cost you high. The development cost can also vary depending upon the number of platforms you require to run your app. Below are the various expenditure of development which varies according to their regions-

USA based app developer – $150-$250 per hour

Europe based app developers- $100-$150 per hour.

Indian based app developers- $50-$70 per hour.

If we concluded all the costs than the average price of development would be around $10,000- $20,000. And if you want to include additional features to make your app unique and fascinating, then it will cost you about $32,000.

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