Cost and Features to Develop a Meditation app like Headspace

Cost and Features to Develop a Meditation app like Headspace

There is a huge list of meditation apps like Headspace that have occupied a permanent place on our mobile devices.  Every one of us can relate reasonably to the conditions that surfaced out of nowhere in the year 2020, causing trouble, stress, and whatnot! 

People faced this emergency for the first time and couldn’t find ways to cope up with it until and unless Healthcare app development services turned up and showed a green signal.

However, there are various meditation apps that could help in achieving tranquility and peace within a few taps. Meditation apps like Headspace have been more like an escape door from stress and help in meditation that relaxes you from all the ongoing hustle.

Having peace of mind is the primary thing that keeps the mechanism of a human going on—but ever wondered how these apps came into existence and what it takes to make them a huge success?

Well, allow us to shed some light on the meditation app development and other aspects such as its cost, features, and so on. We will start with the factors first.

Factors Responsible For The Cost Of Meditation App Like Headspace 

Type of App

Meditation has a stereotype of placing a mat, sitting in a yoga posture, and closed eyes and chanting spiritual mantras. Well, meditation can have different sources to relax you and keep you moving. You need to choose a perfect meditation app development by keeping your audience in mind. 

Meditation app like Headspace or if I talked particularly about the headspace app then it could work to aid you in better sleep, breathing exercises, and other guided meditation such as for music, walking, and etc. Hence, every kind of app will serve its own unique purpose, it is important to choose your category based on your evaluation of the idea.

Integrating Features 

The list of features you will be integrating along with the idea that will define the exact costing required for your meditation app development. The features and functionality will represent the uniqueness of your app and further make you distinct from the competitors. 

We intend on providing the best and end up integrating a massive variety of functionalities in the meditation app like Headspace. We have to keep our intentions clear for the users and try not to confuse them.

We need to sort the cream layer features of the meditation app for users to have a relaxing exploration of the product. Initially, you need to manage the cost along with the marketing; to balance it, we need to begin with the basics.

Region of Development

To develop a meditation app like Headspace your team of developers will define your costing as the region they reside in and will custom the costing according to your budget.

There are places like India providing exceptional services on an hourly or full-time basis by the developers. If we compare meditation app development cost with the USA, UK, we can experience the development difference. 

It is vital to have complete research on the experts you are planning to hire. Therefore, the development team will be the ultimate makers, so you cannot compromise on the quality.

The cost can never be defined precisely until and unless you know what exactly you require to develop a meditation app like Headspace

There are various similar Headspace apps cost that differ from one another and majorly the costing starts at $5000 in the region like India. The more complexities and size will fluctuate the budget as well as the development cost.

In the next section, we shall talk about the features of a meditation app development.

Must Features To Have In A Meditation App Like Headspace

Sign up or Sign In 

Provide your basic details consisting of the contact information and email id you are willing to link with the app. You can log in through various other social media networks for easy access. Always ask for the minimum information for the registration purpose to save the time of the user. This is yet an important part of the meditation app development.


You should provide your users with the features or content where they can search for the right content they are looking for without wasting any time. It makes the usage of the app easier for the people and avoids them being strangled between unwanted things. 


 Your user must have access to the customized information that has been asked, for example, body type, daily routine, or any other daily activities, sleeping time, etc. This stored data will further help in accurately listing the active hours and things needed for conditioning in your meditation app like Headspace


You can also add courses with trial classes for the user for experience and later make a decision if they want to invest in you or not. You have to invite a huge mass to tell them what you are serving for free of cost. Later you can upgrade their profiles with exclusive features and charge for unlocking the next levels with more functionalities in your meditation apps.  

Tutorials For Understanding

Don’t forget to add tutorials for better understanding. It is like a guide where you tell your users to make the best use of the app, and they can have a clear understanding of it. These tutorials are in an animated version, so make sure you make the best use of your team and provide the content that explicitly portrays your intention to the users. 


Users can listen to stories or relaxing music while sleeping with this feature. This is to completely put your mind at rest and make you have a soundless sleep. This feature could be seen in every meditation app like Headspace


Sending notifications and reminding the users of their activity can be useful. You can also put in some promotional activities while delivering this notification to earn some extra income. These alerts will remind you to meditate, move, sleep, or take your medications if prescribed. 


Always try and localize your product for maximum user attraction. The native languages will influence many users to give the product a try, and they will have an easy user experience. 

Live Streaming

Live video features will provide more features to the users, and they will feel connected as they can access it anytime. This option adds extra value to your meditation app like Headspace and hence, will attract more users. Allow your app with broadcast-quality live, linear stream across platforms like Android and iOS devices with the help of cloud CDN, cloud storage, and Google Compute Engine for infrastructures.

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Wrapping up

You can get inspired by the meditation app like Headspace and create your own space in the app industry along with your experts. Your features will define your work and further make your product a success.

We hope this little tour of the costing and features was helpful, and you are clear enough on how to invest or where to invest in your meditation app development.

Selva Behlim

A technical writer by profession, rigorously working towards attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers for SVAP Infotech.