Complete Guide to Create a Diet and Nutrition App – You Should Know

Diet and Nutrition App

Today, people have progressively started thinking about their health and fitness. They are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, and it clearly explains the demand for diet and nutrition apps that monitors their day to day activity. And why not? Everybody doesn’t have the time to do physical activities or eat healthy food. For such people, these apps are a saviour.

They help the users to follow a proper diet and to keep a check on their calorie’s intake. After observing the growing demand, mobile app development companies have begun to create diet and nutrition Apps.

So, if you are a business person who is looking to develop a Health & Fitness App, then this blog will offer you comprehensive tips to build such apps.

Who uses Diet and Nutrition Apps?

According to market research, the significant users of diet and nutrition apps are the young age group. 26% of people between the age group of 18-29 years, use meal planning apps daily, whereas 17% of people between the age of 30-45 years use these apps.

Benefits of Diet and Nutrition Apps

Do you know why people prefer to download nutritional apps? No, then don’t worry- below we discussed the common goals of people for selecting these apps-

  • Tracking Physical Activity– 53% of the people choose these apps to keep an eye on their daily physical activities.
  • Tracking eating habits-48% of people track their eating habits through the apps.
  • To Lose weight-47% of the people focused on losing their weight with the apps.
  • To learn to exercise- 34% of people use the app for exercise activities.

Factors to be considered before creating a fitness and nutrition app

If you want to develop a diet planner app, then you need to find out the market of the app. Undeniably, the demand for diet and nutrition apps are rather prevalent, but the competition is too intense. With every passing year, the popularity of these health and fitness apps have increased rapidly. According to the market reports, the apps have a high engagement rate of 330%.

60% of people want to enhance their health and modify food habits. In such situations, companies have an excellent opportunity to help them making a worth-using diet and nutrition app

Diet and Nutrition Apps Ideas

There are a lot of diet and nutrition apps out there in the market. They all have distinct functionality and also cater to diverse age groups. We have picked some of the significant ideas to include while developing your diet and nutrition app.

  • Nutrition Apps – These apps help the users to eat appropriately by following their calorie consumption, monitoring their eating habits, offering them essential tips about the nutritional values of their food.
  • Weight loss diaries – This app assists the users in losing weight without affecting their health. The app keeps a record of their meals and water consumption. Track their calories intake and burned, select a favourable fitness program for them and examine its execution.
  • Calorie Intake Calculator – The calorie calculator apps are useful for the people who want to keep a daily track on the diet of their calorie’s intake.
  • Healthy food recipes – These applications help users by suggesting them easy, delicious, and nutritional food recipes.

Features of Diet and Nutrition Apps

Registration – Registration feature in an app requires essential information of users including age, weight, height, preferred diet, health goals and others.


Dashboard and food logging – On the dashboard, users will find nutritional tips, user’s progress rate and daily calorie consumption.


Alliance with fitness trackers – Fitness trackers helps to record essential information of a user, including their blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse automatically.

Alliance with fitness trackers

Push notifications help you to keep a hold on customer retention.

Push notifications

Diet plan goals – The feature assists the users to set standard goals against their weight, body type, and chosen food. The app recommends the proper diet according to that goals.

Diet plan goals- The feature

Barcode scanner – Feature assists your app users in their shopping by offering them vital data such as calories and ingredients of the items.

Barcode scanner

Help sections –  include all the solutions of Frequently asked questions asked by the users along with tutorial videos.

Help sections

User’s Feedback helps you to enhance and to create your app more convenient and easier-to-use.

User's Feedback

Ways to make money from your diet and nutrition app

There are some fundamental ways to make money with diet and nutrition apps.

  • In-app advertising
  • Paid features
  • Paid subscriptions

The companies are not bound to these approaches. But, selecting a monetization paradigm is one of the most critical choices you will make while creating your app, and the precise method will rely on the kind of app, its features and functionalities, target users, and other aspects.

Cost to create a diet and nutrition app for iOS and Android platforms

The development cost of the diet and nutrition app depends upon the key factors include the app idea, the features and functionalities you want to implement, the technologies you select, the app design, and the operating system on which your app will develop.

The average cost of diet planner app development varies from $25000 to $1,20,000.


Though, there are many nutrition and diet apps out in the market doing impressive. But there are still unfamiliar prospects to outshine in. In short, creating a diet and nutrition app with an appealing user-interface, attractive UI/UX and exclusive features is going to be a game-changer.

To attain all this, you would require the assistance and direction of a mobile app development company that can deliver the best app development solutions at a nominal cost.