Startups are No More an Option: Checklist The 10 Fastest-Growing Industries of the Future

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Every day past ten years is a day of innovation. With a high momentum, technology is advancing, covering numerous horizon around the globe, delivering convenience to humans. With the rise of the Internet, microelectronics and the organizational initiatives of Green Technology is leading the world to a paradigm shift.

Due to the sudden expansion of industries, there are countable fastest growing industries that had to pass from the toll of death, waiting for some white magic to happen. But others that somehow made themselves a standstill during the period of uncertainty have seen an enormous expansion, making them count on among one of the world’s leaders.

There are many developing industries around the globe. These industries had been seen thriving during hard times and leveraging maximum when finding the opportunity. So, keep many aspects in mind, here we’ve finalized the list of the top 10 fastest growing industries in 2021.

Despite talking about the general sense of Automotives, Wellness, Hospitality and others, why not talk about the industries that directly connected with the online world. So, let’s dwell on the ocean of knowledge.

Fastest Growing Industries in 2021: Know More

The list that has been prepared here covers the data dedicated to the online world. These industries have made an immense contribution in the field of online development. We’re coming up to show you the side that was unknown to you until today.

Digital Media

We all have heard of marketing practices by some of the other medium. Gone are the days when people admired traditional ways to access information — those times of illustrative pamphlets, newspaper ads, Creative Billboards Ads are gone. Now, there is so much online available — all you need to pay the subscription fee to get access and assess the information you find meaningful. We’re shifting from paper formats to e-formats, saving time to travelling or getting a delivery.

Digital Marketing has gone way beyond what has been expected. If we talk about the Digital Media Market, several big names in commentators predict it to reach the US $292,402m by the end of 2021. The sends also gives us brief insights that the United States will generate the most revenue in 2021. With access to the Internet, we see steady growth in demand of all times of digital media.

Specifically, if we point to the Asian countries, you can see that the increasing expansion demands knowledge, culture and entertainment, and Digital Media have solutions to satisfy these longings.

Digital Advertising

Various formats such as Classifieds, Video Advertising, Banner Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and Search Advertising can promote digital marketing. It includes If you don’t remember how digital advertising has shaped the world around us. Let’s have an example of a famous ad that caught the attention of the world. The ad sounds can make you remember the nostalgic good old days of your 80’s.

The Cherry Coke ad released in 1980 where a time traveller in his time travelling car sitting ideally out of the Drive-In restaurant. A girl arrives at him asking, “Wanna try a Cherry Coke?” The Boy accepts the drink and takes a sip, commenting, “Outrageous! I’m gonna take this idea to the 80’s”. And a sharp cold mild-breeze sound provokes, and the time traveller lands somewhere in the 80’s.

He lands near a beach where people seemed resting under and having a sun-bath. He calls the people. They all surround him, and he opens the luggage carrier of his time travelling car and introduces them to a Cherry Coke of Coca Cola. A song play, and mystically, he appears and says, ” Now it’s the year 2000.” And that’s where the ad ends.

From then to now, the Digital Marketing industry has changed the way we look at ads. In last year, Burger King’s Commercial mouldy Whopper campaign was an eye-catching ad. They give direct competition to McDonald ads of McD’s Burger that has been barely changed over 20 years. This ad campaign is the best way how to grab your customer’s attention.

Digital ads have changed the way we look towards products. If we talk about the recent stats, digital ads will have a revenue of the US $398,762m in 2021. According to the commentators, it’s said that the largest segment is Search Advertising – which is estimated to have a projected market volume of the US $171,641m in 2021. It’s been assumed that United States will generate the most revenue by projecting the US $157,640m in 2021.


The eCommerce market is the selling of goods via digital platforms. These digital platforms may include a Website and Mobile App. Well, you’re aware of the world’s largest company Amazon, an eCommerce platform for everything you need. It’s the industry that has gained its momentum and becoming the fastest growing industry in 2021.

In recent, the industry is expected to reach the US $2,723,991m in 2021. From 2021-2025, the annual growth rate of revenue is projected at a CAGR of 6.29%, proposing the market volume of the US $3,477,296m by 2025.

Under the eCommerce industry, among the other, the fastest-growing industries in Fashion. According to the estimations, the Fashion industry has projected a market volume of the US $759,466m in 2021. A bewildering fact to know is the average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to the US $714.11. Seeing this, the user penetration will be 50.8% in 2021. It’s expected to hit 63.1% by 2025.


eServices is the sale of online services and digital goods via the Internet. The definition includes event tickets that include sports events, music events and cinema tickets. To fitness apps and wearables, dating services and online food delivery from restaurant-to-consumer and platform-to-consumer delivery. If we talk about the revenue, it is projected to reach US$238,736m in 2021.

With a CAGR of 7.61% for 2021-2024, an annual growth rate resulting in the market volume of US$297,484m by 2024. Online Food Delivery is the market’s largest segment, with a projected market volume of US $151,526m in 2021. If compared globally, China will see the most revenue generation projecting the US $72,269m in 2021.


It’s a new term of structural change and digitisation within the financial services industry. In this, financial services are being analysed through a digital market outlook. In recent, the commentators stated that the market’s most giant segment Digital Payments is estimated to have a total transaction value of US $6,685,102m in 2021.

There are countable segments categorised under FinTech, including Digital Payments, Personal Finance, Alternative Lending, and Alternative Financing.


According to IBISWorld, revenue and subscriber rates in the Voice Over Internet Protocol industry are growing exponentially. The advent of 4G will open up new avenues for expansion. Voice over Internet Protocol is making communication simple for the general public. Through VoIP, direct video calls were made accessible.

HR and Recruitment Services

The industry has in-house and outsourcing recruitment services that allow millions of potential employees. It includes hiring permanent or temporary staff, employee leasing, and listing of employment vacancies — this industry relies on economic conditions in major markets and labour demand worldwide.


People love travelling to unknown places to gain some adventures and later share them with your friends. This industry supports various industries, including domestic and international air transportation, hotels and resorts, restaurants and food, etc.

Cargo Airlines

It’s the airline’s service that for taking Domestic and International parcels of customers. Express services and postal system air transport are part of this industry, but courier services are not.

Hotels and Resorts

This industry is among the fastest-growing industries in 2021 as it includes several segments underneath, i.e., accommodations in hotels and resorts with meal services, restaurants, and private facilities.

In conclusion, the list we’ve mentioned above are of the fastest growing industries in 2021. These industries have a foundational base that we’ve not discussed until now. These top growing industries are driving uncountable businesses, and the commentators say that they will be kept on advancing in the future.

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