How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Houseparty?

Technological evolution has raised the bar of social networks. If we look around, these social networking apps have held us; they made our communication too easier. Today, we can quickly interact with our families or friends sitting in another city or country.

Instead of voice calls, people are now more preferring video calls as they get a chance to see their loved ones behind the screen. Such exciting features made these apps worthwhile. Undeniably, the social networking industry is dominating the other sectors globally.

Currently, there are several social networking apps available in the market; out of them, one is the Houseparty App, a social networking solution that enables group video chatting with your friends.

Let’s take an Overview of it-

What is Houseparty Application?

Houseparty application is a video-messaging app like FaceTime or Skype, developed by a firm Tel Aviv, a San Francisco based company in 2016. The app offers video chat services by which users can connect and chat with their friends and family members. Users can also see that their friends are online and available for a group video chat. Not only this, but it also offers online games which make this app one step ahead from other video conferencing apps.

In the Houseparty app, users can create their own private or public group. The maximum group size is up to 8 peoples. The exciting features it offers make this app popular and accessible in the market and are successful in attracting the investors for investing in the video calling app like Houseparty. Currently, it relishes a user base of approx 20 million+.

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Let’s take a look with the other popular apps like Houseparty


Zoom is the most popular videotelephony and online chat services of the current time. It has a friendly user interface that allows a vast number of peoples to connect and communicate at the point of time. It also allows users to share their screen to make communication even more accessible. It becomes the preferable choice of entrepreneurs. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

Google hangouts

One of the popular video conferencing application which allows user to share their files with others, make audio and video calls, and many more. With it, users can easily make video or voice calls to others. It is available for platforms like Android and iOS.

Apple Facetime

A unique and powerful application built only for iOS users. In FaceTime, users can start a call with one iOS device and continue it on another device without any hindrance. It also allows users to record a call and to share it on other social media applications.

 Market Overview

  • According to sensor tower, in March 2020, the total number of downloads was estimated at – 17 million.
  • From June 2019 to February 2020, the average downloads were at 650k.
  • In March 2020, the revenue from in-app-purchase of house party application was around $155,000.
  • In February 2020, the Houseparty application was on top of the iOS app store in almost 17 countries.
  • It has become the most downloaded application available on the iOS store in the US.
  • The revenue of this app on the iOS platform was $90,000, and on the android platform, it was $20,000 in Feb 2020.

After witnessing the tremendous popularity of this app, many marketers are looking to create an app like Houseparty.

Here we come up with the solution about- How to develop an app like Houseparty?

Let’s discuss some point which should be considered at the time of development: –

Whom you are targeting

For developing an app, one of the significant steps is to define your target audience. It is essential to discover who going to be your target users. For that, you need to do in-depth market research about users’ preferences and their requirements. It will define future marketing strategies for your application. To make your analysis beneficial, you can conduct surveys in which multiple relevant questions should be asking from your direct users. According to the feedback of your users, you can easily make a practical prototype of your mobile application.


Once you analyze the target audience, the next step is to select the platform like Android, iOS, windows, and others. Again, you can use surveys to find the number of the user base for each platform. Through this, you can get an idea of picking up the right platform.

Know your Competitors

After selecting the right platform for the application, the next step is to know about your competitors. It is necessary to have an idea of your competitor’s strategies and product. You can ask various questions from the ordinary users to know more about your opponents like which application they use, what features they like, and many more.

Determine the must-have features of an App

Once you are done with all aspects, features are the other significant viewpoints that must be considered in the application-

Admin Panel

Every app has an admin panel. It includes the following features-

  • Dashboard- A dashboard gives you the information about the user and keeps you updated with current market trends.
  • User Management- As the name suggests, under this, you can add or remove any unauthenticated individual them at any point in time.
  • Authentication – The admin can authenticate the user’s account by various methods like OTP, email verification, etc.
  • Notifications – With the push notifications, you can inform your users about any app updates, change in policies or news about the app.
  • Review/feedback/support – It helps in improving the functionality of the app by considering the feedback given by the users.

User Panel

This panel is mainly for a user; including features like-

  • Login – The most crucial feature of every application that enables users to create an account by providing some necessary information like – name, email, phone, etc.
  • Contacts – It allows users to manage their contacts.
  • Chat option –With this feature, users can quickly chat with their friends and loved ones.
  • Audio/video conferencing – In this feature, the user can do video/audio conferencing with other users and share their files and images as well.
  • Group creation feature– It allows users to send messages to multiple contacts at once.
  • Blocking- If any user finds any spam account or getting annoyed by someone, then this functionality will enable them to block that account and then the spammer will not be able to send any messages until they got unblocked.

Hire a team of developers

To make an app like Houseparty, you need to hire a competent team of developers who have excellent technical skills and hands-on experience of developing social networking apps. Keep in mind, a right team of developers play a vital role in the success of your app. In a team you require-

  • Backend developers
  • Frontend developers
  • App designers
  • Testers
  • Quality Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysts.

Some other critical features to consider while developing an app

  • UI/UX design of an App.
  • App security
  • Monetization methods
  • Testing and deployment

How much does it cost to make an app like Houseparty?

The development cost of an app like Houseparty depends upon its size, design, features, functionalities, region and many other aspects. It varies from country-to-country. However, to make an app like Houseparty, it will cost around $30,000-$40,000 with the features mentioned above.


As the world is in lockdown the demand of these types of application is increasing with a rapid speed because it helps us to stay connected with other people, whether it is for work or a casual call. So, hurry up, what you have thought, start investing and create your own social networking app like Houseparty, to keep your users connecting and engaging.