How to Build a Website Platform like Airbnb?

Airbnb clone app

The tourism and travel industry never stop running. It is one of the most prominent sectors that continues to expand every single day. The dilemma of where to stay when spending less money is still a priority for travellers globally.

In such situations, Airbnb has gained a tremendous reputation and faith among people across the world. The Airbnb application has become the most comfortable platform for travellers to save money on vacations, meet accommodating people, and feel like a locale.

Do you agree that the popularity of Airbnb happened overnight? No, it hasn’t. Yet, many entrepreneurs have become an inspiration to build a Website like Airbnb with the same business plan. Would you like to repeat Airbnb’s success? To find out how to build a platform like Airbnb, keep reading this post.

Market Overview of Airbnb

Before planning for an Airbnb Clone App. Let first see what its market says:

  • Forth most downloadable app in the travel category.
  • On average, over 2 million guests stay on Airbnb every night.
  • It offers 7 million accommodations and serves in 191 countries.
  • The platform had 150 million active users.

For a vacation rental marketplace, we will also provide information about how to make money. So, let’s start.

Benefits behind the popularity of Airbnb

Wonder, what makes Airbnb so popular? The following benefits will give you an exact idea-

  • Enjoy the local experience.
  • Cheaper than 3 stars hotel.
  • Luxury Deluxe Accommodation.
  • Complete Privacy.
  • A secured platform for payment.
  • Kitchen for cooking.
  • 24*7 customer support service.

Going further, your Airbnb clone app would only be successful if you consider the building phase frame by frame in detail. Let us understand what it is.

Development Process of building a platform like Airbnb

airbnb development process

#1 Set an idea

You will drift around and get nowhere if you don’t have a plan. So, the first move to build a platform like Airbnb is to plan and note your high-level accommodating service business plan. As we know, in different niches, the multiple mobile app stores have dozens of rental and travel apps, and only a few of them seem to have an exemplary effect and conquer the scope of their booking business plan. Thus, create important objectives that encourage you to target the audience of your application.

#2 Choose a platform

It is a fallacy to get a large user-base for a cross-platform product. When building a website like Airbnb, the safest option is to select either Android or IOS platform. It is a reality. Once you evaluate your product’s market and audience response, you can also develop an application for many other app platforms based on the user experience.

Android has the largest market share, with about 80 percent user base, concerning statistics on the android store. It’s OK, therefore, to target high. The remaining 20% of the user-base uses IOS and others.

#3 Build UI/UX

Once you are done with the idea and platform, the next one you need to consider is your app’s UI/UX design. You can take the help of professional designers and developers as well. The steps are:

  • Sketch.
  • Mock-ups.
  • Prototypes.
  • Wireframes.

Without coding, you might have been questioning why to design the UI of the application, so the critical reason is that it helps you accomplish your graphics app and visuals target.

#4 Integration of Must-Have Features

These days, it’s more popular to start with some basic features to build a platform like Airbnb. Airbnb’s key application features:

Sign-in – The process of logging-in and signing-up must be simple and easy to do for everyone. Even a person from a non-technical background can do it correctly in no time.

Authorization – It is one of the most important steps for both guests and hosts. At the signing-up time, the traveller or host needs to provide necessary information like name, email ID, and later stage email ID, which needs to be verified by sending a verification mail. Also, you can add a direct sign-up option by various social media platforms like Google and Facebook.

User profile – During logging-in, the application must ask to create a profile under the guest or host category. The host needs to integrate all goods and bad of their place, and guest need to specify their requirements for his/her stay.

Accommodation listing – Through this feature, the host can manage their listing; with searching and sorting, hosts can update the information.

Accommodation details – While listing the space, a host must provide a complete detail about the property, followed by the images. It will let the guest understand the location better.

Maps – Adding maps and pinned locations helps travellers to locate the property quickly. Besides that, it will also help them to reach the destination before arriving in the visiting country.

Other features like chat, messaging, payment options, push notification, community support, and several others are also important.

#5 Tech Stack

  • Programming Language – Ruby, JS.
  • Frameworks – React, ruby on rails.
  • Web server – Nginx.
  • Cloud storage – Amazon S3, EB3
  • Cloud database – Amazon RDS, MySQL.
  • Big Data – Presto, Druid, Airpal.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The cost to build a platform like Airbnb depends on various factors like:

  • Team size and their location.
  • Platforms.
  • Tech stack.
  • Features.
  • Complexity
  • Designs.
  • App architecture.

But on a rough basis, it will cost you nearly US$60K to US$160K for the application with top-notch features and functionality.

Read to get a platform like Airbnb?

We hope you will get an exact idea of how to build a platform like Airbnb. Here is the complete Airbnb app model. The method, features, benefits, tech stack, and cost to develop it. Airbnb is one of the most inspiring business paradigms for all online travelling businesses to create your own travel application to make billions? Who doesn’t want to travel?

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