10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS 2020

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Video streaming apps have entirely changed the concept of entertainment. It has become a prime requirement in today’s digital world, as with tremendous fun, it comes with lucrative business revenues as well. At one end, where the users enjoy on-demand content, television programs, news, sports, and other things, the other side businesses also get a platform to boss their sales and connect with their audience.

Instead of watching television, people now prefer these video streaming apps. And why not? Today everyone has a smartphone by which they can quickly enjoy these live streaming platforms; they can easily find video streaming apps for Android and iOS devices on respective app stores.

In this blog post, we’ve made a list of the most popular video streaming apps that are ruling the entertainment industry single-handedly.

Best Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS 2020



Periscope is one of the most amazing live video streaming apps based out of the USA. The application comes with outstanding features; apart from the trending content, it provides an option in which users can find other broadcasters or stream their own surroundings. If a user is looking for popular streams, they can explore the “list” feature in which all the trending streamers are available. They need to follow them. Later, users can watch their streaming videos by searching with their name, location, or using relevant hashtags for sports, music, etc.

Features that make Periscope demanding-

  • It allows users to share their active location
  • Users can see and follow the people who are watching their videos or broadcasts
  • Hide chat option
  • Users can save the broadcast to watch later



Netflix is the most popular video streaming app that brings a tremendous revolution in the entertainment industry. It has become the 7th largest internet company in terms of streaming services and revenues. The platform is adored by millions of people worldwide, not only the users, but many start-ups are working on the Netflix clone app model. In terms of content, Netflix is the superior choice among users. With 15.8 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, the platform has almost tapped every country.

Features that make Netflix popular-

  • It supports every device and vision, including Smart TVs, Miracast, Chromecast, game consoles, 4K, HDR10, and Dolby.
  • On-demand content including animations, classics, animes, documentaries, movies
  • Complete Parental control
  • Comes with a one-month trial plan

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video is another classic video streaming app that millions of people love. The platform comes with Amazon Prime services, by which users can access top entertainment stuff easily. Apart from the latest movies, users can also stream popular live sports like NFL, Premier League, and ATP. One thing that makes this application unique is its support policies; it is the only platform that does not require Chromecast Support.

Features in Amazon Prime Video-

  • Variety of TV programs and movies
  • Prime members can subscribe to 100 premium channels.
  • Users can download movies over cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  • Offers IMDb ratings for any movie, song, or actor.



If you are a die-hard fan of the HBO channel, HBO Now is the best video streaming app for you. With this application, a user can access all the programs of HBO. With the current programs, the users can also enjoy the trailers of upcoming shows. The platform is highly popular for its HD quality movies and TV series. Not only this, but the users can also enjoy comedy shows and documentaries.

Features offered by HBO Now-

  • It comes with a vast library of movies and programs.
  • Supports every tablet, cell phone, connected TV, or gaming device.
  • No advertisements
  • New films and talk show each week

Streaming Now

streaming now

Another demanding live video streaming app for both Android and iOS. The reason that makes this platform more popular is its subscription model with the best prices. After a successful sign-up, users can select their preferred payment model, as a user can pay monthly, yearly, or pay session-wise. At this platform, you will find a fantastic feature, “commenting.” This feature provides excellent help to businesses to boost their sales and connect with their potential users.

Features in Streaming Now-

  • Push Notifications for upcoming live video streaming events.
  • Supports social login
  • Commenting system
  • pay-per-view



Showbox has become one of the emerging live video streaming apps for Android. The application comes with both free and premium versions. The best thing about Showbox is users do not require any account or social logins to access the platform. They can enjoy movies, TV programs, news, and sports without any advertisement hindrance.

Features offered by Showbox-

  • HD quality movies and videos
  • Users receive regular updates for movies or TV shows.
  • Supports every device
  • Users can stream their favourite music anytime.



Alively is a rising live video streaming app in the market; it is the best platform for all those who do not like to post or broadcast their stuff to a vast social media community. It let its users share their beautiful moment privately. The application is famous for its real-time broadcasts. Currently, iOS users can relish this platform by sharing their live broadcasts to their preferred contacts.

Features offered by Alively-

  • Users can make amazing live broadcasting videos.
  • Offers impressive filters and effects
  • high-quality streams
  • clear images.



Hulu is a popular live video streaming app powered by Disney. However, the users must pay a subscription fee for enjoying the shows, but they can access more than 100 movies and programs for free. A user who is a die-hard fan of old movies and songs can go for HULU.


  • The vast content library
  • Offers 60+ live sports, news, and entertainment channels.
  • HD Videos
  • No ads in the high subscription model



If you are a hardcore fan of video games streaming, Twitch is the best live streaming platform. The platform is also known for broadcasting popular sports competitions, trending music, real-life streams, creative content, and others with the least advertisements. The application comes with two modes Theatre mode or full-screen mode that allows users to minimize the interruption occurring during any game or show.

Features provided by Twitch-

  • Talk shows related to gaming.
  • Comes with full Parental control
  • Users can win money by playing video games.
  • Channel analytics

IMDb Freedrive


It is one of the leading live video streaming platforms that allow users to enjoy a plethora of thought-provoking documentaries, TV series, latest and old movies. The platform supports an ad-free system. Apart from online shows, users can also check ratings, reviews, and feedback about running and the upcoming film. It is considered as one of the most reliable platforms for movie ratings all across the world.


  • Watch full movies with no-ads.
  • Offers personal recommendations for upcoming videos
  • High-quality videos
  • Supports multiple devices

Wrapping up

Here are the few best live video streaming apps for Android and iPhone. To learn more about the video streaming apps, visit SVAP INFOTECH’s website. Being a reliable video streaming app development company, we are here to help you!

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