10 Best Python Frameworks for Web Development 2021

10 Best Python Frameworks for web development

The biggest industries of the digital culture need enterprise solutions that Python mostly powers. It is has been gaining popularity with the advent of new technology such as Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more.

The most efficient feature of Python is to handle millions of users at the same time. That is why most social media companies also rely on Python and its functionality.

The scalability of apps can also be extended using Python to provide enterprise solutions that are flexible and complex at the same time.

But, here in this article, we’ll not talk about the features of Python. We’ll actually get to know the best python frameworks that help utilize Python’s full potential.

Top 10 Best Python Web Development Frameworks

The best Python web development frameworks are chosen based on their performance and effectiveness in web development. Their speed and accuracy also enable them to perform their tasks efficiently.

The following Python web development frameworks are chosen based on their popularity and functionality in the web development services.

So, lets get straight to it.


There is no doubt that it is the most widely known Python framework when it comes to web development. Its full-stack functionalities include URL routing, template engine, authentication, database schema migrations, an object-relational mapper. Python’s versatile properties help web developers save time.


The numerous extension for web development makes it one of leading Python frameworks. The transition of an API to a server is quick and flexible. The features include a built-in debugger, an in-built development server, HTTP request handling, RESTful request dispatching, and unit testing support. Web developers mostly use it for faster deployment.


The Pyramid framework is an all-rounder for web development, showing capabilities to develop various simple and complex applications. Decorating functions, single-file applications, flexible authorization, and renderers are some of its prominent features that drive advanced web development.


CherryPy provides stability while building web applications with low code to save time. The web apps that are functional and running on CherryPy don’t need support from other web applications or servers as they already boast multi-threaded server technologies. The built-in plugins and a configuration system make wen development look easy.


It has similar properties, such as full-stack functionalities to Django. Web developers can use a substantial amount of available middleware and libraries to get the best of all combined frameworks. The multi-database support, PasteScript templates, Pylon as a web server, MVC architecture are features that help developers execute operations smoothly in web development.


If you want a framework that can support all application execution only in one source file, the Bottle is that minimalist web framework you need. You can get the best of template engines, plugin support for multiple databases, in-built HTTP server by getting adapter support from this Python framework.


Sanic is a nonparallel framework utilized by Python 3.6+ web server.

It can handle all the asynchronous 33,342 requests effectively in one second. Several types of logging, handlers, class-based views, blueprint support, plugin support are numerous features for efficient web development.


It is a microframework that assists data scientists rather than stressing web development. It comes equipped with many features, and some are; Error handling, LDAP integration, URL routing, a high degree of customization, and a simple and intuitive user interface for web and app development.


With the help of Web2Py, you can create scalable web applications faster and effectively. It is one of the most used Python frameworks. Its full-stack capabilities offer web-based IDE with a debugger and a code editor. Backward compatibility, MVC architecture, role-based access controls, in-built data security, and support for internationalization are a few of the advanced functionalities it offers.


It is a popular asynchronous framework that helps develop web applications much faster and efficiently. It can manage 10,000 connections at a moment while utilizing a non-blocking network I/O. It offers integration and authorization from third parties, with high-quality output, user authentication support, real-time services, and web templates.

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