16 Best Puzzle Games for Android! You Must Know

best puzzle games

Imagine a world of infinite illusions and never-ending adventures, where you can enjoy day and night. Yes, there is an approach to do so, if you want to know, read the full blog.

The human mind is like a machine that continuously works day and night right up there in the head. One of the significant ways to make the best use of it is we have to nourish it by giving it different exercises and tasks. And nothing can do it better than games, most specifically the puzzle games. In this technological era, where everyone is using smartphones, playing puzzle games can help us to enrich our brain skills.

So, hello everyone, in this post we are going to talk about Best puzzle games for android you must play on your phone. However, there are hundreds of puzzle games out there on play store but why not go with the best.


candy crush saga

With over 1B+ download on google play store, this game became the most favourite and best puzzle game amid users. With just a basic idea to this great platform, this game became an all-time addictive game ever has ranked #1 in the puzzle and game genre. Users have to match three same colour candies together within specific moves to pass on the level. 


roll the ball

The simple but mind-boggling game that forces your brain to do the different tricks to clear the puzzle stage. You have to slide different tiles upside down and sideways to make a path for a steel ball to reach out to hole.


cut the rope

It is a physics-based puzzle video game where you have to untie the OM NOM from ropes so that it can eat the candy. This game has made a remarkable success among users worldwide, and this gave its developer a reason to launch its 2nd version too.


block hexa puzzle

In this mind-twisting game, users have to shift different colours into hexagonal shaped boxes and collect block pieces to level up. It is one of the best puzzle games for android that help users in enhancing their brain skills.


jigsaw magic

This challenging puzzle game has marked its journey to 10M+ download. In this game, users have to arrange a split and disorganised picture to make a perfect one. They can select photos viz. animals, cities, celebrities etc. and start playing various levels.

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unblock me free

Another best puzzle game for android that is very famous among users. In this game, there are two types of tiles in which users need to move the tiles in sideways and upside down to free that red tile to clear the level.


monument valley

In this fun-loving game, users’ needs to help princess Ida to get out of the optical illusions mazes and save her from the surrounding world to reach to the next level.

WORD SEARCH by Teewee Games

word search

A brain tickle game that also improves your knowledge and skills. It is known as one of the best puzzle games for android in which users have to search a meaningful word out of unorganised words set.


brain it on

It is an exciting physics-based puzzle game that gives your brain a reason to think smartly. With over 200 levels, this game surely deserves a try.


mazes & more

A fun tweak game that has hundreds of different stages based on classic maze patterns and many puzzles. It would help you to develop your cognitive skills.


100 doors

In this game, the user has to find hidden objects and critical elements to open the door room and make it out to the next level. It is a tricky but fun game to get your brain work smartly.


brain test

An IQ improving game that helps users to push their mind to the utmost level. Different riddles and puzzles hit your mind in such an addictive style.


diggy's adventure

An ancient time-based puzzle game in which the user has to rescue the game character through the mazes of mines. Users can improve their problem-solving skill while playing this fun game.



Another best puzzle game for android in which users’ needs to help a small robot to clear the stage through critical thinking and smart moves. User needs to give the robot a direction to make it to the next level.



A 3d structure-based game which tricks your brain by its minimal and illusion-based frames. User has to clear the stages very smartly and fast. You should try this fun trick game to develop your critical thinking capability.


save the girl

As the name sounds; the user has to save a girl from different hurdles and trap situations without getting killed. This game helps the user to improve their logical thinking.

Over to you now

So, here it is a list of 16 best puzzle games for android. These games are freely available on google play store, so you can check and play to improve your critical and logical thinking capabilities. These are fun and relaxing games you should try once. After all, we all are the workers of our own mind, so why not practice and improve our thinking power and get the best out of it.

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