10 Best Nutrition and Diet Planner Apps 2020

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Food is the ultimate love of everyone, no matter it is for junk meals or the regular one. But with the tasty food, another issue which bothers every individual is to stay fit and maintain a healthy diet. Well, there is no fixed time to lose weight; you can start it anytime by following a healthy diet. Thanks to technology, today, there are several diet planner apps available in the market that helps people with weight loss by assisting them with the best diet solutions.

In this roundup, we’ll go over the top diet planner apps and nutrition apps so you can get the best solutions that will offer you a healthy diet and keep you fit and beautiful.

FatSecret Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

It is one of the significant diet tracker apps that helps the users to track their nutrition, weight and exercise. It offers a dietary diary by which users can maintain the diet record of their meals.

It comes with the exclusive features including, weight tracker, calorie calculator, barcode scanner and a diet calendar. The app offers both free and prepaid subscriptions. The paid version of an app includes more advanced features which cost around $38.99 per year.


Fooducate is a slightly different diet and weight loss application that allows the users to count their calories, track weight loss and check their exercise course. It offers a unique feature which makes it popular among the other app is the users can not only count their calories, but they can also evaluate the total value they consumed. The app offers several payment plans including free, $4.99 per month, $29.99 per year and $74.99 for once.

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

Just like its name, it is another free app that offers healthy meal options to every user. It includes all the diet options like vegetarian, high-protein, and others. To use this app, people need to put some information about themselves like their name, age, weight, target weight, and height.

The app will then help them to complete their set health goals. It offers shopping lists according to the diet plan, nutritional facts. It also provides a weight graph so that a user can quickly see their progress.

Lose It

It is another unique application that offers exclusive healthy solutions to its users. The app provides outstanding features including a food database, dietary plans based on user’s requirements, and the barcode scanner.

It is one of the decent and easy-to-use all-in-one fitness and health app available in both free and premium versions. The paid version of this app will cost around $39.99 per year. Users find it in the list where diet apps and nutrition apps are worth a shot.


ShopWell is an app that includes shopping with the nutrition, available for both iOS and Android platforms. Users will find distinctive features that help them in achieving their nutritional goals.

It assists individuals in picking healthy food by rating the food and grocery items. The app asks a personalized profile which includes user’s nutritional objectives are mentioned. It is one of the most useful apps that keep a check on dietary goals and restrictions together.

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Sparkpeople Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Sparkpeople Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is a complete fitness app that keeps a record on calories and supports the users in workouts. It involves specific tools with a rich library of food items. It offers exercise demos which users can access it by using a barcode scanner. The app also provides bonuses and virtual gifts which you can forward it to others. It is integrated with various fitness trackers and devices.


If you are looking for a personal diet plan to lose your weight and build muscles, then Yazio is one of the best apps, you can consider the nutritional elements of your meal. It allows the users to create their meal plans according to their body requirements. You can track your calories and daily walking steps. It also enables you to sync up with other fitness apps. The advance version of this app also offers healthy recipes along with body fat training.


One of the best nutrition apps that offers useful solutions for a healthy and happy life. It comes with a food database that rejects the outdated food and provides tested and reliable results. The app includes a diet diary that keeps a detailed record of your diet plan. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and for iPhone version, it offers more advanced feature including augmented reality grocery check.


Following a diet is one of the most challenging tasks, but with this app, you can quickly lose weight. Yes, the app provides a pre-planned meal that helps you to accomplish your goals with good taste. It comes with both free and premium versions; the paid one will cost around $3.75 per month. With it, the users can easily access highly specialized diets and other advance features of the app.

My Diet Coach

It is one of the popular diet and nutrition apps that focuses more on what you wish to eat rather than replacing what you eat. It includes several features that are way helpful for users like goal setting, progress tracking, reminders, motivational quotes and tips, and more. The app even notifies the user for water intake, eating healthy snacks and other activities. It is one of the best apps for women’s that are too strict with their health and diet.

Over to you know

Sticking with a single diet and achieving the desired health goals is a difficult task, but technology has made it way easy. Now there are various options available in the diet planning apps category that helps you to stay fit and healthy.

So, choose the one that best fits your personality, and particular health goals are your most reliable bet for success. To know more about it, visit our website and read our complete Guide to Create a Diet and Nutrition App. We offer the best diet planner app development solutions that meet your user’s requirement and helps you to enhance your business.