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Presently, every department of a company works with some technological advancements. And this is entirely feasible as it helps to increase the productivity of a business. Today, apart from the educational sector, the business world also attracts the modern web and mobile eLearning technologies.

Companies show their interest to learn even different concepts which help them in their businesses. Mobile eLearning apps are a significant way to have a quick micro-learning through unique short contents while on the go. Currently, there are a plethora of mobile e-learning apps in the market. However, it becomes slightly hard for companies or their employees to find out the best e-learning applications for businesses.

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Let’s discuss the ideal example of best eLearning apps out of a surplus of mobile eLearning applications for businesses.

1. Udemy


Udemy is one of the vital eLearning apps for companies and employees. Users can quickly learn new skills and knowledge from diverse locations. The app offers trending courses which are accredited by the industry experts and professionals. Users can relish these courses with an amount of less than USD20.

If a user wants more advanced courses, then they have to pay more. The app has a unique keyword search tool through which users can quickly find and browse their desired content from the gallery of their courses incorporating every field of business.

2. Moodle Mobile

Moodle Mobile

If you are well-familiar with the internet, then you must know about the Drupal. Yes, it is developed explicitly for the Moodle platform by a few companies. The companies use it as their CMS (content management system) for the development of the education portal. If we talk about the Moodle mobile app, then it is considered as one of the best apps which offer an excellent learning experience to its users.

The app has a significant learning management software through which companies can prepare highly advanced training courses for their employees. The app is accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms. Users can even browse their content offline.

3. iTunes U

iTunes U

iTunes U is a unique mobile eLearning app which is designed only of the smart iOS devices. It offers a vast library of the instructional content presented via free or paid accounts. The app not only provides skill development courses but also help the businesses to create their customized courses. The companies distribute these personalized courses among their employees by free or limited access.

4. WordPress


WordPress is the most trustable open-source PHP-based web development platform. If we talk about CMS specifically, then it is the first and only choice of the users. Though it does not offer learning courses to companies, still, it allows them to build and maintain their customized instructional content for their employees.

As a reliable platform, it hosts every essential thing that a Content management system requires for eLearning. The users can use the app in many ways, including content writing, editing, commenting, posting, adding images and reporting. The app has an elite multiple user features through which companies can access the real-time activities of their employees.

5. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

One of the best contributions made by Apple in eLearning niche is the introduction of Apple’s Keynote. It is a robust app which offers highly impressive presentations. Keynote is majorly focussing on creating presentations. One of the key benefits of this app is that users can save their work on cloud storage, including Dropbox and iCloud. They can easily export their work in multiple formats and can share them with their colleagues and clients at any time. With Apple keynote, you and your clients can relish world-class presentations at your fingertips.

6. Educreations


It is an interactive whiteboard platform which enables eLearning via whiteboard lectures in real-time. It is an exciting app in which users can get many lessons by audios and videos. It allows its users to make animations, record their audio or video lessons, add pictures as well as share their content on the popular social networking platforms.

Companies can record distinguished lectures through the app and can share it with their employees via emails. It is an app which offers you easy to complex learning material on common to technical matters efficiently. You will get deep insights for your projects.

7. Skill Pill


The app has come up with a unique concept, as its name suggests, the app offers interactive short sized training videos which termed as “pills” for its users. It is functional on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. The app covers all the crucial topics involving customer service, sales and marketing, management and others. It also creates custom courses for businesses. It is free for limited content; users need to pay some amount if they wish to visit the complete course library.

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