7 Best AI-based Face Recognition Apps for 2021

ai based face recognition apps

The face recognition system has evolved tremendously in the past few years. And with the introduction and incorporation of AI systems, face recognition apps have surpassed all previously linked dogmas around it.

Even if it is utilized by airports, bus and train stations, venues, malls, and even on streets, there are not many apparent benefits of using this technology to limit and solve crimes. Also, there is anxiety about the safety, security, and laws concerned with applying the technology.

Though the face-recognition system has seen much criticism and conspiracy in the past, it is an overwhelmingly advantageous, productive, and multipurpose feature.

This technology is a powerful instrument for law agencies to track down criminals and for governments to surveil their citizens.

Social media giants like Snapchat, Instagram, Prisma, MSQRD have encouraged it to advance this field other than the security angle.

What is Face recognition?

Face recognition is a technology to find, match, and verify a person’s identity using their faces. It does so by comparing, capturing, and analyzing facial details and expression patterns against all the available identities in a directory.

Conventional face recognition technology works by recognizing specific essential features on a human face. And combining them forms a visual model which uniquely correlates to the individual with the same features.

These features include the details around the eyes, lips, and nose. And to successfully recognize half-covered faces, specialists utilized multiple vital qualities in the uncovered areas, specifically the eyes and nose.

Nowadays, it has become competent enough to match a human face with a digital image.

Top Face Recognition Applications Available in 2021

Today, many facial recognition apps are free on Google Play and Apple Store. They employ AI-based facial recognition software, and Deep Learning technologies, and Augmented Reality (AR). Seldom, they provide us added security. Additionally, these apps are a pure source of enjoyment.

We have chosen some of the best face recognition app available. So, let us dig in further and learn more about these apps.

BioID – Face Recognition App

Bio ID

A cloud biometrics company, owning sole anonymous multi-modal biometric authentication. The company makes a sturdy and privacy-assured face and voice recognition, available for all devices, to everyone, anywhere and anytime. This software-based app only requires details around eye areas.

While The face recognition app uses biometrics to validate identities, it authorizes people to log into several supported websites and face detection apps.



It is an AI-based face recognition app and a hi-tech company founded in 2005 with many various services and apps distributed under its name. It incorporates a Face SDK model for surveillance and biometric identification and additional schemes adopted by large organizations and brands worldwide.

It can generate 3D models or avatars instantly with facial feature detection. It also lets you make augmented reality face filters using MirrorReality SDK. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows.

Face App

Face App

A face detection app launched in 2017 for iOS phones only, when it found popularity, later on, it was developed for Android. It is mainly a photo-editor powered with AI.

It is one of the best face recognition apps, allowing added face filters for editing pictures on your smartphone. Its unique features will enable you to switch gender in an image, add a smile, or get younger and vice versa.

True Key

True Key

Intel Security developed it to grant you instant access to your favorite sites. It synchronizes with your smartphone, tablet, and desktop to give more grip over digital identity. And a comfortable, secure method to open your digital world.

This face recognition app protects your identification by blending them with one of the most robust encryption algorithms, AES-256. It also offers Multi-factor authentication, which will always verify you twice before letting you in.


Face 2 Gene

A healthcare-based facial recognition app to help bioinformatics and clinicians adequately identify specific disorders in patients. It helps identify phenotypes and exhibit related facial and non-facial highlights.

It uses an exclusive algorithm for examining individual faces to those with syndromes that exhibit a similar morphology. It is considered one of the best additions in healthcare by an app development company.

It also has a genetic community that provides up-to-date content for the forum. This large community keeps posting new studies related to the subject matter for more awareness about its features and applications.

Moments by Facebook

moments by facebook

Moments is a fantastic face detection app to build and share photo albums. It automatically adjusts the pictures and videos on mobile by location, time, and people in photos. The face detection feature can accurately guess everyone in the image. It is swift and easy to use.

It also helps you store pictures and videos in one private volume, pick all of those taken on a particular trip or event and search to find photos of yourself, family, friends, places, and more.

Moments only works with Facebook. The app got developed as a replacement for Facebook’s in-sync photos. Even today, it operates significantly with the Facebook app installed and a wholesome friends list



It has earned itself a place among the best face recognition apps available. Its facial recognition software guarantees that only users can access their personal information, financial accounts, and social media apps. And for that, it saves all the data in a vault. If someone else tries to access the app, it takes a picture of the intruder.

Applock blends facial recognition with voice recognition to secure private content completely. It blocks notifications, calls and messages, and internet connectivity for all the data or apps stored inside.

This app also comes with a memory cleaner to help you optimize the space in the device. And it comes with dozens of themes for customization.


There are several face recognition apps available in the market, and the number is increasing with the expansion of this technology. Though its dominance won’t be seen soon, but be assured one day, it might just save your life.

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