10 Best AI and ML Based Apps for Android 2021

AI & ML Based Apps 2021

No wonder that artificial intelligence and machine learning are making the world more advanced. Progressively, innovation is being used in different business functions and revolutionizing all facets of work life. AI and ML allow computers to learn from a vast volume of data for mundane and sophisticated tasks to be performed.

The world is being brought to the next level of advancements by artificial intelligence. In several sectors, we can easily see a wide variety of AI and ML-based applications. To reach more clients or optimize their processes, businesses in different industries have implemented AI & ML.

Today, the market is filled with ample applications that reflect AI and ML in their working closely. Many entrepreneurs wonder- how their business could be helped by artificial intelligence and machine learning? Don’t worry; this blog shares the top 10 best AI & ML applications for 2021, through which you will get an idea of how these technologies work.

So without taking much of your time, let’s get straight to the point.

Top 10 AI & ML Apps for Android in 2021

Camera 51 

This application is the best AI-based Android app. It’s the first True smart camera in the world that has automated face detection and analysis features. It has scene detection features, objects, and lines and will direct you with every click to really get an excellent picture. This application helps you take a photo like an expert. It utilizes photography concepts used by photogs and artists, and this also incorporates the extensive body of knowledge in a pleasant and intuitive design. It also has adaptive framing features as it recognizes and automatically selects the key objects and picture lines to evaluate real-time framing instructions.

Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is one of the predominantly AI-based Android apps, compatible with mobile and smart home devices, as just an AI-driven virtual assistant built by Google. It functions depending on the system’s language to endorse a language, including English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc. Via natural speech, as well as with keyboard input, users can communicate with the Google Assistant. This AI assistant would do all the possible tasks that users don’t want, such as playing music, search for a favorite restaurant, calling peers, and sometimes even supporting them, finding useful Google data, and telling jokes.


Socratic has been one of the most famous AI & ML-based for Android and iOS apps that can support students with their assignments by offering learning tools such as videos, definitions, Q&A, and more. Users only have to take a screenshot of their assignments to get the support of this app, and it will provide them with the related concepts that can be used to address the problems efficiently. Socratic promotes multiple subjects, including math, science, chemistry, history, economics, English, and plenty more.


Hound is voice assistant software focused on AI and ML. It supports different services such as details on weather forecasts, seeks a nearby spot, checks details of trains and flights, checks details of Uber, etc. Through their voice, the user can find just about any sort of data, and the Hound will discover the result using deep learning techniques. It will send you an accurate outcome as feasible. For instance, Hound has several big clients. Mercedes Benz, Honda, Motorola, Hyundai, respectively.


Google Allo is Google’s finest and most well-known AI & ML software. It is an AI-based app that provides voice functionality with the best messaging. Users can use this software as a voice-to-text smartphone application, including this application, it has other features, including a range of emojis and fantastic smart response features.


Replika is a well known as the best AI friend, is just like a person while discussing its users. It was initially intended for Apple phones, but it is also now compatible with Android phones. The application can learn users’ desires and the discussion that can begin as standard and provide more informative and tailored responses.


Youper, an AI-powered cognitive well-being assistance application, is supported on Android. As they’ll have brief discussions with it, this application can help users take care of their mental well-being. Youper can direct users with personalized meditation. Also, with the aid of Youper, users can understand themselves better and monitor their moods. Youper uses AI to personalize several techniques.


FaceApp is an iOS and Android video and photo editing service that helps turn an original image into an awesome one. Users can adjust the entire appearance like a smile, haircut, and provide a different look with the help of FaceApp. To build stunning, accurate transformations of human faces in images, the app utilizes neural networks artificial intelligence-based.


A prominent AI-enabled application for learning to communicate English is ELSA Speak. It serves mostly as an Assistant digital lecturer, and without too much of a drive using this tool, users can know how to speak English more proficiently. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, ELSA Speak uses proprietary speech technologies to recognize people’s pronunciation mistakes.


Wysa is a communicative agent operated by AI & ML, which supports treating mental disorders. An AI & ML-driven and extremely friendly chatbot, Wysa enables consumers to start a conversation with unknown individuals. It talks to them in printed language to explain the issues and make up a proper exercise pack. Wysa also helps individuals manage several essential health conditions, including depression, anxiety, sleep, and much more.


We’ve listed all of 2021’s best AI and ML-based apps. If you believe that we have skipped any significant AI and ML app, you can send the response in the comment section below. I hope you find this blog interesting. Please feel free to share and comment on your experience with the apps mentioned.

Till then, happy reading and we’ll see you in the next one.

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