Top 10 Brilliant Apps to track COVID-19

Top 10 Apps to track COVID

This pandemic has shaken up how things stand and laid bare a lot of our country’s deep-seated problems- from massive economic inequality to a lack of basic healthcare. It is an announced war demanding the survival of the fittest. People have become clueless and looking for directions to follow. This is a crucial time for the poor and the rich, least powerful, and the most powerful.

But there are ways and hopes which will ease our lives and make us survive through this time. To make people aware of this ongoing Pandemic and leading them to live a healthy life there are apps to track COVID19. These applications provide users with basic information to fight the virus and continue living a healthy life.

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Here is a list of brilliant apps to track COVID 19

1. Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu

The product developed by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT with the exclusive features where users can be aware if they have crossed paths with a COVID19 patient. Tracing is done through Bluetooth and a location-generated graph that plans proximity with anyone infected.

The app has a self-testing function where the user has to answer a few questions. If the responses match the symptoms of coronavirus then the information is referred to as the government servers. Aarogya Setu is available in 11 languages for Android and iOS platforms.

2. COVID Watch

Established with Stanford University the app makes people aware of the ongoing pandemic and how to protect themselves. Bluetooth is the key feature to detect users and send alerts. A unique feature of the app is that any third party, together with the government, won’t be able to trail who was exposed by whom.

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3. Trace Together

Trace Together

TraceTogether, an app popular amongst the residents of Singapore for tracking infected people. It works and sends signals only when two people are close to each other the Bluetooth will exchange a temporary ID.

The temporary ID is created by encrypting the User ID with a private key held by the Ministry of Health. It does not reveal any person’s identity. The app has become an example for many other contact tracing apps in other parts of the world.

4. Let’s Beat Covid-19

Let's Beat Covid 19 is intended to extract information from people about their health and exposure to COVID19 to be more alert. The app is developed by MedShr, an app used by millions of doctors in diagnostics. The public is asked to fill a short survey about themselves, also asked to provide the key in information about their family members.

5. NHS Smartphone app

NHS Smartphone App

The contact tracing app, currently being established by the National Health Service, is the publicly funded national healthcare system of England. The British health secretary has advised the people to download the app once it’s available.

The app keeps a tab on people’s activities and notifies when in close contact with an infected person. It would categorize details based on demography, household structures, and mobility patterns. These details will help in relaxing the lockdown.

6. Kwarantana Dommowa

Kwarantana Dommowa

Poland is amongst the first Western countries to launch a smartphone app that collects piles of personal information, people’s location, and digital photos, in its fight against COVID19. In this app, people have to upload a selfie when asked by an official to identify their location. It is compulsory for anyone who has developed coronavirus symptoms.

7. PeduliLindungi


The app developed with Indonesian communications permits users to collect data related to the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. It is a great help for the government as it is an app to track COVID19 patients and also the suspected infected people. When a user is in the locality of another user whose data has been uploaded to PeduliLindungi, it will send alert to the people involved.

8. COVID Symptom Tracker

COVID Symptom Tracker

This app to track COVID19 has been designed by doctors and scholars at the King’s College London and St. Thomas hospitals, incorporation with a healthcare company, Zoe Global.

The app tracks the reason for the spread of the virus and conducts advanced research based on the symptoms. The scientists examine more prone areas in the UK and the most vulnerable group, considering the health conditions through the app. The data is not permitted to use for commercial purposes.

9. The Corona DataSpende

This German app screens the spread of coronavirus with the help of pulse rate, body temperature, sleep patterns by collecting crucial signs from people with a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. It keeps a regular check based on Covid-19 symptoms. The results are later represented on an online collaborating map to find out the hotspots of maximum infected people.

10. HaMagen


Launched by the Health Ministry of Israel, the app traces the deadly infection. The app to track COVID19 has a special feature that allows users to know if they were close to anyone who has been diagnosed with the virus from the last 15 days. Once the app is installed in your mobile device, users’ movements are tracked using location technology.

The retrieved information is compared with the ministry data on the locations of those who have been diagnosed. If it is observed that a particular user was indeed in closeness with an infected person, the app redirects the person to the health ministry website where they can register for self-quarantine.

These apps to track coronavirus has brought nations closer then they were. It fights against a deadly virus that is fought together by humanity in different ways. COVID19 has united the races, castes, regions, religions and formed a larger army than ever. These brilliant apps to track COVID19 are just a few human weapons to fight the pandemic.